Comedian Mike Birbiglia thought he might be a loser

59 thoughts on “Comedian Mike Birbiglia thought he might be a loser

  1. Kevin's Boonie Hat collection is inspiring… so sarcasm… I love it! 😍🌲😎

  2. There's a fuzzy porcupine walking in front of them on the bottom right of the screen. How crazy

  3. Wasn’t he in “Orange is the new black”? Also I’m not wearing any pants.

  4. I didn't know who Mike is, but I'll check for his Netflix special now. I like these comedian-to-comedian chats 🙂

  5. Evan Meyer, MA (English) and JD from Temple University (1985)

    Answered Nov 12

    I am 75 years old. I have a graduate degree in English and 30 years experience as a lawyer, reading and interpreting complex prose. Until today, I cannot recall ever seeing the word ‘donator.’ Just now I had to look it up, to make sure any dictionary actually recognized it as a word. It seems to mean the same thing as ‘donor.’ I would read ‘donator’ as ‘donor’ and otherwise only use ‘donor.’

  6. You two really got along well and it was funny. What a life this guy has had. The jumping out of the hotel/missile coming out you dream is crazy. Mike is also inspiring in that he has picked himself back up and keeps moving forward. Thanks Kevin for these hikes. It feels like we get to virtually hang with you and enjoy the walk. 🙂


  8. I need to check out more of Mike Birbiglia. This was a fun hike. Also I really like those aerial shots! They're nice little breaks. Cheers!

  9. Hey Kev! I'm an unknown voice actor from Fresno CA. I study at The Groundlings and I LOVE your channel. I'd be great for your channel, mostly to help me. It won't help you at all. I love your stand up. Keep up the great work, dude!

  10. @ 6:02 Kevin referencing his very first Carson – ye can still see how much
    that meant and means.
    -it was an incredible appearance =
    p.s. Mike Birbiglia shows even when pretty sick (cold/flu).

  11. come do some hiking out here in the winter east coast b***** I won't feel so bad.
    not nyc, PA

  12. Is that a tiny mic on Kevin's collar? Big audio improvement to this great series

  13. So does Kevin have a drone following him during the interviews for the overhead shots?

  14. How great would a feature film be CO-starring both Kevin/Bill Murray.
    as protagonist/antagonist. Be a blessing to see them working-off-of-one-another.
    What's Peter Farrelly's number.

  15. Nickname? The NeaLawn.
    It's well taken care of.
    It's like he does the "Weeds", regularly.

  16. This guy's hard to dislike. Kevin knows good people. Good on both of 'em.

  17. Do you count all of your steps, including the sleepwalk steps?
    Because it wasn't a conscious decision, right?

  18. The more I watch Kevin the more I think that our country has moved from an industrial-to a service- to a knowledge- to an entertainment-economy. Maybe next season he'll hike the Appalachian Trail, and there will be a different sample of guests. Anyway, really enjoy the hikes – thx.

  19. So happy to see you hike with Mike Birbiglia – two of my favorite comedians and story tellers. For those unfamiliar with Mike Birbiglia, please find his specials (Netflix is one option). Each show can stand on its own merit, but if you watch them in sequence the stories will follow a logical chronology. Thanks, Kevin, for posting this conversation. 🙂

  20. The way Mike's hair stands up at the start reminds me of the Martin Short character from SNL. =)

  21. Just SO love these hikes. You should auction off a hike with you! I think fans of the hikes would go crazy for it. I know I would!!!

  22. Sounds like Mike Birbiglia is actually suffering from the disease known as "werewolf".

  23. Pronounced bur-BEEL-ya. Sadly, even American descendants often butcher their own beautiful Italian names. Mamma mia!

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