Comedy Ke Bhabhi Ki Aankh | EP01 | My Husband Don’t Love Me | Act by Pammi Singh & Kulmani Choudhary

My husband don’t love me You are laughing!! You are not believing on my words? Watch it by yourself to believe it Every time I see you working for office at home You have a sweet wife at your home You should take her for shopping and love her Every time work…work…and work To live we need to work and earn… and for that a job is needed You already work in office for entire day Now, let’s go somewhere for a trip Raju has also taken her wife for a trip purchasing your expensive cloths and makeover items is possible only if I do work My luck is so bad that I married you You promised many things before marriage I will do this… I will do that… will go for a trip, etc. I was supposed to get married with Rithik Roshan I don’t know from where you entered in my life My luck was so bad My sweetheart My luck was bad too I was supposed to get married with Anushka Ok.. ok! Then you should have got married with her! I am like a maid at my own home Because of you Anushka is got married with Virat Kohli I was mad of your love My sweetheart… let’s go for honeymoon trip We are married for last many years We have never gone for a honeymoon trip Oh my sweetest honey Husband takes his beautiful wife for honeymoon trip and not to the wife looking like a male Raju was also offering me to go for honeymoon trip with him But I didn’t go with him If I ever go for honeymoon, I will go with my hubby only Honeymoon? Honeymoon? My sweetheart! Do you know what is honeymoon? Husband and wife loves with each other and spend time together Husband takes his Honey to the Moon Yeah, to the Moon and they love each other Woow my sweetheart… You have given me a good idea Really? Yeah Let’s do one thing… I have already planned now that I will take you to the moon Really sweetheart! Yeah, honey… it’s true You are so sweet my hubby You and your moon spend time together there on moon and I will live happily on earth Astronaut will come there and find you and take you along That will be good for me I will then marry a foreigner and at least I will be free from a boring husband like you

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  1. I enjoyed watching this video 😁😍. Post more videos like this 👍

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