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[Honey snaps fingers] Hi guys, it’s Honey here and today I’m
going to be trying some ASMR. If you don’t like ASMR please don’t watch this video… I don’t want to freak you out and if you want to read the poem anyways, I’m gonna leave it in the description box… so you can pause it and just go read… but if you do like ASMR I have a little treat for you. A few weeks ago a bunch of you asked me if I could do an ASMR video because you really really liked the part when I was whispering in the video that I made when I went to the spa back in December. So here it is… I got a new microphone so this video is to celebrate that. I’m definitely not an ASMR-tist or a professional in any way, but some of you told me that you really like my voice so I hope you enjoy this… and some of you have also told me that you really like my writing, so I hope you
also enjoyed the poem side of it. The poem that I’ll be reading today is
called “Comfort.” It is a prose poem that I wrote back my freshman year of college and it’s very warm, and cozy, and sweet, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.. I don’t remember the whole thing because it’s quite long, so I’m gonna be reading from my phone. Let’s do this! [Honey reading softly] For so long, all I knew was companionless comfort. Comfort was that little corner in the library the small but big enough space between
the wall and the little bookshelf it was the feeling I got when I stepped in between the stacks and breathed the scent of the aged, inked pages Comfort was knowing that I could go there to be surrounded by no one Just me and the people in the words and printed sheets Comfort was quiet, and the quiet was
simple.. but it can sometimes be lonely. Until that one day when I found a cure
to the quiet comfort in the weird packaging of uncombed hair, awkward puns, and tangled earphones that only worked on one side. He followed me into my comfortable spot and just stayed I let him do as he wished because.. well, he didn’t do anything. He just stayed. He liked the comfort too. It became a normal part of my day, every day we sat there together in the comfortable silence With each passing day the small space between the shelves became bigger, my comfort became ours, and we became us. He filled the silence with lame jokes, and creative ideas, Created new worlds with his imagination… and let me hop along on his train of thought. We wrote it to new lands, fought villainous creatures, and explored the entire galaxy… All in the comfort of our little corner between the wall and the little bookshelf It was no longer just me in the inked words. His stories didn’t require any paper or print. The stories left a paper, and the
people of the words They were his, they became ours I have always loved the lives that the inked pages in my comfortable corner have created for me but my favorite will always be the ones that I got to hear
when my comfort wasn’t so companionless anymore. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you had a relaxing time I really like watching ASMR, so… idk this was fun to try. Maybe I’ll watch it back while I edit and get all the tingles. Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll see you next Monday with a more regular video… bye guys.

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  1. Beautiful poem gal 🌹 Keep on using your voice and keep creating art.

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