Coming Soon: An Interview with the writers of the new BLACK WIDOW series! | Women of Marvel

every one inch duty and hey it's Sena and we're here for the momentum marvel and we've got an upcoming podcasts that we want you to listen into we have Jen and Silvia from the sisters who do this amazing twisted twins production house and they're joining the Marvel family yes and we're super excited because they're writing Black Widow a series that has returned to Marvel after quite some time and they're like the perfect writing duo to do this series I'm super excited bringing in a little bit of the creepiness if you will the horror into a black widows story and we just had so much fun talking to them so best day best podcast great conversation and something that you guys should check out as well so head over to Marvin home slash podcast or wherever you get your podcast and we will see you guys next time this is Marvel your universe

36 thoughts on “Coming Soon: An Interview with the writers of the new BLACK WIDOW series! | Women of Marvel

  1. Marvel is so woke they are poisoning the comic industry and attacking the fans

  2. What I’m confused is why Marvel has pretty much gender bend every male instead of coming up with original female characters with their own unique twist? I’m all here for equality but what’s the point if they’re nothing but cheap copies….

  3. This video continues to have me at "New Black Widow" series. 🤪

  4. Silk needs to be given an invite to the women of marvel. Her series was ended to soon 😭😭😭

  5. Call James Jonah Jameson but I want that Spider-Man trailer!

  6. What happened to Marvel's stop motion series " Marvel Super Heroes: what the..?!"

  7. That s it 😐 WHAT ABOUT OUR FAVORITE CANCELLED MARVEL SHOW . what of their fate

  8. She attacc

    She protecc

    But most importantly she THICC

  9. i want a job in mcu as I am a good writer .. I have spend about 13 months writing new characters, marketing scheme, future of mcu etc. if you appoint Mee I will take your company to new heights. if you appoint you will not regret. please hear me out..😎😎😎

  10. Oh myyy, a women? HEY EVERYBODY, GIVE IT UP FOR A WOMAN. clap clap

  11. Why is everything one sided? Why can’t we have “Heroes of Marvel” with a mixture of male and female characters?

  12. Give black widow her movie 🙏🙏 it'd have been well received and loved

  13. Forget the movie theater release the captain marvel, avengers endgame and spiderman movies straight to bluray when they are finished

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