Coming soon to Passager Presents: Harry Bauld, author of The Uncorrected Eye

In order for things to fall into your
lap you have to do lap preparation. (Laughs) what that means
is different in different cases but sometimes intuitively you know what that
is, how to prepare to catch something. And you know I’ve missed things, no question. I mean— ‘whoops something fell, dropped outside the lap’—no question. Every boxing gym I’ve ever been in you
know, ‘The harder I work the luckier I get,’ ‘Oh, he hit him with a lucky one.’ I think it’s what poets of the past (I don’t think many writers talk about this
right now) but what poets of the past talk about is what inspiration is. It’s
this notion of you sit around until something drops out of the sky.
Well you better catch it, you better be (laughs), you better have your glove out!

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