4 thoughts on “Communication Tips for a Strong Author-Agent Relationship

  1. I feel disappointed the more pressing question was never answered…What about the canned wine???

  2. A fellow scribbler on twitter posted a thread on breaking up with an agent–then immediately took it down. Your video is a reminder that disfunction does not have to be the norm in a writer/agent relationship. What Ms. Gallant said, thank you.

  3. This is an incredibly difficult topic. The reality is it can take a writer YEARS to get an agent, so once they do, they tend to stick with that person, even if they subsequently become unhappy. All of us writers know how frustrating, demoralizing and just plain hard it is being in the query trenches, and none of us want to go back there. Often, an agent who isn't ideal is better than no agent at all, given that you NEED an agent for any chance to submit to the larger houses. I have friends who've become frustrated with their agents during the submission process, but at that point, it's too late to do anything about it, as no other agent wants to touch a book that's been "lightly shopped." I agree that writers have to stand up for their own careers (and sanity) but its similar to standing up to a boss when you've got a family to feed and were just unemployed for a long stretch. Thanks for taking on this topic. I'd love to see agents begin to discuss what agents can do, as writers are the ones with less power in this dynamic (until they start earning lots of money for the agent).

  4. Though I am not there yet (my novel is not ready to be shopped around yet), I am finding these videos interesting and helpful. Thank you for sharing your insight.

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