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the files allege that the CIA is about to release an aerosolized playing virus at the Hajj one sense sometimes you have to do a bad thing now so you won't have to do a worse thing later last season Joe Cherner accidentally found out a conspiracy and got his entire office killed and that sent him on the run I found 12 shell companies that together bought a billion dollars in pharmaceutical stocks my entire office has been killed because this season we're dealing with a whole new set of villains and a whole different global conflict into addressing Russia versus the United States Joe Turner is no longer fighting for his life but he is still fighting for his soul the only way that he feels that he can change the system is by entering it I'm going to give you instructions what has stretched he has to swim with the currents but he risks drowning I need him here in America and I can't do it without your help Joe is very much resistant to the idea of being brought back into the fold of the CIA you can't possibly expect me to go back after everything just happens exactly what I expect you to do it's really an exploration of truth lies and deception see fear there's really robust journeys from a barber Andrew Lavin where's the body Joe Turner is the gunfighter who's hung up his gun this glass to strap him back on and season to it we're gonna hit the ground condor catch up on season 1 now before the new season returns to audience you

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  1. Look I respect the writers, but casting Max Irons was a bad idea the accent is very bad it takes you right out of the show

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