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connected by Ms Mullin I'm not sure that I ever expected to live in a world that's so connected all these social media platforms are bubbling and glistening and the whole world Tunes in but is anyone truly listening Oh Twitter our Facebook I'll just have a quick look if I can get unstuck from YouTube for a second where are the people's lives beckoned and struck me as being far more exciting than my own and that's not alone they're just all nice places to spend my time like sharing stuff words and opinions or mine with 140 characters per line on Twitter at least and yeah that's fine as I haven't even got anything to say well nothing important anyway in any case I'm just happy to have this other place where at any given time I can be blessed with your face see your new shoes learn your controversial views and cringes you're confused apparently at least according to your complicated relationship status perhaps your partner has called a hiatus but will never know the full story accepting true passive-aggressive glory which both shox and yet draws me into commenting from the masses into passing their judgment on your wall when you never even asked for their opinion at all that status post though public was not intended for you been there been done and it's never quite as much fun when the rubberneckers come and discuss your life amongst one another but you've cover your tracks and soon it's all taken back so once more you can relax and find someone else's life to like whilst your own is still looking decidedly on bright never mind what's this soin souls have a night out what a sight would you look at what she's wearing you wouldn't catch me being that daring or perhaps this is what passes for fashion whatever it is I think I'll pass on that oh why can't we turn the time back it was simpler when we could just be friends and that didn't depend on whether someone had accepted your friend request unless of course it's like some kind of modern day test do I like this person enough as much as the rest of the hundreds of people who are on my list who aren't actively in my life and weren't missed in that small window between when we left school and the internet didn't exist yet I bet half of them wouldn't notice if I went on silent protest because in the process there 300 other friends have plenty to say and are posting pictures every day that say hey look at me and so they do their weaving complicated stories some intrigue and some bore me sometimes outrageous sometimes outright lies but sometimes late at night you might catch sight of someone with 300 Facebook friends with a list of social engagements that never ends and a husband or a family and a dog and a job and she cries because she's never been so lonely you

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  1. We are also using your poem in Germany. Currently, we are doing an analysis.
    Much love!

  2. that was really really really relatable i enjoyed it. you give me hope that one day my poetry will be heard as well

  3. ich ficke dieses gedicht uss ich bis morgen einen vortrag drüber schreiben super

  4. You‘re so right
    Otherways I‘m just writing this comment because my english teacher told us to do
    But truly we shouldn‘t care about those on social media and stay in our real life concentrated on real relations because you not even know whether they‘re listening or caring about you
    Of course people can be connected to you just texting and calling you but these people are very hard to find
    So i mean give a fuck if somebody hurts you with his words so don‘t care
    Continue and please not be depended on some social beings.

  5. It really is all the german english teachers. Ours as well but with us it's just about the accent I think. I just hope that he doesn't make us interpret another poem. We've done that to the death of us. I like this accent far more than the american video we have to watch.
    I really like the poem as well, it's really good and there are no to just a few near rhymes. (I've never liked them, either you rhyme or you don't.)
    Greetings from 12th grade Germany.

  6. I had this in school Today lol but i still wanna understand the message behind it? Is it implying that Social Media makes People Lonely?

  7. For this Homework, i have the following Tasks. Can anyone help me please?
    1 Sum up the essence of this poem
    2 examine which means the poet uses to draw our attention to the influence of Social Media in our lives.
    Thx a lot!

  8. im going to make a short movie about this poem. maybe it will arrive on youtube. i will let you know then!

  9. Hello Ms Moem !!!!
    Since that one day in school where we watched your video I am always thinking about it ! I really like Your poems especially this one ! We discussed about it in class and it was really nice to talk about something really special and new topic. And we also got homework about your poem haha 🙂 ( sorry for my bad english …….😅😅)

  10. I didn’t appreciate the little things before;
    Days that weren’t wetted with despair, where
    I dared to believe we would all live forever.
    Pushed screaming through the door of no return
    I learned that circumstances burn flesh
    and bone. The worst times I’ve ever known.
    Caught in a loop, it replays second by second,
    Day by day, wound by wound. Favoured singers
    crooned in the background. It was a comforting sound.
    Mental time travel transports. Caught between
    the edges of life and death, each breath
    etched along the tracks of my tears.
    One blistering moment. Don’t scratch it.
    Can’t help it. Won’t fix it.
    It hurts.
    can you read this?

  11. Show reality:
    Being connected with many people on social media gives us an ideal we cant reach and it cant prevent being lonely

  12. Hello, I can't understand this poem, I'm truly stupid!!! Plz help me

  13. WOW!   Ohhhh yes, it was simpler when we could just be friends … Or maybe it's just that some of us have lived in a time when we answered a ringing home phone, received a handwritten birthday card in the mail, when we'd visit our sick friend with flowers and a smile, seems it's all click, click, click and very little effort today – yep there's an awful lot of lonely around 'social' media methinks.  Thanks for your poem MsMoem, it is something I hope a lot of people get to hear or read.  So well written – thanks again.

  14. We have a homework And have To sum up your poem! Hello from Germany ❤️

  15. We have a homework And have To sum up your poem! Hello from Germany ❤️

  16. I ask myself how many english teachers in germany are using this at the moment… Our one did.

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