33 thoughts on “Conservative writer Andy Ngo roughed up at Portland antifa/right wing protests

  1. Looks like masked bullies assaulting one little guy. Real though guys.

  2. As long as this scum stays in it's place out west it will continue to live. It would quickly disappear if it ever decides to leave its safe place.

  3. Considering none of these Oregon media ever speak out against such vile acts, makes you wonder if they are proud supporters of it

  4. Roughed up…lol. He had brain hemorrhaging, that's a bit more than "roughed up". Was this written by my Grandfather? Lol.

  5. Police, you got evidence here… why are you not looking for these people to lock them up? it's a hateful bunch …

  6. Kill em, just kill these antifa terrorists, just like every other terrorist

  7. Great Action of resistance to oppression by our blackblocks friends 👍

  8. Proud white men "defend" themselves against gay Vietnamese reporter attempting to take their picture. #pridemonth

  9. Hahaha that guy got fucking rocked with that milkshake. Roflmao! Hahaha!

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