Conversation Corner – An English Literature and American Studies Student Spotlight

Welcome to conversation corner with Leonardo
and Lauren, a first year studying English Literature and American Studies, and here
is her Student Spotlight You have to answer these questions in one
word. Are you ready? Yep Why did you choose a joint honours course? It's very interdisciplinary How do the two courses work together? They compliment each other Which do you prefer, English Literature or American Studies? American Literature What was your favourite module so far? Theory and Texts What are you looking forward to doing next year? Jamestown to James Brown What's your relationship like with the academics? Very open What are contact hours like? 9-10 hours a week How much reading do you have to do on top of that? 3-4 texts a week What piece of advice would you give your past self? Don't stress What's important to you? Friends and experiences How do you describe student life? Partying and studying What opportunities have you taken part in outside of studying? Societies and media work What do you wish you did more of? Socialising outside of my course What do you want to do in the future? Media and publishing What do you with you knew before coming here? It will all be fine Thank you for watching this Conversation Corner with myself and our lovely student ambassador
Lauren I hope it was informative and we look forward
to catching you in the next one

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