Corel VideoStudio Ultimate – Mask Creator Tutorial

Put the focus on key elements in your video
with the new Mask Creator. Define the area to highlight with brush and shape tools. Apply popular effects to accent or
cover the object or the background, for example add blurring, a grayscale effect, boost color and more, for a truly unique effect. Lets get started. To create a mask, right click on the clip
on the Timeline and select Mask Creator – or select the icon in the toolbar. To start, you can choose from two mask types:
Video and Still. A Still mask remains static (does not change) as the video plays and it can be applied to an image A Video mask is designed to move and change according to the movement in the video as it plays. In the tools area we can select from a brush
or shape tool to draw our mask. The smart brush, and smart eraser help auto-detect
the edges as you paint or erase. Lets start by creating a still mask. Once you draw your mask, a highlight appears
over the selected area. We can make adjustments and move the shape
by selecting the Move Mask icon. When you are happy with the Still mask you
have drawn, click OK to exit Mask Creator. The mask appears on its own track in the Timeline
with the Mask indicator. Now, we can apply effects to the mask by dragging an effect onto the mask or the top layer in the Timeline. You can always right click on the clip on the Timeline
at any point and choose Edit Mask. Once you’ve created your mask – you can
easily save it to have quick access to it to use it again on another clip. To do this, in the Mask Creator, click the
Save As button at the bottom of the dialog box and choose a name for the mask. Now, when we add a clip to an overlay track,
you can easily apply your mask. Click Options>Mask & Chroma Key>Apply
Overlay Options and then your mask will be saved
in Mask Frame or Video Mask In the Mask Creator window, click the Video
option, and scrub through your video to find the starting point of where you want to begin to mask. In the tools area, choose the Mask Brush,
Smart Mask Brush, Rectangle tool or Ellipse tool. In the playback window, highlight the area
you want to select. Highlight your subject using a combination
of the brush and eraser. Once your “start” position is defined,
we can begin to detect the movements. In the Detect movement area, we have 3 options. We can detect movement to the Next Frame,
to the End of Clip or type a specific time-code. I’m going to select to the end of the clip. When we detect movement to the end of
a clip or to a specified time-code, it can take a few minutes, depending on the length of the clip and the quality. We can clean up the tracking frame by frame
by using the smart erase tool. Once you are through your video, press OK and the mask will be added to your Timeline. As with the Still mask, we can add filters
to our mask to create a unique effect.

27 thoughts on “Corel VideoStudio Ultimate – Mask Creator Tutorial

  1. In the mask creator, can you add your own photograph….as if it was a green screen?

  2. Wonderful that this effect, which I have only seen in much more expensive products, has been included in VideoStudio – way to go – and thank you!

  3. The final video output mask edges look really choppy, many video examples show this. Is there a Feathering effect in the mask tool?

  4. I am really liking Video Studio 10. I have a lot to learn with it, because I'm transitioning into videography from still photography. I like how one can incorporate both in a video program like this.

  5. Why make Corel not the adobe afters effects This is madness to do effects.

  6. I want to remove background without green screen by using motion tracking… any one help?pls

  7. any tutorial for hiding unwanted object totally from video and copy any object in video? pls…

  8. I like this program but.. this voice make real pain in my brain so.. always muted

  9. I have this same program (Videostudio X10) and I do not have the mask feature 🙁

  10. Please – how do you make mask with text "HELLO" on the end of this tutorial. Thanks.

  11. Thank you for this tutorial! However, I have a question. I have created a mask that I liked and would love to use again, could you maybe explain how I would go about using the same mask again? Thank you!


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  14. +Just bought Video Studio Ultimate 2018, so far so good, but, one thing that needs to be changed in the software is the Masking Tools Icons and the Detect Movement Icons need to be moved to right under the preview pane, erasing and painting in is a real pain going back and forth, back and forth, and the detect movement tools can be placed there as well, plus, the preview pane needs to be larger, can hardly see what I am doing and I am on a 27 inch monitor.

  15. Can you please tell which screencast software you are using to make this video? I like you box highlighting effects.

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