28 thoughts on “Cornel West: The Precarious Fate of Barack Obama

  1. Dr. Cornel West is so articulate and intelligent. I could listen to him talk all day.

  2. Until the African American community gets off the Democratic plantation, they will remain a subjugated people. To be truly free means you need to be independent of saviors. To require saviors is to require subservience.

  3. In this video a collectivist struggles with the problems of another person and wrestles with apparent cognitive dissonance of the other while failing to see the irony of it all.

  4. You mean back when Republicans had what would be universally regarded as Liberal/Leftist ideologies well over a hundred years ago?

    …Partially. Lincoln did CHOOSE to be a part of their party based on his own political and personal beliefs, so it wasn't them molding him so much as a "glove fitting into a hand made for it"…

    …but yes, they were a FACTOR in making Lincoln great. Not a huge one, but one nonetheless.

  5. Republicans and their belief's made Lincoln great. Sorry kiddies. Facts are just facts.

  6. Obama, during a period in American economics when we are at a low, spent $42.8 million to take a trip to Africa…, Excluding Secret Service costs…

    He's a fucking moron and a horrible person. Before you reply, when was the last time you took a vacation outside of the states without saving up money for at least two months?

  7. Hasnt barack had a couple social movements? he has had the opportunity! and, just like the rest of them, he kept silent because of the corporate ballgag in his mouth!

  8. obama is a black bush — still in bed with the big wall street banks, still fighting wars and people dying for nothing…still sucking up to the military- industrial complex….still letting the corporations write their own laws…. hes a ruling class member and has done nothing to make life better for poor people of any color

  9. haha.. yea, ive seen that video. i dunno, the way it seems to me, obama wants to be liked by the conservatives. he wants to get along, and they step on him again and again. he keeps moving farther and farther to the right, and they keep telling him how leftist he is. but at the same time, he signed the NDAA into law. uses drone attacks like he's playing call of duty, killing many civilians in the middle east. dr. west's criticism is definitely valid in many respects imo.

  10. do black people feel that or do you feel that? i didnt agree with everything he said, but i think he made some good points.

    also you're getting on him for personal criticism of obama, but your original comment was nothing but a personal attack on dr. west

  11. reply to my comment when you've found your messiah who was born in the hood as a crack baby and got shot 9 times while obtaining Ph.Ds in political science and economics from universities with no rich white people in them then delivered his message through a TV network he created and funded himself without rich white people then went on to ameliorate all social ills of the black community through the power of prayer you fuckin joker

  12. he kinda reminds me of Jiraya Sensei….now if only there was a Naruto to save us all…

  13. thank you (really) I never knew this….life experienc+ academics make a true expert

  14. We lost with Obama! He's a loser because we are meant to be failures and he won't dare go against the establishment. There is no Black agenda!

  15. If you want a better Obama, Dr. West, then think about how to build a progressive popular movement. As you observed, the Abolitionist movement presssured Lincoln into a more progressive direction. Well, that's how it works. No movement, no progress

  16. you can only call it like you see it…….new world…no souls

  17. Where as I agree with you. I wanted to correct you on "atheistic communism" When Bush said God told him to go into Iraq, that was a problem. When Stalin killed millions of people, that was a problem, BUT Mao & Stalin didnt do it for a lack of belief in religion, they did it for control/power. Hence you shouldn't say "atheistic communism" as atheism had nothing to do it, nor are they connected.

  18. Okay, two things: (1) "No Child Left Behind" was George W. Bush-era legislation…not Clinton, and (2) Allen West is a politician, nothing more. He should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Prof. Cornel West.

  19. i like that hes willing to admit the possibility that forces other than race and class exist. i do think these are still important, however. obviously the present system of government has to change, forget obama or whoever is in power. borders need to open up, and we have to recognise the need for a global system. could be the 1st step towards achieving those dreams of equality that have been hard fought for centuries.

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