Couple of Mistakes | S02E11 | Suffer Sufiyaana | Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta

Poem Poem Poem continuation Wow Wow! Sameer Sufiyana Sir, Wow! Thank You I am capable of nothing Car! Sameer Sufiyana Sir Actually my friend too my car So So I have to get it I simply forgot Poem again Poem again Poem continuation Wow! Shall I get the car? Ya Ok I’ll get the car Sameer Sufiyana Sir if I don’t get the car Then I won’t be able to go to office on Monday Poem Again and Again Poem continuation Where’s the washroom? What? Take right and then first left Thanks! What did he ask that I don’t know about? Washroom Poem from the background Poem continues Please tell your people how you found this sh**….. man Look Ashwin starts poem Poem and You? All ok? You know I am a big fan of Sameer Sufiyana.
I saw this guy in the lift He has shifted to 603 What are you saying? He shifted to our building? Let’s call him for tea and hear his poems for free I am tired of seeing him on the internet What Artists are hungry for nothing but praises And Ashwin calls and someone don’t come? Not possible Poem continues again This is Meera and I am Ashwin Poem continues I did not get you One more poem I don’t know what I did Loud poem Car Sir, Car. You know it before I speak. it’s weird Poem starts again Won’t you say anything now? If I say anything more he’ll find words to recite poem on that Poem…
Oh God! Did I commit any mistake? What happened? Now Ashwin starts

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