Craig of the Creek S01E50 Kelsey The Author Part 02

bunnies with offices and skyscrapers in the city says who says the world forget the world language Craig I just mean that if that's all that it takes to make Robin in the snoke sword a real book then let's do it ourselves we can make a bunch of copies so other kids could read it okay but how would we get it to these supposing kids hmm if only there was a place where people could go and check out books and read them yeah okay bye like we're in such a place even exist yeah well bring me a couple copies of that fine piece of binded literature and now get them into the system yeah me and the pencil pushers in the art department came up with some concepts for the cover this one speaks to me yeah I like this one but it needs to be more dramatic now dude that's all of them outside later now give me thoughtful now you're laughing with an old friend can we do one more I can't believe it it's a real book you did it cows there you are uh sacks yo stacks huh so how do we get my book into the library system piece are legit barcodes stick these bad boys on the book insurance circulation baby come on Hey look

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