Craig of the Creek S01E50 Kelsey The Author Part 04

where could it be if it's not on the shelf I can't reach it my arms are too stubby JP I'm gonna need you all right left hmm okay back to right okay now got it there's only one way to get it back but it's incredibly dangerous we have to sneak past I'll do it I can't let people laugh at my art Kelsey if you don't make it I'll always remember you and your writing but don't make it I don't know I just thought it would be cool if I said something dramatic as you're walking away it sounded cooler my head Oh librarian I would please like to check out this book and this chair you can't check out a chair well then how am I supposed to read the book standing on my feet lots of people read without sitting prove it geez there once what's up frog I gotta figure out a way to get this book closer to my eyes so you're the one sneaking these counterfeit books onto the shelves do you understand how many library rules you just violated seven or less distributing counterfeit literary material illicit use of the photocopy machine confusing a librarian

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