Craig of the Creek S01E50 Kelsey The Author Part 05

Prairie and and wasting his 30 minute lunch break for all your crimes I'm gonna have to confiscate your library cards now you two wait this is my fault don't punish my friends it was only five bubs I promise do it again only five books per your mommy propia Australia by Isabella Alvarado who's that me but a Jamaa to me bro prestigio he means to collistar my own it's a story I've been working on about a girl who's lost in space looking for a home your story was so good it made me want to finish mine you inspired me Stax why didn't you tell me about this earlier I was kind of hoping that you'd find the book on your own Andrea and say oh wow who is this amazing author and I'd save me okay I'm just gonna destroy your cards now what go ahead cut them up huh you take our cards I'll walk out of this room inspired to make my own book and that will inspire other kids to make their own books are you willing to spend your life hunting down books we fit it in the library it'll be like cleaning up glitter you'll never get rid of them you can keep your library cards but what am I supposed to do with these books create some kind of special section run by kids for kids I don't want to put a book up there maybe an atlas of the creek I got an idea for a book – Robbie and the frost blade Wow you're being ripped off how you've truly made it I think so have you to just like I drew it

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