Create a custom authors page with Conductor & Beaver Builder

hey everybody welcome back to conductor plug-in comm get a fun little example that I want to go through today and that's building an awesome authors page this is an example if you have a multi author blog and you want to showcase some of your awesome authors every month and with conductor we can use our user and on display to query those users and display some of the fields associated to those users let's take a look drop in a headline right here this is the beaver builder free version you can use the pro version if you want to awesome authors of the month give that a heading to put that in the center again this is all off-the-cuff stuff just trying to have some fun with it and show you an example I'm going to drop in conductor query builder here and with our user profile add-on we can drop in our users so I can say one user I'll select that user Tomic farlan in this case and I'm going to add clean this display up you can see this sort of taking shape in the backend we don't need that we don't need the author byline but we will add in the user email actually know the users website let's go ahead and do the website that look makes a little bit more sense and the post count so we'll just add that post count in there and you can see that taking shape over there I do one more angle and it was like let us see this taking shape right here I'm going to go ahead and hit publish and our two users will be right there these are awesome authors of the month and when somebody clicks on the post count and see right here the post count will bring them to the archive page of all of their blog posts in this particular website it's the user profile add on from conductor plugin comm check it out works great with beaver builder or standalone maybe out put it in a shortcode or widget might be useful for your necks or press project

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