Createspace Self-Publishing My Graphic Novel

hi everybody my name is Glen song and I'm the author and illustrator for the webcomic series this mortal coil I'm also the creator of this the Lolita fashion coloring book which if you follow my instagram my facebook or twitter you probably see me tweet images from this or other people's colorations of these images we'll talk more about this coloring book another time but I was using this as a precursor to an even bigger project that I was trying to put together at the end of last year after I finished serializing the graphic novel back in May of last year I decided to want to take on another challenge which was to take all under 26 pages of that comic and turn it into an actual printed graphic novel this is the end result of all of that work the entire book was laid out using a program called Scribus and I made doing all of this stuff really easy I settled on the dimensions of like an American graphic novel so something like 6.25 inches by like 10 point some inches my pages were made to be more manga size but when I actually compared to size I wanted the whole book to be a little bit bigger so that's what I ended up settling on in create space this size would be considered I think a custom size which means that if I wanted to try and sell those through create space I couldn't use their expanded distribution channels it can only sell as the root just Amazon is and create spaces east or Lynx a year this is like the comics like these are just very very early pages from like 2013 going forward you don't work out better over time and so did my comic making skills like doing the text to fit the balloons like it looks better in later pages for instance it doesn't kind of busy some of the art it's kind of rushed to looking it's all in the sake of that that balance between of wanting to do nice art and also getting the things done and and put online some of the colors in the printing kind of came out different than what I would expect like for instance this green is a lot darker than what is is my original file some of these pages were also animated like this page in particular if you go and read it on the online each panel is animated and constant fades in one after the other is showing showing what exactly is happening but because it has to be printed in the book I picked basically a frame in the middle and added some sound effects I'll I always like this page a lot and I always thought I was really cool but this is the one where she turns into a swarm of butterflies eventually I get that's a huge spoiler but whatever flies off into space like so this whole thing is animated in the online version this was a big animated single page that I've made into into a three-page spread so you could kind of get the beginning middle and end of the effect included in the book is also some concepts out I did for the comic before I started illustrating the pages like for instance into the height chart for all the major characters um concept art for comic owes will eat address character such as the fairy woman lady of the Moon Natsume his mom the next part includes illustrations that I had done over the last four years as well this is kind of like standalone illustrations of Kumiko needy and potential future story ideas like this one the fairy girl this one is actually this one actually takes place after the rabbit and the bird you can go online and take a look at the finger version of it and at the very end of the book I include all the will we have fashion illustration so these are the ones that are in the coloring book and this was new explore her wearing different different Lolita styles that were closer to the fashion and not just something I had made up and so yeah there's 30 of them and they make it a complete animated turntable of her spinning around I know something it took me about a year to do just because I was doing these in between doing pages of the comic and you know start very usually like they were meant to be pencil sketches but became more complex complicated as I went on as if things usually do so that's it that's the entire graphic novel you're probably curious what am I going to do with this now that it's done and there's three things that are essentially keeping me from printing it obviously number one there's the offset printing issue that needs to get fixed before I get you to consider it number two is that it's just too expensive so we're create space to release this book on Amazon would be $35 and that's you know that's a lot of money for any books and I need to get that price down potentially I could cut out a chunk of this book to all the illustration stuff in the back and just sells a graphic novel as it is and then lay out a price supposedly this is why I'm not ready to print this book is because I'd like to take the original comic and wither it opportunity to for issue and sell them digitally first that way I can try and see if there's even any interest in you know people buying before so that's all I got for you today if you do like this log and you'd like to see more please leave comment below subscribe share with your share this video with your friends and definitely go read this mortal coil it's for free on the website I'll have that in the description below along with all my other social media that you can follow and even my patreon if you are interested to walk me in some ways so thanks again for watching and I'll see you next time bye

14 thoughts on “Createspace Self-Publishing My Graphic Novel

  1. Brooooooooo this is my dream literally ever since I seen sincity movie I wanted to do what u have done truly wierd I found this page I'm truly inspired again to get my craft better

  2. Hey Glenn! Total newbie question here, but I just drew a 200 page comic I want to self publish as a paperback. Through the KDP manuscript preview, it looked great (B&W, 300dpi). But when I received the proof copy it looked washed out, faded and blurry. Is it something i did wrong? Or is CreateSpace/KDP just not a good printer for comics? Thanks! Keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks for the video. What is the nearest standard size available in CreateSpace (or Kindle Direct Publishing) that is closest to the classic comic book size but would still allow for sales via Amazon's expanded distribution? Isn't using the custom size limiting your sales? Can the custom size be sold anywhere else if you didn't just have it on Amazon?

  4. when you said it was too expensive, does that mean you have to pay createspace or createspace would charge too much for the graphic novel?

  5. I have a question on publishing, so I see you have a graphic novel comic book A Rabbit and the Moon on Amazon/Comixology, I'm assuming you had Comixology submit and got approved. How do you connect your Comixology comic to Amazon when you put it there, does it prompt you when you go to KDP/Amazon or create space whatever you did. How do you link your Amazon book listing to the comixology version so you get that Kindle/Comixology button when you publish your book on amazon after its already on Comixology, what do you have to do?

  6. Your artwork is stellar! I'm thinking about publishing comics on amazon. Thanks for sharing your work!

  7. This was quite helpful, I was considering using Createspace, but is it really that expensive to print a full color graphic novel?

  8. Nice I actually plan on self publishing a graphic novel this year. Its known as Birth By Creation

  9. How did you get color and black and white pages together in one book? I thought you could only choose one?

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