Creative & Practical Writing Tips : How to Write a Dramatic Monologue

Hi, I’m Laura from
and I’m going to talk about how to write a dramatic monologue. Now a monologue is a speech
given by one character either in a play or another presentation like a movie or television
show. In generally a monologue is going to be presented by a character that the audience
can really identify with. In order for a character to talk for an extended period of time he
has to have a connection with the audience. So, before you begin to write, make sure you
know your character well. Whichever character is going to be delivering this monologue you
have to know, as a writer you have to know more about the character to be able to speak
from their voice, to write words that they will be able to speak and really connect with
the audience. So, choose the character that you’re going to write about and develop that
character well. Outline ahead of time what your monologue is going to be about, where
it’s going to, what direction it’s going to go, what’s going to be the outcome of this
monologue, how will it reach a climax, and you’ll write the monologue in a way that it
doesn’t waste any words. You’re building to a point, a climax, and then cutting it off
and leading into the, returning to the action within your play or story. A monologue should
be really well edited. Read it over, edit it, step away from it, go back to it, and
make sure that each word is accomplishing what you want it to accomplish. You don’t
want to waste any words or have extra redundant verbiage in there where it needs to be very
clean and tight and really be true to the character’s voice. So those are some steps
for writing a dramatic monologue.

9 thoughts on “Creative & Practical Writing Tips : How to Write a Dramatic Monologue

  1. At one point you talk about not wasting any words when writing a monologue. Are you aware that you said 'um' at least 10 time? Apart from being very annoying it makes you appear unsure of your subject. Just wanted to point that out, Good writing tips though.

  2. Is a monologue just a fancy word for a voice over that a character does in the beginning of a movie? Like talking his life blah blah blah and then explaining his story or saying "here's my story" is that a monologue?

  3. Hey Guys, my name is Jordan Lee and i am a young aspiring actor. I have uploaded a few original monologues and would love some feedback on them. Thank you in advance.

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