Creative writing & Critical reading (Free Course Trailer)

This course creative writing and
critical reading explores the importance of reading as part of a creative writers development. You’ll gain inspiration and ideas from examining other writers work as well as improving your critical reading skills critical reading involves closed or analytical reading with an eye to the choices writers make. A diverse
range of text will be provided for you to read including pieces of fiction
creative nonfiction poetry and scriptwriting. You’ll be able to listen to
recordings of contemporary writers discussing the creative process in
relation to their reading habits and you’ll also get to apply the lessons
you’ve learned to your own writing by producing a short piece in a genre of
your choosing by the end of this course, you’ll have seen how critical reading
can provide you with valuable inspiration and enrich your writing
practice. Get more from the Open University Check out the links on screen

1 thought on “Creative writing & Critical reading (Free Course Trailer)

  1. That is the thing about critical reading, one might like what the authors wrote, others do not.

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