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hi-yah thanks for watching this video is
a narration of creepiest memories, creepiest childhood memories, childhood memories news particular
memories are still unexplained to them in this paranormal story time so they have asked people to try and
help them understand what was going on yes there’s another bonus one at the end
if you get through all ten of them number one back in the day my younger
brother used to tell us about his other grandparents and the blue house they
used to live in after always telling him he was making
it up he told their mother he could bring her there so we went for a drive
and this five year old little psycho gave her turn-by-turn directions for
close to 45 minutes we ended up four to five towns away had
a dead-end street with an abandoned blue house number two I have memories as a
young child in a certain house several very bizarre things happened
I have no logical explanation for them the best I can do to explain them
logically our hallucinations but I have never experienced anything away from
that home the artist wants me had to do with my new wallpaper we had to change
it it had dinosaurs on it I would see the dinosaurs marching around and
killing each other this happened during the same times several nights until we
took it down I don’t used to move and get thrown on
their own accord a particular favorite was a rocking chair it would change
positions and Roth one night when my grandparents were staying over I hope to
find someone I didn’t know in the chair who looked strange a stuffed animal
walked one time I awoke with scratches that looked like nails maybe it was just
my effed up child brain but I don’t remember it that way the scratches are
really strange number three the most vivid memory I have from my childhood is
me my and my dad laying in bed and this little
creature protruding from the bottom of our nightstand and speaking to me while
my parents casually acknowledged it this might be the earliest memory I have and
it seemed so real but I know it isn’t I’ve always had a huge imagination and
I’ve been very afraid of the paranormal I also hallucinate most times right
before I go to bed and sometimes when I have sleep paralysis I think that this
was just the most intense case anyway it’s just wanted to get this off my
chest because I’ve never told anyone before number four laying in bed one
night its pitch black apart from the light creeping under the door from the
landing my mom was actually with me in the same room as we had only just moved
in and she was sleeping on the floor I look up and the door slowly creaks open
and slowly an oldish woman peers around the door looks at me and then goes away
I just thought it was in a nightmare and turned around real fast and went under
the covers hoping I would wake up then I will never forget my mom whispering to
me did you just see someone pure around the door safe to say we didn’t sleep a
wink that night number five my sister and I were having a prank war for like a
week straight well we agreed to ceasefire since my birthday was in two
days I just turned 11 and later that night I hear my closet door open oh so
my sister wants to prank me on my special day I’ll show her I thought so I
know she snuck in and forgot my door squeaks so I had an idea I would get up
and push her I slowly get up and she steps out of the closet it wasn’t my
sister because my sister doesn’t have long black hair and scars on her face
and isn’t as tall as a grown woman I wanted to scream but instead I just
froze inside I started whimpering and crying she puts
her finger up to her lips and lets outa Shh and opens my window and crawls out
slowly closed my window never to be seen again at first I thought it was a ghost
now I’m convinced it was a crackhead or something number 6 when I was younger I
used to think I was having dreams of an old woman in a blue dress and cat eye
glasses sitting at the end of my bed singing to me she’d always sing the same
song and then leave one night I followed her into my brother’s room he’s younger
than me and was around five instead of singing to him he woke up and they began
talking after like 20 minutes my mother came in and asked what we were doing my
brother said I’m just talking to the lady in the blue dress she made us go
back to bed I woke up still thinking it was a dream my mom told me the next
morning she didn’t want me sneaking out of bed anymore in the middle of the
night to play with my brother I asked her what she was talking about and she
gave me her version of what she saw the night before to this day I believe that
was real and not every night that old woman would sing to me I get goosebumps
just thinking about it she stopped singing to me soon after that though
people at my family’s still caught my brother speaking to nothing on numerous
occasions awhile later and all came to visit from down south and refused to
come into our house after seeing an old woman in cat glasses standing in the
upstairs window she came in asking who was upstairs but freaked out when my
mother told her no one and let her search the house
number seven when I was a kid my dad would take us to a giant lake with a big
sandy shore like a landlocked Beach for hillbillies
I was waiting in the shallow end when I felt something brushed through my
fingers being seven and wishing it was a real beach I thought maybe these are sea
plants then realized that was stupid as I squeezed the tendrils that were
brushing my hand they squished and sunk and I felt bones through the soft
squishy mass finger bones like I was holding the hand of a child my age I got
out of the water sat on the shore and told no one years
later my sister said she thought a boy had been kicking her under the water but
when she grabbed at the foot it felt cold and squishy and she also told no
one number eight part of my dad’s job when I was younger
was to go around a very old house that was falling apart and check these dable
things in the walls every six weeks and basically replaced them and packaged the
ones we took out and sent on the way to find out how the building was drying out
after years of rain leaking in this is a listed building and the company wanted
to bring the house back to its former glory but as far as I’m aware since my
dad stopped working for them it’s back in complete disrepair basically how I
would go along with him on a Sunday morning to do the changes of these
dowels since I loved being down there and have always been interested in
history so off we went one morning and turned on the generator and my dad got
to work I’d normally wander around the house playing Indiana Jones by myself
since this was a huge manor house it was a construction site but I was old enough
to appreciate the rules and knew not to go near any holes or find a way to fall
through the floor because so my dad it’s busy getting to work on the first
dabbles when I’m playing upstairs in one room I always liked because it was a
child’s room and had claimed it as my own place face whenever
I visited I played for about five minutes when I felt someone was watching
me and I turned around to see what looks like a long skirt fall of someone along
the hallway so I snuck out and tried to see who was there and I saw the back of
a lady walking into another room wearing a floor-length skirt I tried to follow
her but when I went into the room literally two seconds after there was no
one there I called my dad and we checked every room in the house and no one was
there the only way to exit would have been past us so I have no idea what I
saw number 9 age 11 I was walking to her downstairs bathroom in the middle of the
night and passed a soldier on the way should mention that I’m a schizophrenic
so I normally just brushed unusual things off I passed by him while I was
washing my hand I heard a girly screech and watched my
19 year old brother throw himself down the stairs and out of the front door he
moved out the next day long asked him what happened and everyone left him when
he said he woke up to a soldier pulling the duvet from his bed maybe I should
mention that our house is rolled army barracks from World War two which is why
our bathroom was downstairs as it had to be built onto the house because back
when they were first built toilets were outside number ten when I was four or
five I’m 28 now my older ten-year-old brother and I were roughhousing in the
basement I remember this very distinctively because I still can’t
explain what happened it was just my brother and I in the house mom went to
go grocery shopping with my brother babysitting we were roughhousing in the
basement when all of a sudden a closet door just swarm open we both stopped and
stared at the closet when a dark / black entity floated out of the cloth
and it floated towards us my brother took off upstairs and left me by myself
I blacked out and when I came to I was crying on the stairwell with my mom
asking me what was going on I was crying sitting there was a ghost downstairs and
she didn’t believe my brother and I till this day my brother and I swear a dark
entity / ghost floated out of that closet the weird thing is my brother
slept downstairs in one of the rooms and at night he claims he could hear someone
walking around outside his room one night and his friend stayed over and
slept on the floor and his friend claimed there was something staring at
him from underneath the bed a cousin of mine stayed over one night and claimed
to saw black such dark mass room from room to room in the basement he got up
to check it out and found nothing in the rooms so he sat down in the rumpus room
where my brother and I were roughhousing when he claimed he saw a dark mass
staring at him at the end of the hallway he ran upstairs number 11 okay first off
let me start by saying only recently in my adulthood have I started to open up
and be vocal about these experiences I’ve decided to put it out there and as
many platforms as possible to see if anyone could help me figure out what I
experienced if you have any idea that might help me please share it with me
out of everyone of my family I guess you can call me the odd one certainly not by
choice and floating under the radar would have been great but I guess I’ve
always just kind of stood out in my mother’s households I’m the youngest of
three although I am from a different marriage than my siblings we don’t even
look slightly related at all I’ve always been a bit more independent and just
knowing of things I shouldn’t at such a young age well one thing that made me
feel safe and accepted as a kid was going to visit my other home I would
simply want to be there and although I don’t have reckless
leaving the house this journey always started with me walking into the woods
behind my house I would just be at the entrance of the woods almost on demand I
would walk through and find a pond I imagine going under the pond not in the
water and just like that I was in this hedge garden maze outside of this
beautiful huge estate there was always a long table several feet long outside the
garden with all types of fruit and cream and pastries and tea there were tall
model like adults there who were very good-looking and there was always a pair
of them never an odd number male and female pairs I remember the other kids
there were all dressed in white and so would I be they too always had a pair
and so did I this little boy my age who looked very similar to me I knew I was
his other half everyone was good-looking like we were
out of fabulous magazine photo shoot every day it was always sunny in daytime
no matter if I left my house at night or not I played there with my partner and
other kids and the very nice grown up to several times one day I went back and it
was dark for the first time and rainy I vividly remember the tablecloth and
curtains being shredded and food trashed all over the ground I ran around looking
for my friends but no one was there suddenly one of the grown-ups ran to me
and pleaded with me to leave they said they found us we have to move you have
to go promise you won’t come back here it’s not safe that’s the last time I
wouldn’t my other special home I know this sounds very crazy but it happens
and happened for years until that last day if you don’t believe me or
understand I won’t blame you but if anyone please tell me what I experienced
I’d love to hear it there’s others but this one is most
important to me the user asks how old were you on the last day any other all
have memories after that time to which she replies they weren’t ghosts and I
was never asleep I would just decide to be there and I would be my mother
recalls me always wandering off and showing up hours later we have a lot of
trails and woods and a few docks and small beaches around my house
I don’t recall my age and things have happened both before at very young ages
and well into my adulthood even my daughter’s have had odd experiences
thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please like comment
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  6. Honestly though some of these stories are creepy, think about all you simply accepted as a kid but didn't think about…

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  10. My childhood story. I woke up to a scratching noise. I look up and there is a women with long black hair and gray gown standing next at my bedroom window just starring out the window. I moved my legs and when I did she turned her head very quickly toward me. Where her eyes should have been there was nothing, just black and empty eye sockets. I quickly went under the blanket and covered my head. I then heard her moan and heard creeking on the floor. When poked my head out she was now standing at the foot of my bed. I went back under The blanket complete terror. I was so scared at this point. I then heard more creeking on the floor and now I could hear heavy breathing right next to my bed. I knew if I looked again she would be right next to me. I couldn't bring myself to look again. I stayed under that blanket til morning. I'll never forget the way her eyes and face looked. She seemed so angry. Like I felt like she wanted to kill me. I was 15 when I first saw her. I've seen her 3 more times in 3 different houses since then. They last time she showed herself was 8 years ago… I hope she stays away. It's something that terrifies me to this day.

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