Creepypasta: “Stalkers POEM”

I follow you when you visit your mom. I follow you home. I follow you wherever you go. You can run. You can hide. But I will find you in time my dear. For you to meet your demise. When I encounter you don’t look surprised. For that look will be the face forever. When your stalker claims your life with his
knife. And that will be the end of you. While your parents cry boo who. You will be down in my basement forever. Under a box of junk. Or you might be in my trunk along with the
others who came across my glare. For they now have the same type of rare expression
on their face. The expression of death and sorrow. That the police can’t borrow. Because it’s mine and I will take it from
the blind. Spirits who gaze and wonder. Why I had to slaughter them. Watch out or I might target your next of kin. Because it’s my pleasure Gwen.

58 thoughts on “Creepypasta: “Stalkers POEM”

  1. It's okay. Just change your pants and have a hot bath.

  2. To make friends? Nah, that's a lie. A form of self-promotion.

  3. I will change it sometime. Getting an Avatar made for me.

  4. You just watched, or rather listened to a creepypasta story told by myself about a stalker.

  5. …well, i don't know if i should be creeped out by this poem or what…..haha

  6. Creepy, interesting or rubbish. Take your pick.

  7. So it's about a stalker? Not you, okay I think I am feeling a little better about this now. haha XD

  8. Oh yeah, by the way it's fictional. xD All of the stories on my channel are fictional.

  9. If you don't mind me saying, your accent makes this poem sound more creepy and….somehow romantic. Good job! *Gives cupcakes to everyone.*

  10. That's what I was going for! <3

  11. Thanks. I hope you enjoy the rest of my videos. 🙂

  12. Bad savie! No! No stalking me! -hides under blanket – NOW YOU CANT FIND ME MWMAAAHAHAAHAH

  13. you will be my demise? please if any thing my demised will come from within my mind of sorrow or it can be from time however you will not be my demised that's for sure

  14. I love the stories you do and the accent makes them even more epic!!!♥

  15. I have a hard time getting into poem pastas. The presentation was good, the delivery was spot on. I think really the only thing i didn't invest in was the poem itself, but that is more of my personal preference than anything.It's still rally well read.

  16. It'd fine, somethings aren't for everyone. I really appreciate that you are going through sll of my videos and commenting on them. 🙂

  17. I usually don't watch poetry pastas but I like the way you tied this one together

  18. i love that you read clear enough that the captions can spell out exactly what you say. 🙂

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