Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature and Culture

well crime and horror in Victorian literature and culture is I know as far as titles go a mouthful but every morsel is good the courses is is is designed to appeal to as many people as possible you don't have to be an expert at reading literature you don't have to know much about history you don't even have to like literature to take this course because by the end I think you will it's probably the only Victorian literature course ever inspired by the New Jersey Turnpike I was returning home from New York and there was an incredible traffic jam it turned out it was a terrible car accident that was so terrible that the police had curtain'd it off with vast curtains that looked like a stage set and at one point as I was creeping by the curtain parted and I got a look inside and it was grotesque but it made me realize that so much of the life we live in our quotidian existence is an illusion an illusion of safety and comfort and because a lot of Victorian literature nineteenth-century culture tends to be sentimentalized I wanted to peel back that curtain on the 19th century in the same way that that curtain shockingly was peeled back for me so we talk about violence we talk about poverty a lot we talk about uncomfortable things we talk about things that make you shudder that's what the word horror etymologically means it means a shudder or a shiver to feel one's hair stand on end and the challenge for me is to creep everyone out week after week and to produce new shudders so that's what I want to do I want to provide students with the shudder of the 19th century which is the true nineteen true

3 thoughts on “Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature and Culture

  1. I too LOVED his course! The most captivating lectures and dialogue I have ever encountered in a classroom setting. This Professor is OUTSTANDING!!!

  2. I LOVED THIS COURSE!!! KAISER IS AMAZING- He is the best professor I have ever had….EVER. I wish he had more courses. His voice is just as haunting and captivating as his subject matter.  I bought his book "The World in Play."  You should too if you're a Kaiser fan.

  3. My friend took this course and lend me the books to read. It is an invaluable experience indeed…

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