Crona's Poem

why don't we try writing a poem together if you say so I guess I can give it a try are you all done yeah I want to see this is so stupid so uh how is it huh this makes me wish I never been born it's so sad hey guys what are you lame-o's doing in here the weather's amazing we shouldn't be locked up in school let's get going well I guess it does get gloomy without Blackstar around but fear not now good I'm here the Sun is come out from behind the clouds read this I wish I'd never been born what's so horrible about a stupid poem I wish that I'd never been born I wish that I'd never come back to life well said when are you getting here

23 thoughts on “Crona's Poem

  1. 1:00 souls face says it all. Lmao. Who knew blackstar not only can read but is weak to sad poems

  2. I want to know so badly what Crona wrote to even make Blackstar shut up

  3. "The moon dips down and the world is
    forever casted in this lake of darkness
    No place of shining light to guide me
    through the treacherous maze of death
    sadness, sorrow, and pain.
    In this life,
    I stand all alone,
    only imagining to have a light.
    I'l watch the devastation I have
    watch all of the people suffer
    in agony just like me,
    I would take their pain.
    The sun forgot to take it's reign
    and the moon weeps, and starts its twinkling
    tears. Perhaps I wasn't meant to
    simply be here at all
    The way I cause destruction where I
    I must only be no more than a burden
    This realm of eternal night
    takes hold of this twisted, tainted
    soul of mine
    Please forgive me
    For what I have done
    and what is only on my path
    I'm sorry I'm here;
    I'm so sorry I was born"

  4. Maka: I'd wish that i never been born
    Marie: i wish that I'd never been born
    Blackstar: i wish that I'd never been born
    Soul: I'd wish I'd never been born
    Crona: I'd wish i never been born
    Sid: i wish I'd never come back to life
    Soul: what the hell sid when did you get in here

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