Cubs The Poet Is Out to Show the World Poetry Still Matters

My door is peephole, peep
soul, secretly slipping by in the shadows. I’ve seen scenes in my dreams. Who’s to know if I’m even awake. People ask me what’s at
stake. I tell them a second of well-done perfection. Either you made your way or you gave way. (upbeat city music) I really prefer to help people evolve and, I think, through the poetry,
that’s the best way for me to meet someone. I’m Cubs the Poet. I’m
a modern day wordsmith. Basically, I write custom
poems and custom books for people. My parent’s would always say,
you know, you need to have a plan A and a plan B. I can’t create a plan B. My plan is this plan, write poetry. I started on the street
reciting this poem. I found out that people donated off of
the strength of the poem. I didn’t even ask. So I started realizing custom
poems are something that people wanted. That kind of became the
business. I’d go out everyday, 11 to four, write five poems a day. I would describe it basically
as spontaneous creation. You give me a topic. If you say you want a poem
about love, I’d say, you know, do you love yourself or is
it love for somebody else? I kind of get as much information
as I can so I can write this poem that relates to you. Having grown men cry is crazy cause, like, they get up and walk away. You know, they’re like, “Oh, I gotta go”. (laughs) (typewriter rolls) People always ask, “Why the typewriter?”. Not only can you not make
mistakes, each typewriter, it’s built differently, right? So the later models are a
little quicker like a computer, so you don’t even have to look
at the keys to type, you just (typewriter clicks) flow. Older models you have to, like, peck. It trains the way I think
and the way I write. And then also the sound. Like the percussion, the rhythm. Like, I’ve sat on the
street in the French Quarter and I’ve typed in time with bands. When I type into that,
I don’t even worry about what I’m thinking. I’m more
so just keeping the beat. (jazz music) And the city, New Orleans,
hands down it’s the most inspirational environment
that I’ve been in. It just blows my mind that I
can hang out with a jazz legend who’s now homeless or kids
who tap dance with soda cans to Solange and have just a genuine moment. It’s just a sense of
community that’s helped me and my poetry. And the next step is the
publishing company, which I started this year and the first book
that I write will come through my publishing company. And then I plan to help other
poets and other writers. I would always like to have
a presence in the street to write and then a central website
where people who don’t get the opportunity to meet me,
they could still find my site and say, “Hey, I want a custom poem”. That’s probably the goal: to
write as many poems as possible for as many people as possible. My energy, the typewriter,
the place, the setting. It creates a connection. Because we met, that poem exists. (high tempo jazz music) Wind blowing Rio away from the water, presents are no longer wrapped
and we do not make wishes when blowing out candles. We are the generation that
grew up before it died. Spoiled kids with Monopoly
money reaching for the skies, grabbing clouds and cleaning stars. See life is but a bathroom
break from sitting in this waiting room. And I’m too busy reciting poetry. Do you like poetry? (jazz music)

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