Customs: A Love Poem

dear airport customs officer I know you want me I saw you staring from across the terminal that dark look in your eyes a hunger you don't quite understand maybe it's the way my name swirls on your tongue my olive skin piercing eyes on that passport photo you tell me it's random but I know the moment our eyes met you couldn't wait to get your hands on me strip me down search through all my baggage I don't have much but I'll share it with you stop that I'm not flattered getting chosen out of all these people they're jealous sneers is I'm led down the aisle and into that questioning room harsh lights and cold seating it's the way I've always dreamt it would be and you have so many questions where I grew up am i single have I ever been part of an international terrorist syndicate listen let's take things slow I want this I do but let's build a relationship but more than just racial profiling I want you to know the real me you see I'm just a boy standing in front of a boy asking him to let me in you

2 thoughts on “Customs: A Love Poem

  1. Wow! Truth. This is sweet, in the face of such trauma at entering this country.

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