Cute sausage poem boy overcomes life threatening illness

A six year old boy who spent months in hospital
with a condition that stopped him from eating has returned to say thank you to all the staff
at Christmas. Are these all for me?
You can share it. I have to share them? Who do I have to share
them with? All the nurses and doctors. Jonathan He suffers from a rare genetic condition
which effects his immune system and spent five months in Great Ormond Street Hospital,
unable to eat anything. The little boy won a bravery award from Prince Harry in September
for battling against his life-threatening illness and he even captured the hearts of
the nation by appearing on ITV with a poem about he wrote about sausages – one of the foods
his missed the most. Go on. My favourite food is sausages
I bet them taste nice I like to eat them with green beans
But also sometimes with rice I miss sausages so much
And I hope them day and night Please doctor if I can have them back in my
life Despite being unable to eat for months, Jonathan’s
love for food remains just as strong. Out of hospital, he’s learnt how to cook and can
now finally tuck in to those sausages. That’s one thing I like the best is a sausage
with a bread. That’s hot dog.

8 thoughts on “Cute sausage poem boy overcomes life threatening illness

  1. Poor lad, he has an unusual look to him, but mentally seems sharper than average. Glad he's on the mend.

  2. so he's writing a poem about crushed pork, aka a dead animal.. sausage.. really kid.. Jesus christ he looks fucking demonic too

  3. yes all you nasty brats moaning about not getting piles of stuff at least you have your health

  4. @Larry Holmes You're just stupid,go fuck yourself and PETA!

    I love to eat animals! @Larry Holmes STOP EATING OUR FOODS FOOD 😉

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