Cutting Edge Treatment for Achalasia — POEM Procedure

Chris is a very nice gentleman and very smart he's an engineer who lives here in Baltimore and when I'm with him in clinic he orderly has done his homework he searched the internet so I guess the condition of achalasia is very rare it affects like 1 out of every 100,000 people in the world so not much research and money is spent to look into this disease I was reading online that a lot of women that have achalasia get diagnosed with eating disorders the problem with this disease is that it is rare so it can be misdiagnosed or under diagnosed and this is Chris's case Chris had achalasia and it went undiagnosed for more than a year first was in a philosophic itis that was food allergies like a yeast infection of my throat brought the year that I had this the condition we got worse and worse to the point where I couldn't eat food in a normal fashion it would take me about an hour to complete a meal that I used to be able to eat in five minutes so achalasia is a motility disorder of the of the esophagus so it's a swallowing disorder the problem is that the lower esophageal sphincter or the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus does not relax well in addition the wave that propels food down the esophagus is also the disease so these patients present with swallowing problems chest pain regurgitation which means food instead of going down to the esophagus is actually down to the stomach goes back and they regurgitate it out their mouth these people present with weight loss I lost about 20 pounds which I weigh 140 times normally so losing that weights a very significant amount of weight to lose there are a lot of things that to cut out of my life that normal people or my friends wouldn't have – such as eating in public you know going on dates that have to pretty much just avoid food which is in a situation that's you want to be in when you're 25 years old in ninety-eight percent will not fill it and there are a lot of treatments or a lot of treatment modalities for achalasia that are endoscopic and surgically this is a new treatment poem that stands for per oral endoscopic myotomy is the endoscopic equivalent of the surgical help heller matter so it's cutting the muscle but instead of doing it surgically and now we can do it endoscopic and the scopic means going through the mouth so you're not opening up the skin you're not opening up the abdomen you're not opening up the chest you just go with the scope through the mouth and do the treatment in that manner the patient wakes up immediately after the procedure they're observed overnight and their stay in hospital is usually only one to two days and they go back to their usual activities one of the things I can remember was after the surgery my friends saw me for the first time and said hey man where are your scars and that's one of the benefits of the surgeries there are no incisions made on your skin the only decision that's made is in your esophagus which is eventually stapled up yeah my lifestyle is completely returned to how was before I'll be able to eat exercise I have plenty of energy I was again the 20 pounds back in probably three weeks which was very amazing to be able to get back to my normal weight that fast because it can be done in the endoscopy unit it can be performed with our usual equipment I predict that it's going to be a commonly done procedure on on a daily or weekly basis it's very effective yeah I'd say in all cases of life as an engineer I like to adopt early technologies the first smart phone that comes out the new gaming system the newest computer I'm always wanted to get my hands on the newest technology so I was interested in the same sense that this is essentially on the cutting edge of modern medicine that I was almost an early adopter of the surgery as well it's definitely made my life better 100% and not just in the eating and drinking aspect but socially being able to eat with friends which is an amazing feeling you know not something that I take for granted anymore you

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  1. I have scheduled for this surgery in April 11th the fucking dr is only available! but the surgery I am having is holes in stomach not through the mouth unfortunately. got almost few months to do it and can wait any longer its putting my life down. I just got to be patient with this stupid ass insurance called Kaiser where in order to do something with them takes fucking years to schedule

  2. So worried this is the road I'm going down. Struggling for a little over a year and been diagnosed with EOE and yeast infection same as in this video. Working on getting a second opinion as my issues havent fully improved.

  3. MAKE SURE YOU GET YEARLY ENDOSCOPIES! People with Achalasia are at a 20-50 times higher risk for esophageal cancer than anyone else! I am 25 and have had Achalasia for most of my life that I can remember, and because I had not been regularly checking on it, mine has progressed to end stage esophageal cancer: I now have less than six months to live.

    This would not be happening if I had been doing a yearly endoscopy to check on my status, as they would have found and treated the cancer early. Remember, for anyone who even has minor symptoms and can still eat like I did, it is still the SAME RISK LEVEL. Heller and POEM also STILL maintain the SAME RISK LEVEL!

    If you have this condition, PLEASE do a yearly endoscopy, I beg you!

  4. There is no known cure to enhance impaired nerves of myenteric plexus. Trust me, i gasp for air 24/7 due to severe esophageal hypomotility. ( because refluxes dont clear). Humans are behind neurogastro diseases by a large margine.

  5. Are you still doing OK with your surgery I have achalasia to and I'm trying to have the surgery

  6. There's a ton of material on Achalasia on Youtube including all kinds of treatments (Botox, P.O.E.M. aka Peroral endoscopic myotomy, Pneumatic dilation, Medication – nitroglycerin before eating, and the Heller Myotomy) I have Achalasia (self-diagnosed) but have been reluctant to go for treatment due to the one test I don't think I could handle. It's not the Upper Endoscopy – because you are in the twilight zone when they perform that one and you know absolutely nothing. The test I am referring to is an "Esophageal Manometry" where they run a small hose up your nose and down your throat with probes on it. They ask you to swallow every ten seconds but you CANNOT be sedated as it affects the results. Other people said the test was not tolerable – they gagged and gagged – hence the reason I chose not to have this Achalasia checked out. All I have been doing is eating pureed food. I have a Vitamix (a Godsend) and have been eating soups for 2 years now. I will wait for some treatment in the future that won't include that awful Esophageal Manometry test. If anyone else had the Esophageal Manometry, please tell me your experience. I can eat just fine and swallow just as long as EVERYTHING is pureed. …BUT, believe it or not, I CAN eat cookies and cakes without an issue. Bottom line is the best solution is the Heller Myotomy or POEM procedure. The trouble is, they won't do it unless they first test your esophagus with that darn Esophageal Manometry test which I am not willing to do. Also, some people are so bad with Achalasia, they get to the point where they cannot even swallow water and lose tons of weight.

  7. I was diagnosed with achalasia in 2014, but not per oral. They went with the same instruments through 5 incisions on my stomach. No scarring and i can eat properly now. Also cannabis helps before meals.

  8. I've been diagnosed with achalasia today the doc is recommending me poem

  9. i also was diagnosed with achalasia at the age of 7 at the age of 12 i had an operation called heller myotome which is the same as poem procedure but i have large scar i am now 60 yrs old and still eating ok i think the only problem with this procedure is that over time your esophagus becomes very large and collects food because the muscles are no longer working the good thing is I'm still able to eat fairly normal just some issues at night while trying to sleep i sleep on a large incline hopefully someday they will come up with a cure for this

  10. I was diagnosed with achalasia at 7 I think and it took the doctors a while to figure out I had it. I have had 4 operations so far and they haven't fully worked. The hospital said when I feel I'm getting worse I have to go in for another operation. I hope there is soon a cure.

  11. Getting my poem done this Friday at U of M Ann Arbor December 16th so excited!

  12. My husband just had the POEM procedure done by Dr. Kashab. He's eating food with no vomiting for the first time in 3.5yrs. We are so grateful for the entire medical staff at Johns Hopkins, we received the best care we could have ever imagined.

  13. Has anyone that has had this procedure done been SCUBA diving post-op?
    Or if any specialist are reading can I have an opinion please. 🙂

  14. Melissa McGrail, I'm from England and was diagnosed with Achalasia aged 15.

  15. I have been living with achalasia for 4 years now. I it has ruined so many parts of my life. I don't go out to eat. I'm always tired at work since I don't eat on my lunch break. I work in a warehouse so that physical work takes it toll on me. I'm afraid to eat around people even loved ones. I'm thankful for my awesome wife, she had been very caring. I hope that someday I can go back to living a real life

  16. I have the POEM Procedure schedule for 18th and will be done by Dr Stavros Stavropoulos.

  17. I've lost 50 pounds in the last year because of this disease. I waste SO much money on food/drinks that I end up throwing up … About the best method I have of getting food down is to chew it up really good then drink a QUART of liquid as fast as I can and gravity carries some of it down. … I'm scared to have the surgical procedure, afraid it will make it where I regurgitate my stomach contents in the middle of my sleep at night, drowning me.

  18. @MsGankaku, @Melissa McGrail and @Abigail Tyson: If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, including how it can help and what insurance will cover, please call 443-287-1960. We would welcome the opportunity to help you.

  19. Thank you for the comment and we have edited the title to be more accurate, per your suggestion.

  20. Hey I'm 13 I was diagnosed with this when 9. Trust me its hard but dont give up ever keep fighting!

  21. Is this treatment known worldwide or only in America? I have Achalasia and I am from Scotland. I wonder if my Consultant has heard of this? Great video, hope for us yet.

  22. Abigail theres a good group on fb you can try its called Achalasia Aid (through dietary changes)
    changing your diet to cope with it.. Its something you can try

  23. Yes i have the same thing and had the same it sucks bad have it since 2003

  24. Please if you can help me in any way my email is [email protected] I was dignosed in 2003 when I was 23 but was miss dignosied for over 10 years and first symptoms came on when I was 7. I have had a bunch of doctors that dont know what to do with me. Please help

  25. Is there anything someone could do to help me. I had 2 normal hellers with nisson wraps at least 75 dialations in my life then had partial esophajectomy with partial stomach removal with roux en y galbladder removal and feeding tube insertion. Since then its been almost 3 years cant eat to survive cant drink to survive had g tube changed out over a dozen times does not work nothing goes down. Im stuck on tpn to survive. Im only 32 with a beautiful almost 3 year old daughter. Im in horriable pain

  26. WOW that's amazing! I had a Hellers Op with fundoplication 21 years ago (I was 19 yrs old). I have a huge scar to show for it but it saved my life, so I'm thankful. But this is AMAZING!

    I found out a few months ago (with a chest MRI looking at my lungs) that part of my esophagus is enlarged again and was told to see a specialist, I didn't for fear of what I went through years ago but this gives me new hope =) I will make that appointment now. Thank you for sharing!

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