Cynthia Whitcomb on Willamette Writers

hi welcome to the willamette writers website I'm Cynthia Whitcomb president of willamette writers we'd want to let you know a few things we have going on that you're totally invited to join in on we have a monthly speaker meeting every first tuesday at the old church at 11th and clay in portland then we have chapters that meat all over the state that have bring writer speakers to you every month we have a group in Medford Salem Eugene and Newport out of the coast so if any of those are close to you feel free to go to those meetings as part of your membership we have some wonderful speakers at all of them we also have a young Willamette writers program for young writers aged 8 to eighth grade who meet every first tuesday at the old church with our regular meeting in this side room the old church is at 11th and clay we get together at six-thirty have cookies and coffee and fellowship and chatting and schmoozing and then our speaker fires off at seven o'clock for about an hour so come on down there's parking around it's a little tricky so come early there's free parking on the street after seven so that's also good and we welcome you also we just want to tell you we have our books for kids program which donates more than 25,000 books a year to kids that are disadvantaged or haven't had their own books we have a conference every summer the first weekend of August at the Sheraton at the airport in Portland where we have hundreds of writers and we have dozens of agents and editors and movie producers and agents who come to hear your pitch for your book or your movie and also dozens of classes that you can take and we eat together and have a great time and a banquet and a lot of special events so we totally want to see you there there will be a pitching class a week ahead for you to polish up your pitch there are screenwriting classes for you to get your script in shape so we're ready to ready to help you make it come and join us you

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