Cypress, Palms, Cotton, Teddy Bear & Ruins!

good morning from the south guys the
swampy South good old Mississippi here we’re gonna be getting back on the great
river road and going south what a beautiful gorgeous day in case you’re
wondering about the weather today tonight the low is 59 degrees here in
Mississippi everywhere from here and South not only is it not gonna freeze
overnight for the first time in over a month for me in the RV but yeah 58
degrees is the low it’s gonna be a warm night in the RV and I’m welcoming it and
what’s not to love about the South here we have a native creature
oh no that’s a tire nevermind I even love the desert but there is something
really pretty about the swampy South keep our eyes open for a gator now cuz
them is some Gator breeding grounds folks I tell you what it almost looks
like cave like stalagmites sticking out of the swamp Oh a cypress tree I finally
just today figured out what you call these unique southern trees that have
that awesome base that goes into the ground a cypress tree cool I didn’t
catch any wildlife so let’s get on the road and go chase this good weather
south right along the Great River Road Mississippi River look at some of these
houses on the Mississippi River has to cost a fortune and they’re way up
high too so they’ve probably experienced some flooding before on their property
probably this little rough road I’m on right now is not the Great River Road
it’s a little access road that’s actually closer to the Mississippi River
than the Great River Road to my left kind of funny
they don’t want tourists driving through here because it’s everybody owns
property on the Mississippi it it’s just a lot prettier in my opinion but okay
we’ll go back to the real Great River Road that’s farther away from the river
okay onward so that’s the actual name of this towns this town that has apparently
one little store here it’s called onward in Mississippi and you guys does anybody
else read these historical signs while while you’re driving I know a lot of
people skip them check this out says Teddy Roosevelt’s bear hunts’
President Theodore Roosevelt came to Smedes two miles south in 1902 to hunt
on November 14th Roosevelt refused to shoot a captive bear cartoons of the
event are thought to have led to the creation of the teddy bear yeah we have
found the origins and home of the teddy bear thank you Teddy Roosevelt for
saving the bear first though look at these cozy trees and a little creek
behind the store here a little rocking chair hanging from the tree life is good
no rush also we’re in the land of cotton you can see an unharvested field of
cotton out here yeah that’s not snow that’s cotton guys
most of the ones I’ve been seeing him aren’t the fields have already been
harvested and they look like big marshmallows in the field like the hay
of back home but this one still needs to be collected I could be wrong but isn’t
this a type of palm tree I’m pretty sure that we are looking at our first well
palm family plant at least not a palm tree but that means we’re definitely
heading south cool let’s go in this place
I really like this porch here near the store here’s the onward sign with holt
color and Theodore Roosevelt bringing us teddy bear and Christmas presents
but inside the country store you got a teddy bear up here all cute and cuddly
not really but they got Jam and all sorts of stuff and of course Christmas
tree over there that’s mad and I got the last magnet in the store onwards store
with the bear claw in there I like the little magnets I got a I got a doc him a
couple points for playing nickel back really good nickel back home how’d you
know it was nickel back Eric I think we just followed the signs on the Great
River Road and have some more fun today mm-hmm sure I don’t do it often but state parks
are the prettiest place as in each state and I don’t mind paying 25 bucks a night
for hookups even though I really don’t need the hookups believe it or not it’s
73 degrees today here in Mississippi in December yeah so I got the power and the
water hooked up I’ll dump the tank on the way out
neat little Park here though look at this place not a soul here but I am glad
they’re open and are really pretty pond here as well I don’t think there’s any
fish in there but it’s nice as you saw I already have the motorcycle unloaded off
the RV hoping to do some exploring in the area today so that the RVs all
hooked up I don’t to worry about unplugging or parking it good deal what
I’m having a hot dog you’re having cat food that’s how we do that that pretty
good sharing Lee Park what are you here they also gave me this neat Great River
Road keychain Canada Gulf I haven’t seen anything like this actually on the road
I still have not found and like the wheel the helm in in a magnet form yet
either so cool beans can I have something sharing no dad you
got a hot dog all right what did you do faul faul that’s for the
Chipmunks later Oh tell them some cat bite
there you go we censor that please yeah we’re gonna leave the campground and go
explore a little bit on Falkor today I got a lead from the office up there and
we haven’t even looked at the rest of the campground but first I want to go
check this out before it gets dark because there’s some ruins let’s go
check out the ruins getting listening at the top speed guys
57 58 59 one-sixty there we go and I was checking into the office there
I asked the lady I always do if I sit down at the bar anywhere hey is there
anything awesome that I gotta see you recommend and I could be able to get an RV there
and I said well good thing I have a motorcycle on the back
you’ll be perfect then have no problem getting there so she drew me a little
map and I got it plugged into my Google here on the iPhone and she also said oh
just so you know you’re not going to get any service up at the campground so we
got we got a trick up my sleeve actually I have a cellphone booster on the RV so
well let me know how it works I went back down there and told her yeah I got
two bars of 4G LTE Verizon usable service
she wanted some information on the boot store – I told her about it it’s worked
really well I didn’t even use it all the time but any you know I pretty much keep
the booster turned off actually and then if I need it
actually this is my turn right here then I turn it on it’s been working really well when I
need it all right it’s our road I’m gonna keep putting supreme in ER
I’ve only filled up once so far and I’ve got 99 miles on her she’s about to roll
over to a hundred on this trail and then about 700 or 800 miles I will
do it her first oil change I just love how the Sun peeks through
the branches so pretty 22 because when I left Minnesota I was
seeing this and now we’re seeing it way down here in Southern Mississippi that’s
the cool part about well following the changing colors of fall Windsor ruins oh wow the cut to our left
oh my gosh Wow alright I’ll Park it and get out my
other camera by the way I’m wearing my older all-black jacket it’s a lot
thinner let’s in a lot more air I still have my my neon green one for use when
it’s colder but this one this one’s a little more comfortable so let’s read up
on this can we summarize the boring stuff first it’s called the Windsor
ruins and Smith coffee Daniel the second a successful cotton planter completed
construction of Windsor in 1861 ironically he died in April of 1861 only
weeks after completing this mansion his wife and children continued to live at
Windsor but were left to suffer the loss of much of the family’s holdings during
the Civil War Windsors basic style was Greek Revival
but without a details borrowed from Italian and Gothic architecture the
house contained 23 rooms with an above-ground basement to residential
floors and an attic rainwater stored in large tanks in the Attic supplied two
bathrooms a Coppola from which Mississippi River could be viewed was
centered on top of the roof so you could actually see the Mississippi River from
this top room up here and that’s all that’s left let me ride back and check
in on Jackson we’ll see the sunset from our campsite at the state park listen
crickets in nature and frogs no trains no semis no screaming kids at the moment
I love it I want to take some me time also this afternoon so I will check back
in when appropriate okay so my night plans
well besides cuddling with Jax I got mac and cheese and milk and on the big
screen we’re gonna watch some better call soul chillaxing man yeah just
loving the peace and quiet out here I really really ad I’m gonna spend two
nights out here but I’ll be back as normal from the Great River Road on
Friday guys so have a good night Jax and I will see you Friday morning

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