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hey this is Kevin Thomason with draft2digital and this is d2d answers and today we're going to introduce a feature that you're really going to dig we're going to talk about author pages now this is a way for you to present your work to readers it increases your discoverability so let's jump right in and take a look at how these work we're gonna take a look at your draft2digital author page don't be thrown off by the fact that we're on books to read calm that is that's ours or a sister site this is where we're just we're going to land all the discoverability tools for authors so this is where you'll come to manage your Universal book links manage your author page manage your book tabs we'll talk about book tabs in another video but right now let's take a look at your draft2digital author page know on the universal book link dashboard this is on books to read calm you would come to books to read calm you would log in it click this link up here in the top right Universal links and then if you've already created some Universal book links you'd have a whole list here does let you see and this is where you would come to see like how many how many clicks the link is getting you know what stores are being visited what dates the real last clicked on this or anything we got a whole video about that but at this point this is where you'll you'll gain access to your author page now if you look over here we already know that if you created you can create a universal book link even if you're not the author you can create a universal book link for any any book so if you grab JK Rowling's you know Harry Potter series and create links to those if you were a podcaster a blogger a book reviewer you you might use that tool too link readers to those books so that they could buy them through your associate and affiliate accounts in that way you'd make a little extra money it's a great way to promote the work of other authors but for our purposes we're going to focus exclusively on our own books we as authors and how we create and use our author page so if you look here you can see I've got a couple of books listed up up here at the top and right here you'll see the name of the author that's Maggie Kevin Tomlinson and then here's the this little pop-out symbol I saw the universal symbol for click here and it'll take you to another page so we're gonna do that right now we'll click on that and here we are on the author page now this is this is where you kind of start raw this is the way the author page might look for you when you first get started now if you've already entered a bunch of ubl so what they'll do is they'll show up as you know books on these little carousels here now if you have multiple series or you have multiple books in a series you can see here this isn't going to scroll at the moment but because I've only got this many books but if you take a look these populate in an alphabetical order so here's Dan Collard series your story Jackson here's some other books by me and this this is this is where you'll all of your books will live on this page as long as you've created Universal book links for them so that's the key you want to create those you BLS and then this page will populate with every book in your catalog and you can exclude books if you want and because the UB else can be deactivated if you ever want to pull a book from this list it's Mel probably just deactivate the now let's just kind of go through the sort of layout of this page up top right now you can see this green banner now this is your view your readers will never see this but this is what gives you access to enter edit mode you can turn off this author page so if you retire a pin name for example or you decide you're going to give it up or whatever or if you accidentally created a yeah an author page for an author for some other author and you want to turn it off you can do that here now let's click here we'll see what the reader sees now this is this is essentially what the reader will see when they come to your author page and the author URL there are some things here that won't appear to the reader like they're not going to see the dashboard and it buttons so that stuff is fine this is just a little sort of this is for your access and because you're logged in as long as you're logged in you'll see this otherwise it would basically just be from here now we're gonna go back to edit mode now if you click at it you're automatically in edit mode here and you can tell because one new stuff has appeared like the other photo placeholder this little tag this is our promo tag these green lines indicate that you're in edit mode for in them for the moment we're gonna discard changes and so back to the tour and that mode we just entered that's edit mode we can enter that edit mode by clicking this button alright there it is one more time just one scroll through before we start editing I want to scroll through these carousels our first series so you get all the books by Kevin Tomlinson here each carousel is specific to that series if you listed the the series when you set up your book and you give it a number one two three you'll see them we're in four or five whatever you'll see these in order in these carousels so that's an important thing to note because you know sometimes if you if you forget like I actually had forgotten to put zero on the brass Hall which is a prequel favilla and it showed up in other books so just a little something to know down the bottom is about the author right now there's no no more information beyond my name and of course all this is brought to you by the smart people that drive to digital now scrolling back up let's go ahead and enter edit mode now here things change a little so we add we get some new features that are kind of cool we get the author photo the you can add some social media links now this follow this author you're gonna dig what this does now if you by default if you don't do anything up with this button it'll activate the new new author new release notifications that we have for our authors but a really cool thing is if you click here in edit mode that's right you can add the URL for your mailing list now I just happen to have a document set aside where I have all this information saved so we're gonna go ahead and go and copy that and then I'm gonna drop it all right you can use any link you want here some people may use book funnel some me mr. freebie I have this going to my personal site with a there's a page called join me where people can sign up directly from my site and they'll get a free book and that's where things so hit save now this little icon here so light bulb that is if you look up top it actually tells you that you have unsaved changes now you can save as you go but you you save and you leave the edit mode you have to come back in but let's try that once save all your changes are applied if I click follow this author now it opens up my page so that is very cool very handy now let's go back into edit mode and let's make a few more changes here so first of all we've got the author photo if you leave this blank if you don't upload anything it will always stay blank you can actually not have an author photo if you prefer right now and you can add something at any time there's two ways to add a photo and hovering over it you can see it you can drag or drop or you can it this little plus sign means that you can click to add so if you click here here you are you could just select the image one that's very good-looking man and I would just hit choose and it would drop that image in place now what I prefer what I think is cool is I'm actually going to drag and drop that image directly on to I think if I can grab it there go oh I did not mean to do that let's go it's a good looking image but I did not mean to do it that way having a little trouble with that alright here we go gonna drag it on to the circle and you can see it automatically winds that out very good-looking shot there it's rounded and very modern sleek cool looking shot so that is how you add an offer photo and next we're going to take a look at adding social media links you'll click that button and again have a nice handy little document here where I have an added or I've paid kept all these links this is not a bad idea of just copy you can just copy and paste when you do this all of them just just the show and what you you know the cool thing is like your website you could use any URL now if you don't have a website you can actually use this author page as your author or home page so just something to keep in mind because that will allow you to you know if you don't have the technical know-how to do it if you don't have the money to set up an author side if you you know whatever for whatever reason you don't have that then you you can certainly just use this as your author homepage because it can allow you some interaction with your readers as well so now that I've got all these links in there and saved and you can see these really nice-looking icons here you can see you can see how this is starting to shape up let's go ahead and hit Save Changes and there we are now right now by default I mean this is a pretty nice-looking page for click on any of these guys I will go see my whatever it is that link to okay so I won't go through all them but you get the idea now I'm gonna go back into edit mode and you can see here we're gonna take a look now at this is what we call the hero image or the hero book that means it's the first thing anyone sees when they come to your homepage or to your author page and there's this this is what we call a promo tag if it says no tag then what happens is you don't see anything there let's go let's go take a look at that real quick if it says no tag in that box and there's no tag that seems logical but you can also change this and you can actually say let's scroll down let's say this is our latest release and you know here we could actually change which book we're gonna do I'm gonna make sure that it's on write a better book description for now hit save and now we have these uh these little light bulbs okay so you save changes and now we see that this is our latest release now if someone comes along and they click on this if the reader clicks on this what they're taken to is this book's Universal book links page where they can slick the book store that they prefer and once they do that of course I can decide I want that to be my default or they don't whatever they choose and then from that point on once it's like selected their preferred store if they select one by default every time they click on a universal book link it'll take them directly to that's that sales page for that book on their preferred store so if they're using your author page and I've done that then every time they click on the book it's just going to straight to where they can buy that book so that's handy all right let's go back into edit mode and just for grins let's let's change the book let's take a look let's go to let's go up to a thirty-day author and instead of latest release let's choose first in series okay now let's save the changes now once you save the changes all right there you are you know I did not point this out but this text here changes whenever you actually select a new book and you save changes it'll stay the same until you do so but when you hit save changes it will alter this and you're looking at that now and it's truncated here right so there's a reason for that we're gonna get into that right now first let's go back into edit mode now I don't know if you noticed but the background behind the book changes becomes this very soft very cool themed background it's using the cover blows up blurs it out makes it look really nice and that changes with each book that you select so we're gonna come here we're gonna go back just for grabs we're gonna use this is the one I've set up so mmm latest release and say okay and right now I still got the same background same text but if I save changes background changes the text changes so right now it's pulling that text back in edit mode it's pulling this text from the book description on your product page for this book so whatever the metadata for this book says you can see it's got some formatting issues and everything here because it just pulls it over as plain text so here's what we're going to do this box you have bold and italics you can do this you can retype something if you like this is a shorter version of your book description and you can only put up to 40 words in this box at a time so what I've done is a gun ahead and I created a foreword description it's actually like 33 words but we'll we're gonna go ahead and get it and I'm gonna copy and paste that and I'm just gonna run that in there okay so now we've got a whole new book description here and it fits a little better and I'm gonna make this bold and you know you can play around with them say you want to drop that down a line just to kind of even it out because this is all centered so now you have a nice looking description for the book and again it tells us we've got changes that need to be saved below that description and then remember this is 40 words you can do up to 40 words below the description is the Buy It Now button a very important button in the world of authors and you get some modification here so basically you can all edit this by color you can change the color if you prefer gray okay if you prefer orange all right you can pick whatever you like and if you happen to have the hex code for the number you prefer you need to drop it right there and it'll pick any color you like see there's a green button that generally works out I'm gonna change it to I'm just going to leave it at black actually I think that's pretty classy looking so there's your modifications you can make to sort of the above-the-fold stuff we're go ahead and save this again and we've got a really nice-looking page here we can this this would just do at this point however we got even more we can tinker with its compact edit mode and now we're gonna scroll all the way down and this is where a sore last editable field on this page now it should pop if you've set up your author bio and you're doing this through your draft2digital account it should auto populate this but if in case it doesn't and you know it's it's handy to just go grab your bio and I happen to have one here that I'm gonna I'm gonna pick up and copy and I'm just gonna highlight this and say paste and there you go my bio in place its if I hit Save Changes alright so at this point what I've got is a nice fleshed out complete author page tells the tells the reader all about me here's my bio tells the reader where they can find me online allows them to subscribe to my newsletter I like that part and of course you can buy these books through this page and this works for any book let's say that you come down and click on 30 day author now this is a book tab this is the this is something we're going to discuss in the the next video in this series but you can see same sort of deal very smooth clinging looking all this stuff just got ported over from what we did on the author page so you don't have to do this twice this is all set up for you we're going to talk about this in a second but again on this on this page it takes you to the universal book link page where the reader can actually select their preferred storefront and if they want to learn more about you they click that they go back to your often page so this is customizable very cool this is the kind of thing we think authors gonna be very excited about I'm very excited about it let's go into reader view mode and this is the reader experience for your author page brought to you by draft2digital so hope you enjoyed that and look for the next video associated with this which is the an exploration of book tabs thanks so much hey thanks for tuning in if you have questions you'd like answered check out the FAQ at draft2digital comm / FAQ or you can read up on our knowledge base at draft2digital comm / knowledgebase you can also follow us and talk to us on twitter at draft2digital and on facebook facebook.com / draft2digital and of course hop over to the draft2digital blog at draft2digital comm / blog where you can get great content that's aimed at helping you build and grow your author business thanks again for tuning in I'm Kevin Tomlinson and this has been your dee dee dee answers

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