Dai Nabhana (दाइ नभन) – Aizen x Jay Author x Zac Rai | REACTION VIDEO | ALONE GURUNG

namaste everybody welcome to my another video so videos to do boondoggle is a savasana line thank you so much those little mates and like support girl rocky pocky sir and if you guys are new to this channel alina go subscribe carnival at don't worry you'll not regret so you'll get a stop it i'm on the opt-in await your jacket or and the title of the song is dying of Iran which is collaboration of aizen's a author and Jack Rai and your video to Alice our money here so I guess I know so let's just jump in the video boy time on Studios okay art in most presents okay start up to Aizen saddle today altar right day right there you can say that I am sat up to st. bro No we're at the office are you like no no I didn't love it Oh chorus part seven like so Kagura this song goes out to all the guys who got brothers owned so first of all I just want to give big sob to aizen's the author and Jack cry I really enjoyed the song might say or tip oh I like it I think the whole concert say I didn't prove its Instagram me or a story on the Whakatane Tambo to start off with it was kind of challenge it's a pelican tourniquet and they came up with this idea of making a whole song as a music video and then it really Goods up my mind to opt in about my lag and the concept was really nice honey they make it a little bit funny and stolypin interspace music we get my story panettone and then make it funny and the production was really good and then their style is really good in this video especially eyes and I just want to give big sign up to Eisen and yeah overall I really enjoyed the song man I'm corresponding optimal again but funny it was Cody watch creative man I really liked it that's it for this video I hope top I like video monopod a holla if you'd be the one butter on it like a little a sub scribe building moons and also don't forget to hit that Bell icon and if you want to be updated about everything follow me on Instagram link or subway my name description' my girl rock taken to go check out the new Ola that's it for this video until next video keep smiling and stay positive

28 thoughts on “Dai Nabhana (दाइ नभन) – Aizen x Jay Author x Zac Rai | REACTION VIDEO | ALONE GURUNG

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    "The most suggested song will be selected for next video"

  2. Dai hajur le dherai late reaction video upload grnu hunx…😭
    Bt ill still waiting for ur reaction…😘

  3. I can literary die on your cutness😚😚❤️
    I know I sound like crazy lady😆

  4. I have been watching your lots of reaction video,you do epic video bro seems that you are growing to be a big YouTuber. Help him to grow by subscribing his channel and don’t forget to ring the bell 🛎 🔥🔥

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