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all right Lord – okay boys it is the kiss thanks today today we are doing a reaction video imagine like guys they say call me daddy would go say mommy doing a reaction video and then I'm gonna buy one eternity later I honestly love them just before starting I wanted to say that out there I love them specially eizan all right guys please don't call my name never get nice oh is it bad oh well in the description of the song X's daddy song like look at it you know what I'm ready so Dino bone oh and sorry we can't read that no please maybe Pali word fitly United I know no no I can read no all right let's see in association with a wife you know it is an agency I swear I'm 18 and Jo that kind of look alike though what's oh my god I love is nose piercing bro like that's so good I guess they're not gonna play my video for the guy so he knows geez things are to die for you guys have snotty oh no no no thanks for the dinner sorry sigh thanks fish they can be thigh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] because now I think they're all like in the mid 20s tomorrow song was probably just don't go someone that's older than you died cuz you're really offense tashera – call up daddy daddy daddy daddy don't call me die you can [Applause] yeah it was yeah yeah so overall the video is really nice I guess yeah I really know I guess I know so it was good iodine no no no the moral of the story was that and apparently the drug is cheaper so gotta keep that in the mind so guys before you buy I need drinks twenty girls sure so if the girl rejects it we won't be wasting any money yeah make it cheap this story line was by funny you know how many goes to a restaurant and then when she calls him dad I mean he's like let's split the booboo head you know I was scanning and I like the pot like you know we have the girl put the Rakhi on me oh yeah now it's really good that was like anyways yeah I'm lost yeah it was really good it was something different actually like I don't think not many people know what makes it something like a time you know the release was like different but they're like you know because I used to a sec rise vlogs yeah and in that vlog eyes and always not always most of the time used to say comedy but yeah even have you go on lifeguards with us to code up your caddy then what do we come our Father put another guy so your guys want us to parent daddy would we call our guys if you're if you're a Leo who's watching this video comment down below you watching your your boy yeah what what you call you BAE like what with Daddy

9 thoughts on “Dai Nabhana (Daddy Song) |Aizen, Jay Author, Zac Rai |REACTION

  1. Cute girls reacting to music. My fav!!! Hahaha loved the vibe guys, the chemistry πŸ§ͺ was flowing with positivity throughout the whole video. Keep up the good work

  2. Nani hru le boleko english ny bujena hau ramari 🀣🀣

  3. Freaking reaction I have ever watched..πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩😬😬😬😬

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