Damien Becker – “That White Guy” – Australian Poetry Slam – Byron Bay

you might recognize me I’m that guy in
the corner with the hat and the sort of try-hard sneakers ordering a triple shot
espresso that’s me I’m that white guy who when he’s Aboriginal friends call
him brother gets a little thrill even though it’s usually only until they
eventually remember his name because let’s face it all bald middle-aged white
guys do look kind of exactly the same I’m that white guy who mentions he has
aboriginal friends to sound impressive who casually drops into conversation words
like yarning and Mob and deadly and feels entitled to call his other white
friends bra and cus and sis without realizing what a tosser he is I’m that
white guy who interrupts his indigenous colleagues to explain to them how white
people need to just shut up and get out of the way who supports land rights and
a treaty and changing the date but would never actually give up his house or even
a day’s pay in solidarity with First Nations sovereignty I’m that white guy
that awesomely woke white guy self-appointed spokesguy who uses this
precious time on the mic to wallow in ironic self deprecation as a strategy to
win your admiration who secretly hopes that whoever’s filming this right now
will post it on social media tonight so that it goes viral hashtag I’m that white
guy which will start a global movement with he as its founder sporting book
deals and a spot on the Q&A panel and t-shirts and posters adorned with his
face stylized to look like a cross between Obama and Gandhi and that lead singer what’s-his-name from REM I’m that white guy who turns a poem about racial
oppression into a poem about himself I am your white savior I am the one
we’ve been waiting for I am that white guy

1 thought on “Damien Becker – “That White Guy” – Australian Poetry Slam – Byron Bay

  1. really ticking those social validation boxes with that one bruv.. BTW im not even aboriginal and i use the word bruv lol oh the white shame crucify me now on a wooden cross aboriginal to this land

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