Dana Gilmore Wife, Woman, Friend on Def Jam Poetry

can you city agility give it up retainer I guess I shouldn't be surprised at my beginning was his end after all we were just friends although in my world I was his girl so I would pretend to be his wife saying shit like it's only so many years in a woman's life right so I gave him three yet he has the audacity to step to me on this Donnell Jones I don't know where I want to be type shit it weren't supposed to be like this he hit me with the forehead kids told me life was a journey and he was ready to explore this shit and I was pissed to me he was a hypocrite like a fake preacher in the pulpit and he left me sick and no he didn't choose me but that doesn't make him right nor wrong and just because he was the epitome of my life doesn't make me wrong nor right like I said I was his friend not his wife and I should have acted within that capacity and maybe then this breakup would have been just one of those things instead of a fucking tragedy and all that time I spent mad at him hell I should have been mad at me after all I was the one that gave him the key to my house and let him hang clothes in my closet just in case we go out not to mention washing out his dirty clothes just to make a full load and let him finish off all the leftovers just so the food don't go old for the times that we rolled out cuz he lost all the rubbers and though I showed him more supporting his own father brother sister and mother and just cuz those same people down my number when they trying to get in touch and he was sees Marilyn my address just cuz he'd be here so much got total control of the remote control to the TV DVD and radio and even though his name is not on my lease got shit in my house that's off-limits to me like his side of my bed and his but obligates him to me because not once did we exchange vows and if I knew then what I know now I probably would have listened when he said he was some shit he had to get up out of his system but see I was too busy bitch and jump in bed like I was gonna hit him coz in the back of my mind all I could fathom was how much I was gonna miss him but just because I'm crying y'all don't mean that I'm the victim just means I was scared to let him go cuz some other chick might get him and that was my fault cuz it was my decision I should have never put my heart in my mines position but I couldn't shake him he was like a bad habit and all this for a nigga that was just average no one ever said for niggers that was average doing average nigger shit like talking out the side of his neck and thinking with his dick but I must admit he's the one I wanted to commit so either I wasn't living up to my potential I was just the average chick but I choose to believe I was a woman caught up in the feeling both physical and emotional who was way too willing to give her all to a man and though it may sound stupid guess what I would do it all again just next time for my husband and not that nigga I call my friend give it up a failure

43 thoughts on “Dana Gilmore Wife, Woman, Friend on Def Jam Poetry

  1. Stating facts πŸ’― I can completely relate that’s what’s so dope about it 😩

  2. I love how she didn’t play the victim. She took accountability. That’s awesome

  3. Still listening in today! The first time I heard this was in high school in 2007.

  4. "That Was My Fault Cause It Was My Decision
    I Should've Have Never Put My Heart In My Minds Position"

  5. She spoke straight facts still here in 2018 we need more poets like this!

  6. Gonna Watch This every Time I Think About Texting My First & Last "Friend"

  7. I Guess I Shouldn't Be Surprised That My Beginning Was His End
    After All We Were Just Friends
    Although In My World I Was His Girl
    So I Would Pretend To Be His Wife Saying Shit Like "Its Only So Many Years In A Women's Life"
    Right, So I Gave Him 3 Yet He Had The Audacity To Step To Me On This Donnel Jones I Don't Know Where I Wanna Be Type Shit
    It Wasn't Suppose To Be Like This He Hit Me With The Forehead Kiss Told Me Life Was A Journey & He Was Ready To Explore This Shit
    & I Was Pissed To Me He Was A Hypocrite Like A Fake Preacher In A Pool Pit & He Left Me Sick & No He Didn't Chose Me But That Doesn't Make Him Right Nor Wrong & Just Because He Was The In Pit Of Me In My Life Doesn't Make Me Wrong Nor Right Like I Said I Was His Friend Not His Wife
    & I Should've Acted Within That Capacity & Maybe Then This Breakup Would've Been Just One Of Those Things Instead Of A Fucking Tragedy
    & All That Time I Spent Mad At Him Hell I Should've Been Mad At Me
    After All I Was The One That Gave Him The Key To My House & Let Him Hang Clothes In My Closet
    Just In Case We Go Out Not To Mention Washing All His Dirty Clothes Just To "Make A Full Load" & Let Him Finish Off All The Leftovers Just So The Food Don't Go Old
    For The Time That We Raw Dogged Cause He Lost All The Rubbers & Though I Showed Him More Support Than His Own Father Brother Sister & Mother
    & Just Cause Those Same People Dial My Number When They Trying To Get In Touch & They Would Send Mail At My Address Just Cause He Be Here So Much.
    Got Total Control Of The Remote Control To The Tv DVD & Radio.
    & Even Though His Name Is Not On My Lease Got Shit In My House That's Off Limits To Me.
    Like His Side Of MY Bed & His Stash Of Weed
    But None Of This Obligates Him To Me Because Not Once Did We Exchange Vows & If I Knew Then What I Know Now I Probably Would've Listened When He Said It Was Some Shit That He Had To Get Up Out His System But See I Was Too Busy Bitchin' Jumping Bad Like I Was Gon Hit Em Cause In The Back Of My Mind All I Can Fantom Was How Much I Was Gon Miss Em
    But Just Because I'm Crying Y'all Don't Mean That I'm The Victim Just Means I Was Scared To Let Him Go Cause Some Other Chick Might Get Em
    & That Was My Fault Cause It Was My Decision
    I Should've Have Never Put My Heart In My Minds Position
    But I Couldn't Shake Him He Was Like A Bad Habit & All This For A Nigga That Was Just Average Doing Average Nigga Shit
    & All This For A Nigga That Was Jut Average Doing Average Nigga Shit Like Talking Out The Side Of His Neck & Thinking With His Dick
    But I Must Admit He's The One I Wanted To Commit To Either I Wasn't Living Up To My Potential Or I Was Just A Average Chick
    But I Choose To Believe I Was A Women Caught Up In A Feeling Both Physical & Emotional Who Was Way Too Willing To Give Her All To A Man
    & Though It May Sound Stupid Guess What ? I Would Do It All Again Just Next Time For My HUSBAND & Not That Nigga I Call My Friend

  8. Miss. Dana Gilmore you have skills. God has truly blessed you with a powerful gift. You preach, you teach, you sure got me, to be one of your fans from this day forward. Thank you my sister in Christ.

  9. "Just cause I'm crying y'all don't mean i'm that the victim just means i was scared to let him go cause some other chick might get him"

  10. I luv her poem I always feel like she was talking words out of my mouth based on my past experiences 😊

  11. You kno it's real when a poem gets brought to life! And you can relate on every wordπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  12. Felt this in my fuckin chest bruh😣like she readin my a book of me. Know y'all worth❀️I know alotta ppl probably in this same position.

  13. "I wasn't livin' up to my potential or I was just average"!! That in it's self spoke volumes.πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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