Danganronpa Comedy #9 Doki Doki Danganronpa Club REACTION (Doki Doki Literature Club x Danganronpa )

just what I thought we were done with Doki Doki after that traumatic experience and live stream here we are again okay fine let's just relive traumatic experiences I'm so glad you're joining the literature club hey I never agreed to join oh wow they re who's your friend these are club's newest member stone Yuri and that's icky and you already know me welcome to my meeting are you entertaining the need for me boy – OH we're making baby we're friends maybe we're more how can he love a simple girl next door I'm just okay I wish I could make her grin while she one side things back the way they then she's feeling blue so light don't want Sayuri just I'm so glad you're joining the literature Club wait what happened oh there's no one here named fat maybe let's go piano and they sing soprano can't catch you crush it I can't allow so my dear friend Yuri guess maybe more Suki is next I'm deleting or two cakes upon 30 I well that's a lot of crunchyroll you've been watching you're really taking advantage of that free verb trial there's no one else on our way so look at me and just say but it no longer matters to me [Applause] well look what the cat dragged in say Orie you're still in the literature club of course I'm the president after all what else they are you who's your friend these our newest member I'm guessing that's off set in stone this time I think it is why don't you join us I was just getting that Sookie here into my favorite horror novel hey it's not like I like it or anything so are you walking home with anyone after this just my friends say Ari I have to say that was very well made they stuck it to danganronpa two characters I was gonna say why wasn't coyote in there but no know which ones too soon so you're al-qaeda then again Ibuki okay the kid that make sense yeah that makes sense I just remembered a bookie or so on some dog shit guys but no seriously the editing the music the lyrics just just just they also make the song or did they just animate on top of a song that's what I really want to know because if they sang the song wrote the song and also animated I'm going to give a like double claps maybe triple claps if they animated on top of the song I'll give a clap you know what I mean it's it's I I have to give there's different degrees of applause that I have to give double is you know like double double can we not talk about touch Toki that was some creepy shit that like really was whoa just yeah I still remember that livestream I still haven't done the highlights for it just because like whoa and now a lot of you guys went back and gave me all the time stamps about what happened exactly at what times but um that was one hell of a roller cook stop thank you for watching we'll get back to daily uploads hopefully soon very soon very soon I'll see you then so make sure you're subscribed and I'll see on the gaming channel for the weekend live streams till then did you come out by first really doki doki don't talk about dark duckie hadar robots have to end there we go there we go no they don't they have a USB port that smile and hair reminds me of something she's like Oscar but with less reddish hair

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