Daniel Caesar “Get You” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Was really broke, living with my girl at the
time. I’m still getting there, but sexually, the
world was opening up. It was just having a lot of sex all day, all
the time. There was nothing really else to do. Kali Uchis….She just reached out to me on
Instagram. I wrote the outro, “this feels like summer,
you make me feel so alive.” I sent it to her and I asked her to put it
at the end. She liked the song, she sent over two verses,
and they were both so good. It was definitely the perfect sort of vibe
energy for the song. It was just, like in a religious song where
it’s pleading and thanking God for whatever he’s done for you, stuff like
that. It’s that same sort of thing, just being thankful. Especially in this time, now everything seems
a little bit crazy. It was just a reference to that. We’re in our own world, kind of locked away,
doing our thing, and everything outside is crazy. That’s…just good pussy. Good lovin’. I wrote the song in a self-reflective state, so it was just looking back on my whole life,
past relationships. Not even just with other women, but just with
people in general, the way I’ve been with myself and maybe feeling like I didn’t deserve to
be feeling as good as I did at the time. Deep down, I feel like I’m corny. It’s a very pretty, happy, not-too-complex
song, but it’s still very, it gives you the screw face when the bass comes in and the
kick pattern and all that. I just feel like people aren’t making love
songs like that anymore. I just wanted that, but sexy though.

100 thoughts on “Daniel Caesar “Get You” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. I watched this video thinking Hit those high notes honTEA😂😂😂

  2. Yo I love this guys music without a doubt puts me I. A vibe but this guys vibe fucks me up whole gothic wanna be kid good loving ? Shes faking it bro

  3. He was havin sex with womens or niggas? Lol Dave Chappelle make me ask

  4. I'm a straight man and I can confirm that this man is sexy

  5. this is the first time I’ve seen what he looks like and sis I am SHOOK

  6. omg i hate when they explain them.. i cant watch genius anymore cause its ruining songs for me! talking about sex T.T

  7. Really humble Dude, took a photo with him and He told me thanks. I was like dude you are famous why are you saying thanks.?

  8. Genius, it’s not oooooooh, it’s whoooooo would have thought ide get you

  9. Hearing him sing it without the back round music made me love the song even more🥺

  10. i love this song so much and daniel’s voice is so so heavenly, im in love

  11. he singin 'bout sex but he making it more sweet man, this is a legit love song 😩💘

  12. Ughhhh he’s just so adorable yet sexy yet so cute….If a man played this for me I’d be pregnant

  13. I'm loving Daniel Caesar right now and I probably always will because the songs I fall in love with stay with me forever

  14. Sounded like he said everything I needs between those things highs😂

  15. bro he should colab with billie. their voices are so similar 😍😍

  16. i just realized that the song is about *that*, but this song is so beautiful

  17. Oh dear, please keep making love songs. And "making-love" songs. <3

  18. he makes sexual activity seem hella aesthetic, if that makes sense? 😭🤩

  19. I don’t not except him to sound exactly like the song. I love him.


  21. I was exited to hear him do the oooohhhhh who would’ve thought I’d get you

  22. When Daniel Caesar said “far and wide” i was like “Yeah, like your teeth”. 😂😂😂

  23. My fiance and I love listening to this together. This song, it's a mood. We can't help but wind down and follow to flow.

  24. I kinda got dumped and this is not the video you want to watch right after

  25. i feel like these videos are so awkward but he just makes up for it

  26. not to be dramatic or anything but if somebody made a song like this about me i’d die 😭😭😭

  27. Daniel Caesar has joined the group


  28. 3:40 damnnnnnnn he just said what i want to say. love u i just got indentified

  29. I love him fuck!!!!! Just imagine being the girl that he writes in those song ;(

  30. 1:59
    Daniel: sing beautiful and effortlessly🥰


  31. 0:45 the first verse itself sung without background music is just enough to put me in my feels. Damn it sounds so good.

  32. My boyfriend had me to listen to this song and best part to express how he felt about it and I've been in love with those two sons ever since ♥️

  33. Dude has a beautiful soul…but since no one else said it… He's ugly as shit.

  34. With the vibe behind him does it…..he vibes it doesn't he…you don't see him you feel the vibe

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