DARLING SOUL, JUST SAY IT! | Morning Oracle (Dec 8-14, 2019)

Good morning everybody! Let’s start with a poem. “Behind a Laurel Tree”
(Sappho, tr. Willis Barnstone) “You lay in wait
behind a laurel tree” “and everything
was sweeter” “women
wandering” “I barely heard
darling soul” “such as I now am
you came” “beautiful
in your garments.” Thank you for joining me. I’m feeling a little off today, but maybe
in a good way. I had a poetry reading last night. It went really well! I’m happy for it. I kept my clothes on… I didn’t hurt myself in front of anybody… I had my beautiful friend, Ryan, who gave
me a wonderful introduction. It made me cry! So I’m still a little weepy from it. It definitely affected my dreams. But enough about me! I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been getting really good feedback! Private feedback. From friends and other folks who like these
readings, so I’m going to keep going! I hope you like the poem at the beginning. I’ll definitely keep that as a ritual. I’ve been reading a lot of Sappho, especially
the past few nights. So that’s why I wanted to start with that
poem. Also, this is a new deck, called “The Starman
Tarot” by an artist who worked closely with David Bowie. It’s also really BIG! And I think it’s made for “man hands” or BIG
hands. And I do NOT have either of those
kinds of hands, so this is why I’m shuffling the best I can, in this method, so please
bear with me. It’s a little awkward, but I’m doing my best. I think I’ve gotten it down. Alright. I’ll just do a few more shuffles. I did “pre-shuffle,” but I always like to
shuffle on-camera, just to show… Just to show that I actually… I’m actually calling in whatever I need to
call in without trying to control it. Anyway…Oop. Hello! Oh! Empress! Empress and Death. Aw… Are you going through a transformation, my
queen or my king? That’s beautiful. But we haven’t started yet. Alright. Thank you, once again, for joining me. I call in spirits of light and love,
and most of all, justice. It’s a difficult time at this point… It’s a hard time, I think, for a lot of us
folks who think about the world, who think about what it means to be human of this world,
in this political time. No matter what country you are in… I think
also about the people in Hong Kong. My heart goes out, especially to the young folks
who are standing up and fighting on the streets. I do take a stand there. So this goes to the people in Hong Kong. Anyway, enough about that. Let’s just jump into it. Thank you. At your center issue, you have the
Nine of Pentacles. In your subconscious, you have the Moon. Something is hidden from you! Something that you expect. Or something that you want to call into
being. Ahead of you is the King of Wands! Hello! A blockage that you might be having currently
is the Princess of Wands. So, a very passionate message here. Maybe a learning curve? Or maybe, as opposed to that…
you’re going through an increased learning process at this point. You’re learning at a lightning speed. It’s a little scary. And the reason why perhaps it’s in
this blockage position, is that maybe things feel like they might be going a little
bit too fast… for your own comfort. Whatever you’re learning about yourself. Or whatever has been transforming in your heart
has been happening at an exponential speed. It is scary. And it’s exciting at the same time. Above the Moon, it’s as if this Princess of
Wands, and I’ll show you. She’s really bright. It’s as if there’s a sudden light beam
that has struck her, right? It’s like the Moon… The light of the Moon
has completely illuminated her. It’s powerful, but of course, with new power
comes instability. It can feel like, lately, something has been
shaking underneath the surface. You’re afraid of, “What if I fall down?” Or: “What if this is too good to be true?” And of course I’ll clarify this, and
what this means, especially in terms of your heart and love. Yes! Ace of Swords. So, coming into the near future is a new form
of truth. Now, again, I’ll clarify that. But what the Ace of Swords tells me is that
there is something that will not only spark a new truth, a new way of being, but also
I see… I see an incoming message from another person. So I see an incoming message that is positive. It will express some kind of confession of
a truth that they’ve been holding onto, and it will kind of be… It will be kind of like a confirmation for
what you have known to be true, but you just needed to see it in words. And that is something that I think you’ve
been waiting for, dear friend. So that’s good to know. It kind of feels like a closure in some ways. Okay. And last… I’m not comfortable doing reversals yet for
this pack, just because it’s so new. So please forgive me. In the future I will! But for now, I’ll just do everything upright. Your destiny here is, or your final outcome
is the Six of Cups. I love the Six of Cups as the destiny! Because what this says to me is a renewed
sense of of going back to… …in the tarot world, they
call it “reconciliation.” But sometimes I’m afraid to say “reconciliation”
because not all of us have good relationships with our past, so I’m not saying that you’re
going to go back to a past way of being. But I do see a strong sense of returning to
a person in your life, a real person! Who represents a kind of relationship that
you had, you used to want in your past. For example, let’s say you meet somebody new. And this person reminds you of “Bobby” from
2nd grade! Oh, sorry. I kicked the stand! But “Bobby” from 2nd grade who was just really
innocent and would play with you in the playground. And, you know, you would just have a really
nice time with “Bobby,” or you know, if it’s not “Bobby,” it’s like… You know, “Tatiana,” you know, who is just
like kind of awkward. And she’s got braces. And HUGE glasses, and no one really wanted
to play with you, play with her, and you as well, I guess I don’t know why I said that. But maybe that also felt like the case? That you were kind of a loner. But you just struck up this incredible friendship,
and I would say *romantic* friendship. You know, minus anything erotic, or anything
like that, but it’s a really beautiful friendship that I see. I don’t know why I see the names “Tatiana”
and “Bobby,” um, but I see that kind of friendship that you have in the playground. In your childhood, neighborhood, etc. And it was just a really nice time and then,
as of course, as you’ve gotten older, you’ve forgotten that that’s the kind of relationship
that you felt happiest with, that you felt at home with, and I think what I see in the
near future… and I’ll try to get some timing for you soon, but what I do see in the near
future is… for those of us who are single, um, looking for a partner, or looking for
just a connection with somebody new… I don’t, I really don’t see an ex here. I really do see someone new who does spark
that “Bobby” feeling! That “Tatiana” feeling from your childhood. For those of us who are attached or who are
with others, or who are working in partnerships, I do see, again, a conversation around that. Maybe I see, especially, late at night. I see conversations around childhood. A new story, no matter how long you’ve been
with your partner or your beloved. I see that now is a really nice time to share
a story with your partner, or share a story about a really beautiful moment that you had
in your childhood. A friend that, perhaps you haven’t thought
about in a really long time. Even if you only knew them for a really
short amount of time in your childhood. Suddenly around this time, you’ll… like
a name will pop up. And suddenly you’ll have an image of playing
in the sand or playing in the playground, or in the dirt, riding a bicycle with this
person. And you’ll bring it up to your partner, and
of course you won’t have any agenda around that, but you’ll just simply say, “You know
what? I had this really beautiful time that suddenly
came across my mind. And this is something that I want to share
with you, my beloved.” So, I really love that. I love that this has sparked so many images
in my mind. I hope that helps so far. At the bottom of the Sword. At the bottom of… I said “Sword,” but at the bottom of the deck,
you have the Nine of Swords. I do sense that a lot of you, not all of you,
but I do sense a lot of you have… NOT. BEEN. SLEEPING.
You need to sleep more! Because what I do sense is that maybe
your caffeine consumption has been going up lately. For those of us who drink coffee or caffeine,
or other drinks etc. My advice, I mean.. You have free will. I’m not going to *force* you, of course this
is your own life choice, but maybe a gentle, gentle suggestion is to lay off the caffeine. Just a *little* bit more? Like cut down on the coffee. Just see what happens if you go a day or two
without a substance, I mean, again, I’m not trying to moralize. But I do think that if you are struggling
with sleep, this has been a big factor. So it really is connected with what you’ve
been drinking during the day. For those of us who are not caffeinated, I
do see that now is, especially, a time that you have been staying… Not staying up late. But I do get a sense that a lot of your sleep
has been not as restful. Again, this is not for all of you. I do see… I’m connecting with a group of you who have… You have been going to sleep. You have been taking care of yourself, but
at the same time, I sense some people getting up in the middle of the night? Or you’ll kind of wake up, or you’ll get up
in the morning and you feel like you haven’t really slept very well, like your sleep was
really light. You might be having really vivid dreams lately. And, again, I do feel strongly it’s connected
to your surroundings. So maybe for those of us who are in colder
climates, I think that maybe the cold is affecting your sleep. And so that’s affecting how deeply you sleep,
or the dreams that you have. So just be mindful of your surroundings, you
know, how much you… Again, how much caffeine you’re drinking or…
if you’re warm enough at night. Or, you know, if you’ve done enough rituals. I had a friend who recently suggested that
I drink hot milk before bed, which has been *excellent* so I suggest that, if that… I mean I really liked it. I did it last night, so maybe that’s why I’m
a little… a little, kind of excitable today. But I drank really warm milk last night, and
right before bed, and it was really soothing. Oh yeah, and then I read Sappho. So… a combination from the doctor–drink
hot milk. And read a bit of Sappho tonight if you can. That might help a little bit with resetting
your sleep. Alright, so, I’m excited to clarify. To clarify, I’m going to use this deck. It’s called “The Linestrider Tarot.” Of course, I’ll put the description of both
decks in the description box below, along with the poem. Alright, so… I’ll shuffle this a little bit. So let’s see where we should start. Alright, how about we start right at the center
of this issue–the Nine of Pentacles. So, the Nine of Pentacles in most tarot, it’s
basically the independent… it’s the independent, um, “I don’t need anybody to hold me down”
kind of card. Again, don’t worry about the gender. It could be fem… masculine… etc. You know whatever you identify with. But the Nine of Pentacles is often depicted
as this woman who is independent. In this special card, she is depicted standing,
again, on top of a Pentacle, and surrounded by many other pentacles. But what’s most interesting about this for
me, that stands out right now, is that there’s a ghostly figure in the back. Kind of like… for those of us who are…
who’ve watched really silly movies in their childhood, a silly movie from my childhood
was “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” So for those of us who don’t know “Casper
the Friendly Ghost,” it’s a really cute movie about a girl… I forgot her name, but she plays “Wednesday
Addams” in the Addams Family, one of the newer newer Addams Family movies. Anyway, so she plays a character who moves
into a house that’s haunted by ghosts. And she befriends a friendly ghost! And this ghost is really cute. His name is Casper, etc. So I don’t know why that I just thought of
that story but I highly recommend you see that movie, especially around this time of
the year. It’s just very dreamy and cute and romantic. And it kind of, again, it taps into that kind
of nostalgia of, you know, who is that ghost of your past. Like the “Bobby” or the “Tatiana” or the…
somehow I heard the word “Miyoko.” There’s a “Miyoko” in someone’s past? So there’s that… So a person in your past who, of course,
there’s probably no way for you to contact them. You probably don’t even remember their last
name. You just have this image of them as an eight
year old in your mind. But they were really sweet, and really cute,
and you just really connected with them. So I feel like this has been something that
is holding you to this present moment. Almost like this person is revisiting you
now. Not in a time of need, or anything like that,
but in your time of reflection. Another important feature of this card that
stands out to me, at this moment, is also this bat. Now the bat signifies a being that has recently
flown out of its darkness. It’s flown out of its cave. And here it has been illuminated in this card,
so it’s illuminated with a sign of truth. And, for me, that connects now with the Moon
card, which is in the position of a subconscious element that you need to face, that you need
to start articulating in your own mind. So there has been a lot that you feel might
have been hidden from you recently. Of course as we’ll see very soon, a lot of
it has been illuminated if it hasn’t been already. And I think for you, I think this bat represents
you, actually. I feel like this bat represents you flying
out of a recent… I’m not saying this is depressing at
all. I really do think this was just a recent
period of when you didn’t know what was going to happen, like if you didn’t know a result
of a test, for those of us who are… I don’t know why I’m seeing someone who is
dealing with the health system, so someone has gotten tests recently. And that has been causing a bit of anxiety. You have been in the dark, so to speak. But I do see something positive coming soon. This bat has given you a truth, maybe a test
result, again, with the Ace of Swords, a truth from a doctor, an email, a note, etc. For those of us who are thinking in our heart
space, I do see.. I don’t really see a message from a beloved,
so to speak, but I do see a truth message of yourself. You have come to see a part of yourself that
has identified a form of joy that you’ve always had inside of you, but you haven’t really
been able to release until maybe more recently. Again, with this “Casper the Friendly Ghost”
figure in the background. So just to clarify, I don’t really think I
need to clarify much of that. It’s pretty clear to me
that is the central core, but… Oh, that just jumped out!
I’ll just do this… Yeah! The Chariot is exactly what I thought. The Chariot is movement. Often times it does mean a physical vessel,
like something is being traveled to you. For those of us who are thinking about health-space
as it relates to love, I do see that as your body becomes more healthy, again, for those
of us who… where is it… those of us who need more sleep, as your body becomes a vessel
of strength, but also rest, I do see that the Moon, whatever has been hidden from you,
will be slowly, slowly illuminated if it hasn’t been already. Alright, so let’s keep clarifying. So the Moon, what’s been hidden. Again, what’s been in your past position,
it’s also in your subconscious position. Sometimes I get wary of the Moon because it
could represent lies and deceit. It could represent in your life who’s holding
back a secret from you. I’m kind of compelled to do this kind of shuffle. So let me do that. But please bear with me. I’m going to do this bottom, “Five of Swords.” Yeah, I don’t know why. I was just thinking “Defeat” and lies and
deceit, so this kind of confirms that this has been something that … oof… that has
affected you in the past. I think recently, honestly. I’m sorry for those of us who have been defeated. So the “Five of Swords” right here, yeah,
it represents a person who has “won” the battle. Like, “Yay, congratulations.” For those of us who feel like you’ve gone
through the dark side of a war, a battle. You have defeated it. So congratulations! You are victorious. But as this card shows, you are victorious
at a price, right? So for some reason, I see in the back here,
and this stands out to me now. I haven’t noticed it much before. But in this deck, there’s a figure who’s walking
away. And for me, in my mind, I see this as a Moon
figure. So what that means is that I see this as a
figure who’s not necessarily in the 3-D, but someone who’s in the 5-D. Now I don’t know
if this represents you or someone in the past. It… take it how it resonates, but I see
that as you have triumphed over this battle, right, you’ve basically come across this “Moon.” So what I mean is that you’ve traveled to
the other side of the Moon. [laughs] Very David Bowie of me to say…
but you’ve traveled to the *other* side of the Moon, the Light side of the Moon, you
know, you have reached your truth. But you had to leave behind
a “Shadow” self in the past. Okay, so I can see that. The “Shadow” self is not evil. But it is a child, right? It is a smaller being. It is a person that has held some form of
pain. It is, again, the “Shadow.” It is someone that you are attached to, again,
it can be yourself. Or it can be someone like an Ex. Or it can be a relational being in your past. Or for those of us who are attached, of course,
I always try to remind myself that we each carry “Shadow” and “Shadow” beings in ourselves. And also “Light” beings. Our “Shadow” beings are, just as our “Light”
beings, our “Shadow” beings are parts of us that do grow. They do become darker. They become lighter over time. I don’t think that “Bad” sides of us are fixed. I think that they evolve, but then they also
devolve, etc. So for those of us who are dealing with partners
or potential love interests, this could also represent your “other,” your beloved who is
facing also a “Shadow” side of yourself. But because you are in distance from this
person, I think what I’m sensing here is that… I think that you… What this card is saying is that you have
to… accept that this is a kind of defeat that they might be going through, that they
might be also trying to “conquer,” or a lighter way of saying it, they might be also trying
to “nurture” their Shadow sides as well. So try not to get… What this card is saying especially in the
subconscious position, is try not to get too in your head about it. To basically have faith that this Shadow side
will be nurtured, and have a sense of trust that your beloved, or a love interest, or
if this represents the Shadow side of yourself, that Being by itself will know how to heal
himself, herself, themselves… Alright, so. I hope that resonates for some of you. Also I sense dancing here. This is really nice. So maybe for those of us who just wanna add
a little bit of Lightness right now–I know it’s really cold outside–but go out dancing! Why not? Yeah, like go with a friend. Go by yourself. Go dancing. That’s the suggestion here. It also might help loosen up your “Shadow”
beings, right? Like if your “Shadow” beings have been pent
up with rage and anger, anxiety, lately, let that out on the dance floor. Put on some Robyn. You know, “Dancing On My Own” etc. Okay, now I’m drawn to this King of Wands.
Hello! Handsome. Again, it doesn’t have to be gender specific. But in this case, I do sense a really strong
masculine identity at the forefront of your mind. It can be yourself. It can be somebody that you are identifying
as yourself. For example, the King of Wands represents
a “Just” king, a king who unlike the Knight of Wands… Ugh! You guys…
It did it again. I’m so sorry. My camera apparently cuts…
It just stops recording after 20 minutes. Maybe that’s the limit to my SD card. I have a really small Canon camera
that I got ten years ago. But I guess I’m now discovering its limits.
So… I’m really sorry about that! So when it cut off I thought, “Aaah!” I heard it. I heard it snap off, and so
…I then turned off my camera. I put the SD card in my computer.
I just imported the file… deleted it and then recharged my battery
and then set my camera back up again. So I’m kind of thrown off a little bit. I…
In the meantime, I ate a banana… I made some tea. I went outside
while my file was importing, so… I’m really sorry about that. So where I left off was at the King of Wands. And again, I’m sorry about
the weird energy shift, but anyway…

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