Darnell Carson + Angel Smith – “Black Matter” @WANPOETRY (CUPSI 2019)

– The principal of relativity states that the laws of physics
apply equally to everyone in all situations. [Together] Meaning – The universe is oriented
in a natural composition of equality between matter. [Together] Clearly, Einstein
anew never met a negro. (cheering) – Never watched a black
body hang from tree and defy gravity. – Never saw an infant thrown
into the middle patches of the Atlantic and sink,
not float like the buoyancy of my bones are reminded the living do. [Together] White man,
tell me how your science explains my history. – Are we equally descended from apes or do you think you evolved past us? Looking at the soil
fertilized by my ancestors like a clue you’ve only
built yourself on top of us. – Position yourself in
a state of ignorance, [Together] I mean, motion. – That can only be moved
by an unbalanced force. [Together] And tell me, what’s more unbalanced than a black body navigating a white world?
(applause) If white science determines how
my wages would be understood, like my politics kicked at
the back of show in his throat – Let my politics show you how
I react to colorblind actions. Let my power rainbow into Wakanda. – Let my vernacular
fall outside the margins of Shakespeare’s sonnets, walking to the beat of Janelle
Monae’s contradictions, factual and fiction. This body is made of superstition. – This body is made of
myth and yet is still drilled up for exhibitions
on white modernity. [Together] The materiality of this thing does not give you the
right to police this matter unless black lives matter. – Stop! – Don’t move! [Together] Don’t speak. Don’t resist, just exist. Isn’t it ironic how science
fears my reproduction? – Justice fears the
reproduction of our glory so they sterilize our families with procedures of incarceration. [Together] Like we are merely combinations of what you made us. – Ain’t nothin’ complex
about that chemistry. Can’t be unbalanced in my own hood. [Together] Afraid a
bullet might change course at any moment and seize the
reproduction of these cells. – I know all too well how biology operates. [Together] If you’re
wondering why I hesitate to pass these traits onto my offspring, it’s because science taught
me it takes more than matter to prove you matter enough to be alive. (cheers and applause) – The empty space has been barrelled into too many black souls of
just proofs of the unknown. My bones, just black holes in white space. – But this light cannot be taken away. This space, if only for a second, [Together] Will be ours, infinitely. (cheers and applause) – With a C&B score 29.1, that’s 29.1. One, two, three scores up. Got one.

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  1. Stop donโ€™t move donโ€™t speak donโ€™t resist just exist ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ—ฃTALK THAT SHIT!!

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