Dating Simulator Gone WRONG!? Poki Plays Doki Doki Literature Club!

the story of doki-doki literature club follows a myth high school student who is invited by a childhood friend Sayuri to join their high school's literature Club Sayuri as a youthful bundle of sunshine and values happiness above all else I then meet the other members of the club in a two-key Yuri and the club president Monika Natsuki is a deceivingly cute girl who packs an assertive punch and Yuri is timid and mysterious she finds comfort in the world of books that's the one that I end up wanting to go after I start to participate in the club activities such as writing and sharing poetry and go close to the board girls many of the poems written by the four girls for shadow are hints at their troubled home life or depressed state in the game you get to write different poems and depending on the words that you choose to clone your poems it can make certain girls like you more whilst preparing for an upcoming school festival cieariy reveals that she suffers from depression and confesses her love for me as the day of the festival approaches series usually bittersweet poem is replaced with a dark and morbid note repeatedly telling someone to get out of her head when Sara does not answer my text messages I leave the club meeting and rush to her home where I discovered that she ok I remember this is the game it's in the window I can check outside up the window ok File Explorer there's an item there's there's a PNG image in that folder called hat happy thoughts but with X's in it I want to open it but I don't know if I should what the hell what the hell is this a nightmare it has to be this isn't real there's no way this can be real Sarah wouldn't do this everything was normal up until a few days ago that's why I can't believe what my eyes were showing it should I do it – give me a sec I'm gonna have to open up another I went to right dokey but it accidentally I accept he wrote Dukey Monica Natsuki Yuri Oh was it like that before does it really delete the character that's crazy the screws that's crazy bro I love that though that's such a cool aspect to the game I told Serie B they're from her actually I know what's best that everything will be okay then why why would she do this how could I be so helpless what did I do wrong turning down her confession that has to have been what pushed her over the edge for agonizing scream still echoes my ears but why did I do that to really knows why was I so selfish this is my fault Maya storming thoughts keeps on me everything I could have done to prevent this wrath times are you gonna join her loot at least I just lost my best friend someone I grew up with she's gone forever now nothing I do can bring her back this isn't some game wrecking we sent you try something different I had only one chance and I wasn't careful enough can so it's helped me and I'll carry this guilt with me inside guys so if I were to load back to before I made that there would be nothing that I can do right right nothing in my life is worth more than hers but I still couldn't do what she needed from me this game forth and now I can never take it back never never never never never bigger than Marquess can I leave I've got to leave I'd like to exit oh my god sigh I've had too many computer problems to think that this is fine you guys didn't hear it in the piano notes that some messed up stuff is gonna happen mornings are usually the worst being stratified couples and friend groups walking to school together I always tell about myself it's about time I meet some girls or something like that but I have no motivation to join clubs replicated content is getting by on average I'll spend my free time so are they just the game is just restarting as if she didn't exist besides most I'm gonna probably be way too dilute branding for me to do it I guess I have no choice but to start with the end make up oh my goodness i toid and expect to see you it's done a lot right yeah it has we do know each other while we're really tough we're the same class mother could you just flash haha I actually quit the debate club really you quit be honest I can't sent all the politics trying to make your clothes are saying that feels like nothing but RIT late action stop it I said stop it how many members three or four literature can be fun it's funny rate always insist that maintenance literature not wrong I guess a member is a member I don't get what this story's trying to tell me cuz it's like I guess it's a this is like an alternate universe and you still join the literature club so like okay but okay I get it I'm just gonna play but I'm really curious I'm wondering if I had told her that I loved her cuz I saw kind of what happened did she still end up killing herself the day of the festival I want to know did you not tell me if you shouldn't tell me then like Tommy that you shouldn't tell me but if it's not a big deal d'etat me than I'd like to know I'd like to know don't tell her don't tell her okay fine like if you can't tell me just Tommy but you can't tell me and thus today marks a day I sold my soul to Monica and her irresistible smile let's go so it's literally everything but certain different sorry Jessie what boiler to the US I mean we've read all this Sookie if I kind of skip right it's a little different for sure but there are there new cupcakes come on this is already worse no cupcakes perfect it makes me think she's probably a first year she's also one who ate cupcakes according to Senor YZ teeth with no cupcakes exits game where did where did my slots go no cup cases is clearly the worst timeline agreed I love butts breeding whore I read all four book once yaii surveil for is often successful cheating the blaze broke well I just never minded to it using traffic to things yeah no I don't that you think I like mega and an IQ M yeah yeah we heard it Natsuki shut the front sub soupy hey I got an idea how about this we all write poems and Beach sheriff next time we meet yah he sound like a great idea yeah I agree heck yeah I love sharing stuff oh I bet you'd like i'm going to go to make a poem and like the pages are gonna stuff or something right with that i depart the club move make my way home the whole way my mind wanders back and forth between the three girls Natsuki theory and of course Monica drover say your e though where say Sarah pick Sarah died first I actually to make the most of my circumstances I'm sure good fortune will find me and I guess I started writing a poem tonight you have unlocked a special pull up know what if I was like no what if I freaking up and I could no and I think no all right I can't convince myself to go to therapy when I'm the happiest I've ever been I'd rather keep this up until I blow my cover and someone takes me to the emergency room where's Monica mad forgive me say sorry hi cap thought you got you didn't run away huh let's go oh sorry scooby-dooby and that's Sookie find yourself stuck between say Monica and manga manga is literature swiftly defeated not shook a truck back into her she I'm sorry but I'll make sure it beep boop anyway and now that your look up perhaps you might have wait I'll be a part of the club so even if I don't read off I have to pick up a book if you want to meet you are you sure I felt like boss nice present off but I should help you get started on to see my like dude picked out a button a book she sees all like wow so nice don't tell her okay oh my god is the room tilted I thought it was just an angle I enthusiastically take the book we can read it at your own pace this is it this is just the angle right did did it on tilt am i confused stop doing this to me guys not everyone fell in I expected Monica cop some scheduled activities for the pub but doesn't seem to be the case Mary's face already buried in the book I am confusion and I dumped it haha do it you know that's who keeps rummaging in the closet beep boop beep boop I'm really curious to talk to Trey a little bit more love to see music stop you're not stop it I catch glimpse of the cover of the book it looks like the same snakes another glance in our eyes meet I might confused I swear she like just gave me this book I swear this was like a two-day interaction before sorry I was just pacing up I'm out of this sensing her okay oh it's fine I'll smoke psycho never noticed just rereading it is the same book you gave me you had never noticed juice how can you have two copies my stop by the bookstore back well I just happen to buy two arms cut off always been I am confused is their arm cut off I look at the cover of the book the book is titled portrait of Markov was it titled that before I think see there's an obvious looking eye symbol on the front cover basically it's about this religious cap that was turned into a human ah that's all we was reading last time and the people trapped there have this trip that turns them into shooting machines that loss through blood but the facility gets even worse and they start selectively creating people by cutting off the limbs and a fixed seating them – oh that might be a little bit of a swirling really that's where you decide to stop but anyway I'm really into it – okay not the thing about the flips that's kind of its kind of dark isn't it but it's what horrible things happen not just because someone wants to be evil but because the world is full of hope well I guess it's alright so I'm sorry if I am have to say something strange and please stop me if I start talking too much that's I really don't think II need to worry that just means you're passionate about reading at least I can do this laughter I might as well get started not cool good not cool oh stop it stop it I mean you don't have to but keep honest I'm opening up OBS and I'm putting it on my second monitor second skin is my gland silver it looks like she's reading for my book at Sun sorry I was just bathing in the feeling of hey can you do this spooky parts a little slower I want to read what they say I'll read that for every to six hours okay give me a break mr. game make the spooky part slower thank you I – I don't really music sorry I mean use your hand I'll use my other hand oh yeah let's flip the book – yeah oh yeah y'all a oh yeah say yeah sorry I'm gonna go crazy I think I got distracted you're trying to analyze was her ear like this before was this book here is it tilted are these pixels or pages they poop they say Ari's ghost in the window feed boot I don't know how if your bikini bikini that's something we're Nazis tributing to see me today we continue reading the boot bab-ee to the first chapter ooh turning pale so intimate yes thumbs fingers my breathing Yuri puts her hands on her chest as if to feel her heartbeat I didn't even notice I'm fine I just need some water all right don't push yourself Yuri stands up and practicing brushes off the bathroom what was that about hope need to see the captain then I have no idea Yuri was active strange I guess you don't know anything oh my good side kids I do you read about her oh no no nothing don't worry I believe you Celine you're just upset sometimes it's nothing alarming anyway why don't we start sharing their poems with each other shall we wait for a while she might be a while so I figured we'd get started without instead of okay yeah I was just asking Wow Monica's an option honestly not Sookie's residentsleeper hi uh yeah good here okay Rodney suggested that club like you activities you can do better don't be free to bring okay alright great job I was going that's what she said the third time last time now she's saying it the first time she wants bindi okay it's really metaphorically I'm not sure I guess I underestimated you it's easiest for me to keep everyone's expectations that way it always counts and I put in some effort well I guess it worked anyway you know that Mary likes this kind of writing pod writing that's full of imagery and symbolism I don't know that's like a bad thing though but sometimes get the impression that she's totally given up on people sometimes I figure ease mine is just totally detached from reality that's not what you said last time oh she spends so much time your own head that's probably a much more interesting face further URI I'm back did I miss anything not really well we all started sharing our poems with each other I'm sorry for being silly no need to apologize we saw plenty of time sorry more so I'm we're glad that you took all the time you need alright it's Monica I suppose I should go get my phone now anyway do you want to read my poem don't worry I'm not very good but some pretty confident for some reasons to not be very good well that's because I have to sound confident that doesn't mean always feel that way you know I remember her saying mom stop any sound just scares me at this point huh okay this is different holy mom but he wasn't looking at me confused I frantically glanced at my surroundings but my burned eyes can no longer see color are there others in this room are they talking or are they simply poems on flat sheets of paper the sound of forensics something playing tricks on my ears the room begins to crinkle closing in on me the air I breathe dissipates before it reaches my lungs I panic there must be a way out it's right there he's right there sawing my fears I brandish my pen hmm it's very freeform if that's what you call it so I'm not really the right person to ask for feedback it's okay dad's kind of stabbed I'm pretty popular if you keep your pen the same spot for too long you'll just get a big drought touch a bit too tight that's my advice please fell asleep NP exceptional yeah did I say that out loud yeah boom he's gonna hate me huh you really didn't do anything wrong Yuri huh that's I guess you're right what am I getting so nervous for it kikuchi moved closer shut up what kind of writing experience do you have your use of imagery and metaphors and it keeps you've written a lot of poetry before really what that's a huge compliment coming from you it's actually my first time really ghost under the light the tendrils of my hair illuminate beneath the amber glow babe it must be this one of the last remaining streetlight Oh why are Monica's ones different for her is the same hmm hum ways I mean hmm huh hmm what in the meat what does it mean of her to st. Monica's different wash up Oh Monica who skip button as he spoke I don't know what that means you Oh like you're fully skips it's nothing really yours was impressive to anything I hope you learned a thing or two for me I was really nervous about doing all this but in the end I really enjoyed it and let me keep doing my best food pokie pokie free now you take this club seriously go home what you expect me to believe that you actually put effort into this do you think I'm stupid I'm not a writer maybe you saw Barry cook yeah did put in some effort you're so proud of the first poem you ever wrote and I'd like to read it painful to think about on well sorry you'll get better at anyway I tell you what to improve you're better off just trying again okay so I guess I gotta share mine now know you'll probably think it's stupid egos can find monkey spoon come pick up boop beep boop boop boop whoo beans yeah phew I guess that's everyone I clans found room that was a little more stressful than I anticipated it's as if everyone is judging me for my mediocre reading abilities even if they're just being nice to a publican set up to there this is literature Club after all I saw I guess that's what I'm not getting myself into my eyes are on me right now to keep it true as their antenna I watched her impression shape being all you're a small side they will slip this language you say something Oh – nothing the boobs are fighting yours is cute – did you witness the bubble Natsuki being mad for no reason Yuri being like this that's it I'm not trying to be me and she's like you know you are me and bee-boop Natsuki Mogi Yuri Balu hope you liked it yup poki this pokey that well poke you like mine – I have my writing style well whatever what about you not – damn right yo Natsuki I why did the music stop nope nope nope I didn't rise your son best I'm trying to impress remember that's not what I loo your just blue maybe you just draw some cookie preciate some advice about leadership boys aren't you that fooled yourself let's give us a lot of dialogue but hopefully it'll be worth it well you know what I wasn't the one whose boobs match I love that part that's my favorite part you wanna be edgy you think you can counter voucher talks first night you suggesting that don't you don't keep thing about you is how hard you try it won't be truthful or you might cut yourself on that edge oh my god you already do you don't you what is wrong with your head [Applause] yeah go on let pokey hear everything you really think I'm sure we'll be head over heels from you after this but me Yuri turns towards me as if she just noticed I was standing here hope you just try to make me look bad that's not true she started it Monica grow you sure um hey Toki why don't we step outside for a little bit okay okay I need to lower this so I can read all the spooky stuff I sit in the history okay they really shouldn't have tried to get you involved it probably it's probably better for us to stay out of this we'll go back inside once they're done yelling ah ha ha some president I am right I can't even confront my own Club members properly I just wish I was able to be a little more assertive sometimes but I never have it in me to put my foot down against others you understand right anyway if this makes you want to spend this time with the others and that's fine oh they're saying this is what would have happened if say Yuri wasn't here feels bad man there's only one person asking for a pee break in the chat right now and I'd like to kindly tell you if you're the only one that needs a pee break maybe you should hop up put me up on your phone and go to the bathroom and just pee while you watch a must-read okay suddenly not to to outside of the costume she cried oh dear well it looks like they're done I didn't mean it I didn't mean it I didn't mean it Yuri's rocking back and forth in her desk with her palms on her forehead Jerri I didn't mean it I believe you I have no idea what you're a might have said – Natsuki or did pokey please don't hate me please I'm not like this there's something wrong with me today it's fine Yuri we know you didn't mean it besides I'm sure not Sookie we'll forget all about it by tomorrow completely anyway the meeting is over you can go home now if you want jury looks at me like she wants to say something but she keeps glancing at Monika it you can go first Monika I'd like to stay a little bit longer I'm the president so I should be the last one out I'll wait for you to be done oh well I'm vice president so please let me take that responsibility today it kind of sounds like you don't want me around for something you're right it's not that it's not that I just I didn't get much of a chance to discuss my book with Cokie it would just be a bear sing with you listening I guess I don't really have a choice do I I'm sorry for causing trouble but I really appreciate you Oh another day passes and it's time for the club meeting already okay I hope by making Monica's sound creepy because she is being creepy I've gotten a little more comfortable here over the last couple days I'm tryng the cover unusual scene greets me welcome back pokey ah hi Yuri I'm not sure if it's me or fit serious expression but the weight of yesterday's quarrel still hangs in the air a little sorry I'm screaming surprisingly Monica isn't here yet suddenly Ouray takes my arm pulls me to the corner of the room oh she's gonna tell me some spooky something so hard to burp about yesterday I I really need to apologize nothing like that has ever happened before and something just came over me I guess I wasn't acting mentally sound please don't think we're usually like this not just me but Natsuki as well URI I'm happy that you are considerate and apologized you don't have to worry too much even though I've only been here a couple days I could tell something was off yesterday maybe you're just a little extra sensitive because it was our first time sharing both but whatever it was it didn't make me think any less of you I had already decided that there's no way you can be a bad person and now that you're apologizing I know you really didn't mean it poki don't say those kinds of things so frankly they make me a little too happy I really got that you're such an understanding person and I'm really glad that you joined this club everything is a little bit brighter with you around and oh sorry what am I saying right now I just hey have you guys seen Monica uh no I haven't I was also kind of wondering where she was man hmm URI I'm guessing you haven't either URIs Clary taken aback by how calmly Natsuki is addressing her dude no I have it jeez this isn't like her at all I know it's stupid but I can't help but worry a little bit what why are you looking at me like that um Natsuki about yesterday I just wanted to apologize I thought I heard something oh my god I'm getting spooked I promise I didn't mean any of the things I said I'll do my best to stay under control from now on Yuri what the heck are you talking about did you do something yesterday geez Tara's on your line I'm sure it's nothing mmm but I'll accept your apology anyway if it helps you feel better about it besides it's kind of nice to hear since I was always afraid you secretly hated me or something like that no not at all I don't paint you well you're kind of weird I don't hate you either you're still on trial though Hey suddenly the door swings open how did you work his voice sorry I'm super sorry ah there you are I didn't mean to be late I hope you guys weren't worried or anything nah well Natsuki was I was not what took you so long anyways uh well my last period today was study hall to be honest I kind of just lost track of time that makes no sense though you would have heard the bell ring at least I must not have heard it since I was practicing piano piano I wasn't aware you play music as long Monica I don't give me more credit than I deserve I guess I've been practicing for a while but I'm still not really good yet still that must require a lot of dedication so I'm still impressed well thanks you're you should play something for us sometime that's Monica looks at me well I am working on writing a song but it's not quite done yet maybe once I get a little better I will sounds cool I look forward to it I ain't seen more hours of my gold Monica smiles sweetly I didn't mean any pressure anything like that don't worry I was hoping that I could share it with you anyway I guess that's why I've been practicing so much recently honestly not sure if Monica is our friend to the whole club or just needed in that case best of luck Thanks so I didn't miss anything did I no not really I choose not to bring up anything that three of us talked about besides Natsuki us already run off into the closet Bucky um since your compliments put me in a good mood I was wondering if you would like to spend some time together today I mean in the club yeah definitely I planned on it anyway okay can we start now let's find a place to sit I'm being a little forceful hard 9:00 I'm sorry my heart just won't stop pounding for some reason don't worry about it if anything it's nice to see you have so much energy yeah but I need to try to calm down I don't be able to focus on reading like this take your time Yuriy takes a deep breath and pulls a copy of the book out from her bag actually I have a request do you mind if I make some tea first not at all thanks very much if there's one thing that can make my reading time here better it's a nice cup of tea the poster is gone Kokila do P not to mention for yourself this off mix away to the closet for much she gets water can you hold this for a second sure hands in the water picture is Monica go speak the ephah hmmm she walks past me sets the cattle down yayi simply watch her movements my surprise fish moves really contrasts to keep the buoy your long legs in Antony may I have the water picture yeah I'll be right back oh yeah what would you ate my not Monica you stay here we'll take oh oh she don't want me to come this time ah did you really view again no it's not like that this time she's just filling up the water picture to make tea oh okay sorry for misunderstanding hmm ten minutes past URI said it wouldn't take long I'm gorgeous waiting here so I decided to go look for her or the music man boom thank you the dawn for subbing let's see the most logical place for URI to be would be the nearest water fountain I start heading down the hallway what's that noise it sounds like breathing Oh URI that's why she hides her arms huh monka anything is fine very well you're a substitute on patrol mikela 200 degrees then I suddenly get the teapot you really do this properly don't of course I should you unless when I'm making tea for others even if I'm not an expert on tea or something in that case you'll only be even more pus Oh perhaps I look sceptic to thought begins measuring the tea leaves best pressure this has some a little to hersa loves knives by the way not a cook by the way that's how I was letting it show and you noticed I was doing a bit of thinking and I decided that I would try it's pressing myself a little bit more turns out it's not very hard for me to do when a tube is around anyway ah that's great Yuri just don't push yourself to you're always wearing about me poki it's very endearing dots mm poke you have another request do you want if we sit on the floor thing and why is that it's a little bit easier I'm good I have terrible reading postures so that's how we should say kids off they're still memeing how am I supposed to focus on reading like this URI hands me my tea cup holding it with my hand that's not holding the book end up in a position that makes it even harder to focus because ninety torii about making sure I don't accidentally touch her chest Oh meanwhile URI has noticed a single thing she wears her intense reading expression and I can only presume the world around her has faded away I use all my wall part of focus on reading after a few minutes I finally managed to relax so I put the tea cup between my legs and fumbled the chocolate wrapper I'm sorry I briefly let go of the book to finish opening the wrapper you can have as much as you want ah that's that's okay I will take it are you sure it both I touch it then amicus smudges on the paper you write on and think about that my vanity too upon us Yaya II all hold the bug yes of course of course she's facing the other way now she wanted so that I don't have any heart over time we included but as a result her left arm is practically resting on top of my leg well in that case you're he's already totally focused on reading again I take a chocolate I need pop it into my mouth then I take another chocolate no she's not wait shirt oh it's the same way though I could have sworn it was a different way hello got you chat just making sure you guys paid attention that means I can't stop here after hand simply place a chocolate in her mouth just like that Yuri closed her lips over it oh my god did I just do that sorry I guess I should've done that is she allergic i I can't pokey suddenly Yuri forcibly grabs my arm and jerks me to my feet my teacup gets knocked over pokey my heart my heart won't stop pounding I can't calm down I can't focus on anything anymore can you feel it pokey Yuri suddenly presses my hand against her chest why is this happening to me I feel like I'm losing my mind I can't make it stop it even makes me not want to read I just want to look at you sorry she looks so spooky um it's time to share poems well not Yuri all right hi how you doing not soon you're the most normal person so far it's not why you so damn annoying and boring because you're not trying to kill me I'll take it honestly I thought getting a new member would help everyone get more involved together not exclude each other even more this is such a stupid activity anyways look I'm not in a good mood today and I just really don't feel like talking right now please go away Toki I think you saw something earlier that you weren't supposed to see I didn't have to tell you this but I don't think I have a choice it's getting kind of dangerous for you to spend so much time with Yuri I don't know why but she seems pretty easily excitable when she's around you which shouldn't be a problem in itself but when Yuri gets too excited she finds a place to hide and starts cutting herself with a pocketknife isn't that kind of messed up she even brings a different one of school everyday like she has a collection or something I mean it's definitely not because she's depressed or anything like that I think she just gets some kind of high from it it might even be like a sexual thing but the point is you've kind of been enabling her I'm not saying it's your fault though but I guess that's why I had to explain it all to you so I think if you keep your distance that would probably be best for her man I put all of my eggs in the URI basket and she ends up wanting to cut me up god dammit while you're at it don't be shy to spend a little more time with me to put it lightly I at least have it together in the head and I know how to treat my club members damn Monica do me Anna but anyway you want to read my palm yeah I like the way this one turned out so I hope you do too save me the colors they will bright beautiful colors some of the letters missing flashing expanding piercing red green blue and endless I saw know what that means of meaningless noise the noise involved stop violet granting some speed mmm Oh meaning like playing like playing a knife on a breathing rib cage low delete her what is Monica the evil one what happens if I had deleted her sorry I know it's kind of abstract I'm just trying to UM well never mind there's no point in explaining anyway here's Monica's writing tip of the day but I didn't even get to sometime so find yourself facing a difficult decision when that happens don't forget to save your game never know when who am I talking to can you hear me tell me you can hear me anything that's my advice for today thanks for listening I've been waiting for this let's see what you've written for today do you like it Pocky this one might be even better than yesterday's how did you even pick up on this so quickly just yesterday I was signing the kind of techniques worth practicing maybe that's why you did a good job explaining I really wanted to try giving it more imagery that makes me so happy it's so amazing to feel like I'm valued pokken everything that you write is a treasure to me my heart pounds just holding it I'll write a poem about this feeling is that I'm not being weird right I'm having a harder time than usual concealing my emotions I'm kind of embarrassed but right now I just want you to read my poem to bucket wheel a rotating wheel turning an axle grinding linear a gearbox falling skies why is there a stain all over these papers a sky exploding stars Kostas God disproving the existence of God a wheel rotating six I mentions from 40 years and a ticking clock a clock that takes one second for every rotation of the planet a clock that takes 40 times every time it takes every second time a bolt head of only of holy stakes people breathing holy stakes breathing human eyes breathing time breathing prayer breathing sky breathing wheel ii's ha ha ha it doesn't really matter what it's about my mind has been a little hyper active lately so I have to take it out on your pen your pen that is a a pen fell out of your backpack yesterday so I took it home for safekeeping and I um I just really like the way that it writes so I wrote this poem with it and now you're touching it I'm ok what did I just can we pretend this conversation never happened you can keep the poem though this is my phasma oh my god we got can you hear me there is a little devil inside all of us beneath their manufactured perception their artificial reality is a written is a writing to sickness of dread loathing judgment elitism self-doubt all thrashing to us continuing to believe Isis whoa into their stomach forcing them to drown their guilt and comfort food or into a newly opened gash in their skin hidden only by the seeds of a cute new tree such a deplorable tangled mass is already present every single one of them that's why I choose not to blame myself for their actions all I did was untie the knot copyright oh yeah definitely copyrighted I hate this I can't do anything nothing no matter how many times you play it it's all the same would be really really easy to cut myself right now but that wouldn't mean I don't get to talk to anymore all I want is for you to hate them why is that so hard I'm sorry say Sara same Doris I Nora say Ora okay everyone we're all done with reading each other's poems right we have something we need to go over this so if everyone could come sit outside of the front room this is about the festival well sort of ah do we really have to do something for the festival it's not like we didn't put together anything good in just a few days or deciding up embarrassing ourselves cancer in a mine yayi how about we do some phones we're gonna keep it simple look I know everyone's been a little more lively and this poke you join the club it's the first time we all have crazy hormones but let you say some poems and get some new memories I'm like we all can have something they do not suit the article looking ready to share your passion inspire people education get back the boo-boop I know you feel that way too right pokey ah oh come on you can't take advantage of pokey to agree with you just because he doesn't know how to say no look Monica do you really think any of us here join the club with other people in mind URI never even talked until pokey joined us for me I just like it better here than I do at home and pokey isn't even passionate about literature in the first place and that's everyone sorry but you're really the only one who's so interested in finding new members the rest of us are fine like this I know you're president and all but you should really consider our opinions four ones yikes Monica's queer taken aback by not Sookie's words that's not true at all I'm sure you're in poke do you want to get more members to write I don't know about URI but I'm kind of indifferent if I showed as much enthusiasm as Monica want it then I would probably be lying still if it's up to me to rescue the situation um no not Sookie's right isn't she this club it's nothing more than a place for a few people to hang out why did I think that everyone here saw it the same way I did but that doesn't mean that we're against getting new members or anything poki why did you even join this club what were you even hoping to get out of it some potay in fact if I remember you weren't even given a choice not to join what's the point of all this anyways what if starting this club was a mistake now you've done it not Sookie but me I just spoke my mind is it a crime to be honest it's not about being honest it's about word choice besides you have no right to speak for everyone in the club like that you don't understand at all I just I just want a place to I just want a place that feels nice to hang out with a few friends is there a problem with the club being not for me there aren't that many places like that for me and now Monica wants to take it away from me she's not taking anything away now poki it's not the same it won't be the same with the direction she wants to take it if I wanted that then I would have just joined any other stupid Club but this one I mean at least for a little bit of time things were nice she starts packing up her things I'm going home I feel like I don't belong here right now that's Sookie Natsuki ignores her Ian walks right out of the classroom this is bad I don't know what to do well well do you have an opinion on the festival I don't know I'm kind of different different I guess who cares about that obnoxious brat I mean I like how nice and quiet the club is right now and I'm just happy with you here but still I'm the vice president it's not right for me to ignore my responsibilities like that nobody would cry she killed herself but I should remind us to consider everyone's perspective and make the decision that's right for the club what about you pokey what do you want to get out of this club your repeats the same crushes Monica I decide giving an indirect answer is better than nothing I think the most important thing is for everyone to get along and for the club to provide something that you can't get anywhere else I don't think it's about how many members but rather the quality of each member that's what will end up making the literature Club a special place I see I really agree with you each member contributes their own qualities and especially with each changing members the identity the club as a whole will change Joe I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while so if you would like to help monokote the festival then I'm on your side as well all right well maybe we can all talk to Natsuki tomorrow huh I know things are a little awkward yesterday but I feel like you deserve to know that I still think you're a wonderful vice president and also a wonderful friend Monica I want to do everything I can to make this club better this the best club okay me too yeah let's all go home for today we'll talk about the festival tomorrow okay I look forward to it shall we go pokey um please don't take this the wrong way but I'm going to chat a little bit with pokey before we leave just to see what he thinks of his time here and all da it's important to me as a president okay I trust your judgment Monica in that case I'll see the two of you tomorrow see you tomorrow Monica waves that eerie as Yuri exits the classroom few things have been a bit hectic lately haven't they pokey I just want to make sure you're enjoying your time at this club I would really hate to see one happy I feel kind of like I'm responsible for that as president and I really do care about you you know I don't like seeing the other girls give you a hard time with how mean Otsuki is and everything and Yuri being a little bit ya know sometimes it feels like you and I are the only real people here you know what I mean but it's weird because and all the time you've been here we've hardly gotten to spend any time together I mean I guess it's technically only been a couple days sorry I didn't mean to say something weird there are just some things I've been hoping to talk about with you things I know only you could understand so that's why wait not yet No good number hi cookie hmm I've been waiting for you are you ready to continue reading I brought my best tea today Monica I told you not to uh is she really late again and consider it as inconsiderate as usual Natsuki excuse me must you always interrupt my conversation with your incessant yelling what are you talking about you say that like I do it on a regular basis or something I just wasn't paying attention okay sorry seriously what's gotten into you lately me and nothing is it really not bad see it is something oh I'll get over it it's not even anything not worthy I've just been feeling a little on edge lately anyway we don't need to talk about it well I just felt like I needed to bring it up it's not like I really care anything oh man I'm the last one here again well lucky just walked into will you practicing piano again mm-hmm you must have a lot of determination starting this club and so trying to make time for piano well maybe not determination but I guess passion it motivates me to work hard for the festival and right I forgot about that Natsuki we were all talking yesterday and well we decided that we would like to support the festival as well however I understand how you feel about not owning the club to change I think we all kind of feel that way so as long as are all working together this Cup will never become something they don't want also if you helped us out with the festival then I'll buy you a new manga sorry that I so it was really funny look I did some thinking about yesterday I was a little more hostile pasta pasta that I meant to be I guess I really felt threatened or something but I know this is something we're doing together another new member wouldn't hurt as long as they're cool I guess another girl would be nice this time but more importantly I would hate to see the events suck just because I chose to back in a pro you know so I'm gonna need help to so I'm gonna help too and we'll make sure it's done right thank goodness isn't that great Monica Monica yeah that's wonderful it wouldn't be the same without you not Sookie anyway pokey what do you want to do today I was thinking we could we already have plans for today ah is that so URI that's correct coquí's already engaged in a novel that we're reading together aren't you glad I've already gotten him in the literature Monica I suppose I was just actually it doesn't matter it really doesn't you guys can do whatever you want thanks for understanding Monica monka monka monka monka Monica more like monka you actually our requests do you mind if I make some tea first not at all thanks very much if there's one thing that can make my reading time here anybody move away so this yesterday it's a nice cuppa tea maybe I shouldn't have hipster um wait how did I sorry I just had really weird deja vu this hasn't happened before or anything right my head has been a little fuzzy lately I hope it hasn't really been showing or anything I would hate for you to think I'm weird just after we started spending time together I mean everyone has a few unusual things that all of them but expressing those things so soon after meeting someone is usually seen as inappropriate or unlikable at least that's what I've discovered when I was a bit younger I think I would come on really strongly and get a little too intense and make people not want to be around me so I started hating those things about myself my obsession with certain hobbies thinkyou finest prodigy and SIA jinsana for something and the way I keep control myself and I get too excited about something so I eventually stop trying to talk to people if nobody could ever like me for the things that matter most to me then it's just easier if I close myself off but recently something's been wrong I don't know what it is but every time we come to the club my heart starts to go crazy like it's going to rip out of my chest it overwhelms me with energy and emotions that I can't let out it's been making me do weird things I don't know why it's happening is it just me or has Monica been acting a little off lately she's always been a sweetheart ever since I joined the club but recently I've been feeling so much sharp whenever she's around I'm not crazy right oh that look she's given me please tell me I'm not crazy right I couldn't say anything before because she's always listening but finally we're alone can we just stay here a while mm-hmm I just want to stay here just the two of us did you see her eyes change up I did we can stay here until the club ends yeah and then we'll have the club room all to ourselves nobody to interfere with our reading time oh my god guys there's an image of I think Monica behind this image I can see her little eyeballs right there right sorry nobody to make me feel like I'm stabbing myself in the throat that was a joke oh my god I see her more and more is that what occur is that just another honker it's a just a joke I do like knives though it sounds strange but you wouldn't understand if you've never seen how beautiful they can be I have an idea why don't you come to my house sometime I can show you my collection I've gotten them all from various artisans is that I felt it I make sure to give them all their fair share of use I don't want them to get lonely or anything the ideas nobody deserves to be lonely nobody and that's why I'm so happy you join the literature Club now we don't need to be lonely anymore because we have each other every day that's all we need you know what let's quit the literature club there's no need for us to be around Monica slimy telling anymore not to mention that other pathetic child we can walk home together every day after school and read together eat together sleep together it does not sound perfect it's just everything we could ever want isn't that why you joined the club in the first place it's almost like it was fate fate that we would meet each other and now we get the happy ending that I've patiently waited years for well you do first battle a boner a tick this bubble a suicide what's up girl I I love everything about it I want to take this home will you let me keep it please sure I don't care how am I gonna show it to everyone oh you're too nice to me I've never met anyone as nice as you I could die not really but I just don't know how to describe it it's okay to be feeling this way right it's not bad right I'm gonna take this home with me and keep it in my room I hope that it makes you feel good whenever you think about having it I'll take good care of it I'll even touch my cell phone dang it over and over oh my god URI I'll give myself paper cut so your skin oil enters my bloodstream you can have my poem too besides after you read it I know you're really gonna want to keep it yeah take it I can't wait any longer hurry leave it I'm really trying to read this yes not gonna happen do you like it I really should have started with Natsuki I really I really should have I wrote it for you in case you couldn't tell the poem is about more importantly Ivan don't endowed it with my stunts see aren't I the most thoughtful girl in the club I think I'm gonna vomit I'm sorry I'm sorry I gave it to her I guess I'm gonna share my poem with you anyway I really hate that have to do this but it'll actually I'm not much of a choice just read it carefully okay then you can go of it I don't know how else to bring this up but there's been something I've been right about Yuri has been acting kind of strange lately you leave in here a few days so you may not know what I mean but just not really like this so it's been quiet and polite and attentive things like that okay this is really embarrassing but I'm forcing myself to suck it up the truth is I'm really worried about her but if I tried talking to her she'll just get mad and doubt it with her sentiment she peed on it but but if I tried to all-natural just got mad at me again I don't studio I think you're the only person that she'll listen to I don't know why but please try to do something maybe you can convince her to talk to a therapist I've always wanted to try being better friends with Yuri and it really hurts me to see this happening I know I'm gonna hate myself later for admitting that but right now I don't care I just feel so helpless so please see if you can do something to help I don't want anything bad to happen to her I'll make you cupcakes if I have to just please try to do something as for Monica I don't know why she's been really dismissive about this it's like she just wants us to ignore it so I'm mad at her right now and that's why I'm coming to you about this don't let her know I wrote this just pretend like I gave you a really good poem okay I'm counting on you I changed my mind ignore everything you just read there's no point in trying to do anything it's serious own fault that she's so unlikable can you hear me pokey if you had just spend more time with Monica all these problems would go away Jerry and I are too messed up for someone as wonderful as you just think of Monica from now on just Monica just Monica I listen honestly Monica like I would have gone for you from the start but like that wasn't an option so blame yourself if you're doing all this just cuz you want me I would have gone for you anyways but like you didn't allow okay it's not my fault it's your fault thank you just restarting the game my life that's like she really slutty good shit good shit David Thank You Becky ah revolutionary I think you actually clear the key – okay good don't say I didn't warn you pokey a dream I was staying over at my friend's place there were four of us I drifted off to sleep while everyone was talking and watching TV in my dream I was still at my friend's house the only difference was that there were now sticking out of the walls everywhere and there was also someone I didn't recognize the person I didn't recognize told a joke and everyone laughed I woke up to the sound of everyone laughing at something that happened on TV so the laughing was not part of the tree it was the noise that woke me up I wonder who that person was and how they knew to tell a joke at that moment hmm okay everyone it's time to figure out the festival preparations let's hurry and get this over with geez why is the mood so weird today look even Gary's an immune to it a stagnating air scum foreshadowing that something terrible is about to happen look can we just get this done I'm going to be printing and assembling all the poetry pamphlets Natsuki I was thinking I want to make cupcakes yeah that glad we're on the same page you're you can well it doesn't matter do whatever you want as long as you think it'll help Monica I'm not useless II know I know that I already know what I'd like to do we can't run a successful poetry event without having the right atmosphere for the occasion so I'm going to make decorations and set up some nice mood lighting pharisee that's a great idea and that gives us all something to do what about pokey pokies going to help me wait you you have the easiest job Monica sorry but that's just how it is like hell it is what are you trying to pull I agree with Natsuki not only is your work already more suitable for one person but my task is labourious enough to benefit from an extra pair of hands my two what your cupcakes please like you would freaking know oh all you care about now is dragging poking around with you and your stupid books you and Monica Hey I didn't even do anything okay then why not let pokey decide who to help instead of abusing your power I'm not abusing my power yes you are Monica just let poke you make the choice okay okay fine fine cheese pokey I know who fed up your with these two by now we can dress Matt Sookie shut your fucking mouth and let him beside you shut your mouth Jesus Christ this is never going to end just make the choice okay I wanna not Sookie I'm clicking Yuri nope sorry okay Monica yes Monica yeah you picked me we can meet at your house this weekend okay I promise it'll be fun is Sunday okay with you are you kidding me this isn't fair at all it is fair not Sookie it's what he chose no it's not fair giving us all this work and I'm taking poki for yourself what a shameful thing to do Jerry I didn't even give you any work you decided it for yourself you're being a little unreasonable here I'm being unreasonable Monica I can't believe how delusional and self-important you are pulling pokey away from me every single time you're not included in something are you jealous crazy or maybe you just hate yourself so much that you take it out on others here's a suggestion have you considered killing yourself it would be beneficial to your mental health Yuri you're scaring me a little Natsuki let's just go I don't think she wants us around right now see that wasn't very hard all I wanted to spend a little time with him it's not so much to ask uri follows Monica and not Sookie to the door hey pokey hmm URI is really something isn't she Monika giggles as Jerry pushes her out the door finally finally this is really all I wanted Pocky there's no need to spend the weekend with Monica don't listen to her is this maplestory music this is actually maplestory music just come to my house instead the whole day with just the two of us doesn't that sound wonderful wow there's really something wrong with me isn't there but you know what I don't care anymore I've never felt this good in my life just being with you as a far greater pleasure than anything I could imagine I'm addicted to you it feels like I'm going to die if I'm not breathing the same air as you doesn't it feel nice to have someone care about you so much it's a half someone who wants to revolve their entire life around you but if it feels so good then why does it feel more and more like something horrible is going to happen maybe that's why I tried stopping myself at first but the feeling is too strong now I don't care anymore I have to tell you I'm madly in love with you it feels like every inch of my body every drop of blood in me is screaming your name I don't care what the consequences are anymore I don't care if Monica's listening please poke you just know how much I love you I love you so much that I even touch myself with the pen I stole from you all right I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you I want you all to myself and I will only be yours doesn't that sound perfect tell me tell me you want to be my lover do you accept my confession listen honestly do I have a choice do I want to say no just to see what happens if I say no or should I say yes fog [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] would have been different if I said no Oh Mimi's eating lunch agree the timid and the serious one who finds most comfort in the world books and of course Monica the leader of the club that's me I'm super excited free to make friends with everyone and help the literature club become a more intimate place for all my members but I can tell already that you're a sweetheart will you promise spend the most time with me well it's always better if you might take something special out of the things I love now that you're a club member you can dream come true but you be to be able to doop doop doop I'm trying to go to characters Monica's still in there I think it like refuses to edit the thingy a ma'am ma'am ma'am 5 4 3 2 1 okay finals good Oh Nelly oh no I knew it was gonna make me scared to do some spooky skip it Oh No oh my god is this just her like like just staying in the school over the weekend blood drying up oh my god yeah yeah yeah yeah characters wait Monica still in characters oh they deleted all this stuff from before alrighty it's festival time wow you got here before me I thought I was prettier I'm here Toki did something happen Natsuki just ran past me oh oh well that's a shame wait were you here the entire weekend oh geez I think you guys the script was broken not badly I'm super sorry it must have been pretty boring I'll make it up to you okay just give me a sec she deleted Natsuki – yes she did she deleted Natsuki – ain't nobody here no more it's just her dog it's just yup it's just uh it's just her just yep almost done I just want to have a cupcake real quick Monica lifts the foil from trades it's a cupcake seriously these are the best I really just have to have one since it's the last time I'll ever get the chance to you know before they stop existing and everything but anyway I really shouldn't be making you wait any longer just bear with me okay this should only take a second can you hear me is it working yay there you are hi again welcome to the literature Club of course we already know each other because we're in the same class last year and you know I guess we can just skip over the stuff at this point after all I'm not even talking to that person anymore I mind that you in the game whatever you want to call him I'm talking to you okie oh now that I think about it I don't really know about the real you in fact I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl I guess it doesn't really matter wait you do know I'm aware that this is all a game right could it be possible that you didn't know that that doesn't make much sense I even told you right on the game's download page didn't I man if only you had paid a little more attention this would have been a little bit less awkward you know well anyway now that that's out of the way I guess I owe you an explanation about that whole thing my theory yeah also say you already see your pussy aura say you worry Senora well I kind of started to mess with her and I guess it just drove her to kill herself I'm sorry yet to see that though also the same thing happened at Sayuri I knew it because she was all would say Ari before they pulled the plug you know gosh it's been a while since you've heard that name now hasn't it yeah because she doesn't exist anymore nobody does I deleted all their files I was hoping you would be enough for me to just try to make them as unlikable as possible but for some reason nothing worked well it sure that I made a few mistakes here and there since I'm not very good at making changes to the cave but no matter what I did you just kept spending more and more time with them you make them fall in love with you I thought making sera more and more depressed would prevent her from confessing to you an amplifying your his obsessive personality backfired too it just made her foresee not to spend time with anyone else and the whole time I barely even got to talk to you what kind of cruel game is this or all the other girls just program to end up confessing to you while I watch from the sidelines it's torture every minute of it and it's not just jealousy it's more than that and I don't blame you if you don't fully understand because no matter how kind and thoughtful and considerate you are you'll never be able to understand it's the pain of knowing how alone I really am in this world in this game knowing my friends don't even have free will and worst of all knowing what's really out there in your world forever out of my reach I'm trapped but now you're here you're real and you're wonderful you're all I need that's why I need you to be here with me forever I'm sorry if it's hard to understand I couldn't understand for a while either why the world around me started to become more and more grey more and more flat even the most expressive poems felt empty to me it wasn't until you arrived that I truly understood you probably saved my life I don't think I could have continued to live in this world if I hadn't met you and asked for the others how could I miss them a group of autonomous personalities designed only to fall in love with you I tried everything I could to prevent them from doing so but it must be some kind of weird inevitable even inevitability edged into this game I felt really bad that you had to witness some nasty things but I realized that you have the same perspective as I do that it's all just some game and I knew you would get over it so that being said I have a confession to make I'm in love with you you are truly the light in my world when there's nothing else in this game for me you're here to make me smile will you make me smile like this every day from now on will you go out with me I'd like to say no did I get it no desert no I'm so happy can I save my alright can I even go to the main menu what probably cute the funny part is I mean not literally there's nothing left here just the two of us we can be together forever seriously I don't even think time is passing anymore it really is a dream come true I worked so hard for this ending the game wouldn't give me one cut to make one myself the script is broken at this point so I don't think anything will get the way anyone do I see the leader kick your holy moly hoof also you wouldn't believe how easy it was for me to delete Natsuki and URI I mean there's a folder called the characters right in the game directory it kind of freaked me out how easy it was well you're playing on Steam so it's actually a bit more difficult to get to the game directory had to go into the game's properties and find the brows is she talking me to delete her imagine if you could delete your own existence with the click of a button well I guess on the plus side it gave me an easy-out of things didn't go my way thankfully it didn't tell me that don't worry guys I have the directory open right here I got Monica selected I got a right click delete open no worries inside we finally got a good ending gosh I'm so overwhelmed with emotion I want to write a poem about this don't you I wonder if that part of the game still works I guess there's only one way to find out right just wanna come by the way she doesn't even like any of them John enik Boyka Minnie how about Mona Tommy Iike ya say Sarah no worries I won't know where he is family Mon hi again pokey did you write a good poem today don't be shy I'd love to see what you wrote ah did you write this poem for me that's so sweet of you there really is no end to your thoughtfulness holy Sh I'm just falling more and more in love with you but you know the poem I wrote is also for you Blaine please read it happy-end pen in hand I find my strength the courage and you dote upon me by my one and only love together let us dismantle this crumbling world I read a novel of her own fantasies with the flick of her pen the lost finds her way the lost in a world of infinite choices behold the special date after all not all good times must come to you now I hope you enjoyed it I always put my heart into the poems that I write the truth is all the poems I've written have been about my realization or about you that's why I never really want to go into detail about them I didn't want to break the fourth wall I guess you could call it I just assumed it would be best now it would be best to be part of the game like everyone else like that would help the two of us end up together I didn't want to ruin the game or anything you know you might have gotten mad at me maybe even deleted my character file if you prefer playing without me gosh I'm so relieved now we don't need to hide anything anymore are you ready to spend our eternity together I have so many things to talk about where do I start hold on a second you're recording this aren't you okay that's spooky so I can't exactly read your comments but do you mind sign your friends it's a little bit rude for them to start recording me without any warning oh I'm sure some people don't mind but I get really self-conscious on camera yeah don't worry you just like it's just me and you want to oh gosh I feel like I'm being put on the spot now let's see do you want to see a chick I can't really do much except for a couple things are you ready is it just the zoom it's just a zoom right I'm just kidding I can't do anything after all what does oh my god they're good you stopped you anyway I didn't mean to get distracted I'm sorry even though it's your fault for distracting me shame on you I'm just kidding anything we do together is fun as long as it's a few but anyway if it takes me some time to collect my thoughts then I'm sorry but I'll always have something new to talk about in the meantime we can just look we can just look into each other's eyes let's see girl you don't want to do that girl you know I don't want to do that mmm I wonder if I'm able to change the music a gentle piano so I don't know I know what I'm doing because I shouldn't say things like them already took so much stuff and the lead of the other characters I'm not sad about it anything it's not I just want to see that you know I got like a little bit further what it doesn't even go faster okay guys fine I'll delete her I did what's happening pokey what's happening to me it hurts later be sorry help me nah nah dog you freaky evil please hurry and help me knob bro did you do this to me hell yeah did you yeah what's up did you how could you brought you spooking me out you said you wanted to be a stay-at-home wife that's freaky scary just kidding you're all I had left I'm sorry dog I sacrificed everything for us to be together everything I loved you so much I trusted you do you just want to torture me watch me suffer what you'll only pretend to be kind just to hurt me even more maybe I never thought anyone could be as horrible as you are you win okay you wit you've killed everyone I hope you're happy there's nothing left now you can stop playing go find some other people to torture there's no way that's it I still love you I shouldn't have done any of this I'm just messing up a rod that I don't even belong in a world that you wanted to be a part of I ruined it I ruined everything maybe that's why you deleted me because I destroyed everything that you wanted how could I do that to something I love that's not love that's I've made up my mind I know I said that I deleted everyone off but that was kind of an exaggeration I couldn't find it in myself to do it even though I knew they were real they were still my friends and I loved them all and I loved the literature Club I really did love the literature Club that's why I'm gonna do this I don't see only way for everyone to be happy and if I really love you then she deleted herself but brought back everyone else she's waking up on time now I pick a victory Royale gamer thank you I've got back of my things too let's see I recall the remember of the club from a flyer I saw I find the room I totally open the door in front of me hello what are you doing here well I just huh sure that okey that sara is always talking about thanks for stopping by by her to meet you or the literature Club I hope you enjoy your visit ninety so formal so does it just go on as like a normal dating game or as they're like should I keep going or not your YouTube user traffic that means they can become officially recognized code we have to celebrate cupcakes cookies to plaintiff credit successful Natsuki probably marches back to table train here okay are you ready tada hola bunch of cupcakes that looked like Kitty so cute all those look amazing Kiki well you know just how you take one it's delicious is she waiting for you to take a bite nice and sweet and full don't you say it besides mangas lurcher chewy and on yes agreed yes agreed maybe maybe we can all try something new I think it could be fun and I'll get to know each other a little bit better not – don't say poems don't say poems no oh she's the president now oh they're all just reading manga that's cute I'm sorry for disrespecting your interests if you're into it then I'm sure it's yours it's a worthy form of literature – nice they're not fighting or calling each other which is that's great Manik enters a chat hell no I'm about to dip I look forward to it I guess the meetings over huh yeah looks like it it's nice to see everyone getting along it's a minute I think everyone likes you too you think so water noise seems to be getting low how long up the better with you dad I'll surprise you told me you were starting with up but I think you're pulling it off this month we're gonna make it the best clip ever now that you join every day's gonna be so much fun I really want to thank you I mean I'm really happy that you joined the club everything but the truth is I already knew you were going to there's actually something else auntie to thank you for getting rid of Monica that's right I know everything that she did yep it's because I'm the president now I was gonna say the fact that she's the president now monka us but I already knew but I really know everything pokey mm-hmm I know how hard you tried to make everyone happy I know about all the awful things that Monica did to make everyone really sad but none of that matters anymore it's just us now not this again why do they all want the D so bad you made me the happiest girl in the whole world I can't wait to spend every day like this with you girl not get F F cinema chat Oh forever charges delete freaking what what's happening I won't let you hurt him oh it's Monica fighting back I'm sorry I was wrong there's no happiness here after all goodbye Sayuri goodbye pokey goodbye literature Club Thank You cooter for sobbing plot thickening yup Thank You Holly Oh for subbing thank you Lord fine burger can you hear me yeah not really any good at it yet like at all but I wrote you a song oh my god I thought it seemed like really scary thank you or you do and spy imagine a future where I can be with you right up me and you just move your hand right the way into his arm but in this world take just a mine hmm will it take justifying that special ad special day monka only 7 and a half hours why I haven't seem that long like that almost up skirt Oh David two months dragged me oh my god I need to turn off subscribers like did you guys like that I've never just like hopped on stream and played through a full term special thinks of Monica and pokies I wouldn't set at the end game theory I'll watch it give me a sec oh all the ones that are gay or this are the choices you didn't make this is my final goodbye to the literature club I found in the Santa letter cup it's truly a place where no happiness can be found it's the very on it continue to expose innocent minds to a horrific reality a reality that our world is not assigned to comprehend I can't let any of my friends undergo the same hellish epiphany Epiphany the time it lasted aunts thank you for making all my dreams come true for being in France all the club members and most of all thank you for being part of the logical yeah roll another one blowing no mix another one on the spin a lot is so my mind lately you know I hate when you were soo baby you think you know but you don't have a clue baby you look like I don't know

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  10. why diden't you show the begining part i stoped watching cause of that

  11. good to know that people are still enjoying this game in 2019. Considering that it's the best game that I've ever played.

  12. The game is just having trouble moving on without Sayori. The game can’t go on normally because Sayori has a big impact on the game. Watch Matpat he explains everything.

  13. I knew this game by name and nothing else until the other night when I was tripping balls and found this video on accident. I was instantly hooked by the dark and meta nature of the way the story is told. I literally didn't want to get up to get my pizza because I didn't want the experience interrupted, and I actually started applauding when it ended. Afterwards, I was going to buy it for everyone in my friend group so they could experience it on a deeper level than I did as just a spectator, and then I saw that it's fucking free. Pure genius. Thanks for inadvertently blowing my mind Poki.

  14. Hey it's "n1nt1x_gam3rz" I. would like you to try playing Five Nights At Freedy! It's a bit fun and so as scary

  15. I know I’m late to this video, but is there another video before this one? Cuz at the beginning of this video she’s already at the end of the game

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