100 thoughts on “David Hayter does Big Smoke’s order

  1. Man, this is so epic, I miss David Hayter in MGS games, I want a new MGS game!

  2. I just met him yesterday! It costed 40$ per signature and 50$ per video.

  3. you know it matches, Snake would go down to the cluckin bell when hes not on a mission.


  5. DAVID HAYTER FOR THE WIN! I LOVE U IN MGS 2! (Only mgs game I've played to date. :c)

  6. And now because of this all i want to hear is Campbell yelling the "All you had to do, was follow the damn train Snake!"

  7. He even put right music background.
    I want Metal Gear cash grab game where they gather all characters in one game, and make them playable with game play mix betwixt MGS 4 and Metal Gear Survive.
    Kinda like Metal Gear Solis, Portable OPS +, but on big platforms.

  8. The fact he's so willing to "do it for the meme" is great.

    The money helps, sure. But like… What? 30$ to have an abuseable audio clip is worth it's weight in comedy gold.

  9. Ah s h i z , the fiddle’s played me again.

    Right in the middle of an old Afghanistan town filled with comrades who’ve locked me up.

  10. If i win the lottery i'll pay him to do all the mgs v lines and pay some modder to replace kiefers lines with them.

  11. Venom:nice base kaz
    Kaz:you know me is that cut from my limb and arm keep it value and keep it real

  12. You're a legend man, after I seen this I couldn't stop imagining what it would look like if Snake was actually in the backseat of the car so I made it myself if you wanna see lol


  13. Miller: So what? You dont respect me?
    Snake: ….
    Miller: C'mon! Spit it out!
    Snake: …………Im hungry!

  14. You are above even the Smoke

    I hereby award you the title of Big Smoke.

  15. I think this is what snake would ordered "I'll have two M9's, an M9 modified, a 5.56 with extra armor penetration, an AK-47, two 45's, one with laser sight, and large box of ammo"

  16. Sakurai: Smash Bros Ultimate is the biggest crossover in history!
    David Hayter: Hold my beer

  17. Can we have a religion centered around the cast and characters of Metal Gear? I think even hardcore atheists would follow that.

  18. "I also want it delivered in a cardboard box."

  19. Naked Snake/Big Boss eating out after returning from Operation Snake Eater.

  20. David Hayter: orders the same menu as Big Smoke's
    Metal Gear fans: "Ah shit, here we go again."

  21. After killing The Smoke in the final mission.. Snake was awarded the title "Big Smoke".. and he gets.. hungry..

  22. So… how much do you think it would cost to have to have him dub every line in San Andreas?

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