David Xiang, 2015 National Student Poet

hi I'm David young I am 17 and I'm from Little Rock Arkansas a lot of people look at my face my last name and they automatically generalized me stare time me that's just another one of those nerdy Asians one of those people whose only purpose in life is to make their parents proud and provide for their family and children they're not wrong but sometimes honestly I wish people would realize there's so much more to me than my perfect grades and my slanted eyes and I think poetry has helped me start to realize and accept that I first started reading and writing poetry in ninth grade as sort of a coping mechanism a therapy to help fight off my fears my doubts about not fitting in not being popular as we just moved to a new city in school and I had absolutely zero friends but somehow somehow somewhere along the way poetry taught me that being myself is okay and the true me is the best me and I have nothing to fear for being myself and with that poetry has become something that I will always cherish for the rest of my life I've discovered that my writing style is very personalized for example I love to use alliteration to set a specific mood and atmosphere for each poem to create an intimate environment for the reader so they can use the stylus to relate to their own emotions and enhance the poems impact on them I believe good push but good poetry must also must read and sound smooth and then when this is achieved we have poetry in its most raw was touching most powerful form I also like to use mythological literary and animalistic allusions throughout my work because I enjoy seeing the connection with my thoughts and with those already published and I always chuckle at the aha moments that readers get whenever they finally realize the connections I believe writing poetry is a lot like playing the piano you have a predetermined set of rules and tools or disposal things to mold your creativity into something tangible something concrete something that can be perceived by all the senses but poetry has limitless limits whereas music is confined within two notes poetry is pure inventiveness pure personal Flair and imagination and as Ralph Emerson once said only by believing trusting and following your own thoughts can lead a true genius and this is what I believe poetry is all about is a vehicle to discover your own personal custom genius and to be able to share it with others this is why I love poetry as a method of writing because not only do I get a resurrect old memories but I get to relive them to learn more about my personality and to mature as a human being this is also why I'm so attracted to poetry because it's so free so adaptive so genuinely 100 percent me all my poetry is based off fragments of my life when I go back and make edits and drafts I'll always have new experiences new memories to scribble in my poems are always changing always morphing and the original idea for a poem will always most often end up be written in a completely different perspective this is what makes the writing process so excited so exciting and addictive for me because I because I really need to establish a living interactive relationship with each and every call and they in turn challenge and inspire my imagination writing is a lifelong passion it's not a competition it's a personal marathon they test against time and social norms I would love the opportunity to share my work with others and to be able to leave the leave them feeling better and knowing more than we first met I've never had the opportunity like this in my own school and community sadly there are precious few here who appreciate poetry the way I do I wanted to share and discuss it like me that's why this program is so important to me that's why I'm so passionate about this I've never wanted anything so bad in my life I've just never had an opportunity to like this in so far in my life but I also know life's unfair that sometimes certain life-changing events can be decided by something as as a coin toss but whatever happens I don't want to be generalized I don't want to be a mimic of anybody not even remembered as a Frodo Baggins or Odysseus I want to live my life the way I see fit to dedicate my one chance at life to something I'm passionate about to live for myself but I know that poetry will always beautiful me no matter what happens

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