DC Collectibles Watchmen Doomsday Clock Dr Manhattan & Ozymandias Action Figure Set

who watches the Watchmen hey guys me host supersorrell the
Berlinale it’s the watch man this is the Doomsday Clock walk watchman 2-pack from
DC collectibles and I thought we’ve the Waterman TV series right around the
corner for this evening well for the you for those you know in the United States
it’s tonight but for those of you in the UK it’s tomorrow and we’ll be good we’ve
got the then you watch the TV series I’m very excited by 8:00 the content of it
looks really cool it follows on from the movie from wive red so I thought there’s
no better time to review this 2-pack then right now
so we’ve got Ozymandias and we’ve got dr. Manhattan in this 2-pack and I did
get this from strange world collectibles so thank you very much – strange wall
collectibles for hooking us up with this awesome
action thing as that well before we go ahead and break this out the packaging
guys let’s take a look at the packaging itself so guys this isn’t awesome to
pack here this is the Doomsday Clock collectible set by DC collectibles
direct from the source its dr. Manhattan unholy Mondays and 20 years of DC
collectibles is a part of that collection which is pretty cool
super-soldier users join us and if we go ahead to the box itself a you can see we
have dr. Manhattan Ozymandias also in this set you can also get Rorschach and
mime as well as the Murray net and the comedian but it’s a 2-pack and it says
DC collectibles brings to life the characters featured in the smash hit
comic book series Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns so Geoff Johns and Gary
Frank this action finger pairing of dr.
Manhattan Ozymandias are 7 inches of scale and are loaded with very dynamic
articulation points collect all three two bucks for the full
experience so guys let’s go ahead and break this out of the box so did anybody
read the Doomsday Clock book cuz I know I didn’t I really enjoyed it the
Doomsday Clock was a great story still to be finished though as far as I can
see I’ve already got so many issues and I think this will work I think we got
part one has come out on traffic normal now there was way for the
final section of it but it does basically bring the DC universe and the
universe of the Watchmen into one cohesive universe started way back with
was a flash point where they’ll the Watchmen button were found in battle a
Batman and Superman that found that sorry Batman and the flash found it and
that’s where it all starts so it’s a really cool concept
well let’s go ahead and get these throughout the box guys so are you
looking forward to the new TV series because I know I am and you you’ve got
no idea what this even is do you yeah what is it your no idea no it’s a it’s a program I
don’t think you can watch mama and once again I want to thank the guys streams
will collectibles there will be a link in the description for you to check out
we check out all their other action figures and everything else they’ve got
an awesome oh my god how many pieces of alright do you have a little one sticky
bun bit at the back so let’s just snip that off and both and then we have the
chest peas there I should do
saucy money is based on Alexander the Great’s I believe listen let’s be one of
the smartest men in the world too busy concentrating on his on his empire see I
remember the movie remember I only remember bits of movie I’m actually
going tonight to sit and watch the original what I watch remove it before I
see be serious because like I said I believe from what I’ve read the TV
series film no chance of gain the comedian so our guests appear which is
sad he could he could through flashbacks I suppose but it would’ve been awesome
to see him obviously we now know basically like that obviously now with
it being the you know in being very popular for playing a why’d you call him
off Walking Dead wouldn’t be cool to see him come back on this procure as a part
of the Watchmen program okay so here is dr. Manhattan I wanted this set for dr.
Manhattan beam after his action finger for a while I want to do some poses with
Superman and stuff so the head is on a bed of a ball driving there she can’t
make him look up as well as down left and right
pammi he’s out to lift up and do rotate and that top hinge there we have a
double hinged bicep Oh which one activates does Bend in all the way
he’s hand he’s all swing like a pointed pose which his fingers a little bit bent
from being in the box we can soon correct that and Bend that back out it
is like a pointing thing that pose going on he’s got really cool I’m Korean
should weak encourage him forwards as well as backwards as well as a way
swivel legs do lifts out as well as forwards and backwards with a top thigh
cut all these joints are so stiff double hinged knee there as well there is even
a boot cut on this one and the feet are on ball joints so lots of articulation
therefore dr. Manhattan and his face sculpt is actually very nice I’m liking
that a lot and don’t worry he does have the cloth
around the middle he might if they didn’t I wonder if there’s anyone out
there that has customized it to you know include the the old blue fella cuz that
was the bit in the movie that everyone’s like wow big floppy schlong yes’m using
that word cuz she’s got no idea what I’m sayin so that is if I could stand him up there
we go and of course we also have Ozymandias I
think that situation is gonna be exactly the same so every comes with a nice long
or a purple cape the Pearl the purple on the gold is pretty cool idea with that
headband as well he definitely does have the isla grande with a great look to him
again the head can move left and right there’s a little bit of a snapback on
these two like you got so far they saw it playing flings it back let me look up
and down as well see yeah I think all the say all the joints there look to be
the same as the other one and there’s no hint there is a little bit hindrance to
the crunch you can’t really use it cuz this is actually a rubber piece around
the middle actually separate to the chest piece underneath so that’s a bit
of a pain so you can’t actually use the app crunch is hindered by it and the
legs do lift out at the side as well as forward as much as this piece will allow
but it is soft soft material so it doesn’t Bend with it so yeah all that
sea blades are the same like said the only but you can’t use the ab crunch on
this one weights will alter okay I’m not hindered yeah he’s a really cool figure
as well and again nice face sculpt so I’m liking the eyes and things he
actually looks animated the eyes aren’t dead you know I get out so much and
figures the eyes just look soulless these ones don’t
that’s it looks pretty cool okay so let me get this bad boy stood up as well
next dr. Manhattan and we’ll go to the desk camp and get up-close personal look
at these fingers so let’s go to this game now guys here the hour of the
packaging looking pretty sick I love these fingers let’s stop here with
Ozymandias so I’ve got him in kind of a thinking bowl one hand behind the back
there and the other arm just crossed across the chest looks like he’s off
thinking a little bit I really like how the finger looks like
said it’s very cool and the goal in the purple is very nice as well there’s not
actually any bleeding or pain issues that I can see on this it’s very very
well put together a great addition to line by DC collectibles and again a
strange wall collectable hookers that with this set so big thanks to them I am
loving this set and across the way those event with their dogs Manhattan as well
he was a bit more tricky to stand he likes to fall over quite regular but the
but the figure itself is very nice indeed it’s just the feet on these
they’re like spring back there’s like all spring in them almost you get him
just posed up met the field of cave-in but either way it’s a very nice figure
and I think for dr. Manhattan Albion’s have a lot of fun crossing him over we
different like Marvel and DC stuff so I plan on doing something very cool with
him very soon where we do our own Doomsday Clock but cross over the entire
DC Universe with Marvel because I’d love to see dr. Manhattan and Superman
technically go up against people like Galactica sand even you know it’s in my
alter on things like that’ll be a very cool concept and again Ozymandias he
reminds me of that kind of low-key style character so I think him and Loki would
scheme very well together and have a very cool idea of her some fun villainy
plans if that sounds like an awesome series that you’d like to see me do
please let me know in the comments but guys if you have enjoyed watching The
Watchmen with me yeah and you want to see more of these reviews my good friend
kiri from New York did actually send me a bunch of awesome figures from the
water from The Watchmen a while back that I haven’t got around to reviewing
yet I’m including Ross Trek and the comedian believe we’ve got a Silk
Spectre as well back there and maybe even night all so I do have the majority
of the water and figures to review so if you do want to see them guys reviewed on
the channel please let me know I could do one each week to coincide with the
with what with what TV series could do one every Sunday let me know your
thoughts whether you want to see them just reviewed in a series really quick
over the next few days our weather like see we spread it out and do one
review park per week to coincide with the episode of the TV series just let us
know but guys for now let’s go back to the
main come and finish off today’s video so guys which is your favor of the two
figures are you a fan of dr. Oz’s right awesome and yes a lot dr. Manhattan or
booth let us know in the comments down below
it likes and if you want to see some more of these in reviewed on the channel
please let us know if you’re excited about what a watchman and Gaga any
question there anything I about the fingers let us know in the comments down
below I do respond to each and every comment it does take me a little while
but I do always get around to responding to them so please make sure you drop
those are those questions down below as always guys I want to give these people
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video but guys thank you very much watching as always I’m your host
supersorrell I’ll see you in the next video may the force be with you bye

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  2. He's very blue. Poor Junior sorrel has no idea what the watchmen are about, You should introduce her to it slowly

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