Dead Poets Society – Official Trailer (1989)

gentlemen what are the four pillows Welton Academy for boys a breeding ground for the Future Leaders of America an institution dedicated to achievement virtue and conformity a school whose rigid standards are upheld by every single teacher except one come on mr. Overstreet you twerps mr. Henderson your man on amoeba language was developed for one endeavor and that is to communicate no to mr. Keating touchstone pictures presents Robin Williams as John Keating teacher who all as this our dagger I see before me philosopher I like Byron to give me 42 but I can't dance to it orator otitis bring your friend hither and founder of the Dead Poets Society a bunch of guys sitting around reading poetry no D thank you for playing anyway was the Dead Poets Society the dead poet's are dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life spirits soared women swooned and gods were created not a bad way to spend an evening in I hereby reconvene the Dead Poets Society to strive to seek to find gotta do more gotta be more dare to walk a new path dare to strike out and find new ground I'm hearing rumors John about some unorthodox teaching methods in your classroom break out John Keating he began by teaching English now he's changing lives was it this new man this mr. Keating now we're just playing around out here but do we mean what we say well it's just dick Poets Society I want names this is a battle a war the casualties could be your hearts and soul for the first time in my whole life I know what I want to do medicine law business engineering these are noble pursuits poetry romance love using what we stay alive for seize the day touchstone pictures presents Robin Williams as John Keating he was the inspiration that made their lives extraordinary Dead Poets Society you

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