Dead Poets Society – The point of conformity…

no great just take gentlemen just take a stroll there it is thank you gentlemen Muntz have you noticed everyone started off with their own stride their own pace fits taking his time you know he'll get there one day it's Cameron you can see him thinking is this right it might be right it might be right I know of it maybe not I don't know mr. Overstreet driven by a deeper force yes we know that all right I didn't bring him up your ridiculed in there I brought him up here to illustrate the point of conformity the difficulty in maintaining your own beliefs in the facing of others now those of you I see the look in your eyes like I would have walked differently we'll ask yourselves why you were clapping now we all have a great need for acceptance but you must trust that your beliefs are unique your own even though others may think them odd or unpopular even though the herd may go that's bad Robert Frost said two roads diverged in a wood and I I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference I want you to find your own walk right now your own way of striding pacing any direction anything you want whether it's proud well it's silly anything gentlemen courtyards yards you have to perform make it for yourself mr. Dalton you'll be joining us exercising the right not to walk Thank You mr. Dalton just illustrate the point swim against the stream

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  1. You know, I always like to be honest: Before your comment, I had no idea about the conformity studies of Asch and the social judgment experiments of Sherif ! …I mean: Never heard nothing about all of that !!! …Well now, I've been reading on web something for about 30 minutes, and that's all very interesting indeed so far ! …Therefore: What can I say: Thank you very much ! …I do appreciate your comment: It’s been very useful to me.

  2. Decent picture and sound, quality clip compared to most – and excellent to round off a Psych class on 'Conformity' after studies by Sherif and Asch.

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