1. This song is God damn amazing. I wake up to this shit, listen to it throughout the day and brush my teeth with it. Stoked to hear what you guys do next 馃

  2. This needs to be a full album soon, love the intro and then how the song develops as it goes on. Absolute quality 馃槂馃憤馃憣


  4. i think , i listened the last 2 days over 200 times this song ! Awesome <3
    greets from germany m/

  5. I can't stop listening to this song! You guys are good, come to Florida!

  6. Love how little the drummer does. Lol seriously looks like they found a guy off the street to just look like he knows what he's doing.

  7. I see a lot of negative comments on here. Yall have a right to your opinion, but im glad they tried something new with their sound with some form of edm style in it. I actually enjoy it, and i listen to a lot of music of all genres. I think they have a great balance and the vocals were great!

  8. Very generic of course, but it is a version of this genre done pretty well, the clean vocalist has a great voice and I would love to hear him do his own thing!! Growly vocalist is ok I guess, I just liked forward to his parts finishing, I'm getting very fussy with heavy vocalists as I'm getting older.

  9. 袛校袞袝 袣袪校孝袨! 袦袝袧袉 小袩袨袛袨袘袗袥袨小鞋!
    小袣袪袉袦 袩袪袨孝袨 小校袩袝袪!

  10. I't would be a descent song if it wasn't for all that synth stuff.

  11. i just LOVE mix of cleans and growl like THIS ONE … EXCELLENT VIBE !!! And i love fact that you are not afraid to use some Electronic !!! Listening to this was a Privilege…

  12. It feels like i am DROWNING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….YOU'RE PULLING ME UNDER!!!!!!

  13. Can't support a band when the guitarist is a woman hater who condones rape and doesn't know the meaning of consent. Fucking disgusting behaviour in this day and age

  14. Omg, something new, something cool, respect 鉁 from Ukraine 馃嚭馃嚘. Add to my playlist 馃馃徎

  15. Brilliant guys. Amazing to see more of you. Been following since day one. Keep it up lads, truly incredible. You guys will go far. <3

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