DEAR AUNTY (SPOKEN WORD POEM) | AN OPEN LETTER | YUVAA | Ft. Aisha Ahmed, Yashaswini Dayama

Dear Aunty, We are tired. You look so loud with the red lipstick Put on a red lehenga (wedding attire), you’ve grown so much. Why do you talk to boys and get so close to them? Your brother is with you, why’re you getting scared? Pull your top up, your bra straps are showing. Pull your skirt down, your knees are showing. You come so late from office, God knows who you’re sleeping around with. And then when you get raped, you cry all over the internet. Wherever we go, a fully charged phone in the purse is a must. Even if we want to meet our friends, How can we ever forget the pepper spray? Every time we set out, we share the live location, “Thank God, today was better”, if we only got stared at once. In an auto, we’re stressed about the rear view mirror, And the unnecessary attention of the auto driver. Acute angle placement amongst our cute legs, Using our hands as a shield replacement. We’re tired of changing ourselves, Hiding from others’ eyes, We’re tired of being ‘woke’ online, And being a coward offline. We’re tired of choosing our safety, And listening to your precautions. We’re tired. 20 ways to be safe; for women 10 self defence moves you need to know; for women 5 ways to avoid trollers; for women And then there’s this one comment you make, On women. Aunty, it’s not just your fault. We understand. You were also once that girl, Who wanted to live her life in her own way. Who wasn’t judged on her high waist skirt, But was instead judged on her deep neck blouse. Who wasn’t given an article on ‘ten ways to be the perfect girlfriend’, But instead given a self-help book on ‘how to be the perfect wife to your noble husband. We’re sorry that your fight wasn’t about coming home late, But about leaving the house altogether. We’re sorry that we couldn’t ungap this generation gap. We’re sorry that you still feel that the cause of rape is the length of our clothes, We’re sorry that you only recognize our self-defense as our strength. We’re sorry that the cause of rape is not them, but us, Here, the issue is not the condition, but conditioning. We’re sorry that this has become You vs Us. Listen, let’s stop this fight, Now it’s enough. Come on, let’s sit together and have a conversation. Not on this rape comment, Let’s fight this rape culture together.

100 thoughts on “DEAR AUNTY (SPOKEN WORD POEM) | AN OPEN LETTER | YUVAA | Ft. Aisha Ahmed, Yashaswini Dayama

  1. She is wrong but usska bhi parivar hoga let it be kahi vo galat kadam na utthale iss vaje se.itna bhi mat koso yaaaar…

  2. I really hope that the myths and the believes of the people go away someday and we the girls and women are able to live a life the way we want to and not by the way others want us to live!! Great effort!! @wearewomen!!!

  3. This protest also recives a taunt 'why being such a rebel' ps:- society wont change.

  4. u conveyed yr view point in a very decent manner girlss
    dat was very unique

  5. Love You didis 😇😇😇……. Jo kuch vi bola sab ekdum sahi bola….

  6. Super meaningfull video. let's make a new world. India supports you

  7. To all those 966 people who have disliked this video,
    I guess now we know exactly how many of us don't give a flying F*ck about Women's Opinion.

  8. Why we teach our girls to stay away from boys not to talk to them and not to wear short dress it boys we have to teach to respect women and nice video all boys should watch this

  9. Wo dear aunty tum kisi ki maa hai har or tum logon ki ma kisi or ke liye aunty hai phle respect krna tou Sikh gand mh ungli dalenge tou tu b bhadak jayegi……..I'm also open minded and self independent girl n I'm not saying being like a sati savitry but the way u show off is not also ok

  10. Or haan 2019 ho ya 3019 bacche tou aurat hi paida krnge………mh ye nahi bol rahi ki dar dar jiyo but kch precaution tou rakna hi chiye…….or haan mh kud open minded and party loving person hu

  11. Jab aap kisi ki mother and kisi oron ki aunty keh laoge tou I hope tm logon ko smj mh aa jayenge in future 100% guarantee…….note krke rakle dimag pe

  12. really ..dear unty hum thak gaya hai …..ab or nahi ….bohot badal liya ..ab ap apki sooch badlo

  13. yaar ye girls… itna drama kyu krti hai….. ladke b inn sb chijon se gujarate hai.. but… they just decide to let it go..n they never care… i think girls should do the same…!

  14. Damn true…..loved the video sooo much❤❤❤🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Great video ! Great msg ! People are never bad it's their mind that makes them bad …

  16. True guys!!! Me 2 hate people who stare so badly..😡😡😡
    Ïrritating guys..😠😠

  17. Idk who unliked it. But whoever they are they are the black patch in this society. Die you people.

  18. Loved this video and the message…but may be people are not gonna change their mind…there are so many videos about these issues but still we girls are not safe…everytime.. everywhere…

  19. Awesome video with great message. I don't understand why people have problem with someone's personal choice. Why they don't do just their own business. World is developing multiple technology but india is still in that situation that what woman should wear or what they don't. I mean seriously. no doubt india becomes world's fastest economic growth and 4th space power but still people's thinking doesn't change. 😒 It doesn't make any sense. We girls are not forcing any boy to wear only kurta pyjama n dhoti kurta than how can you force to girls. Woman wear clothes in which they feel more comfortable some girls like salwar suit , Saree more comfortable just like that some girls like shorts more comfortable. So what's the other people have problem with that. And then these kind of people saying that we're concern about girls we want to protect them really ??? Rape happen because of these kind of thinking and mindset not because of short dress. So first you should change your thinking about it. Control yourself and your behavior and your mindset.

    N second these kind of people interfere someone's personal life and choice. And making rules that what we should wear or what not. And if girls just raise their voice about it then these stupid people call it feminism. Wtf.😒😒😒😒

  20. I feel so humiliated right now…. I watched this video And them opened my instagram, After 2mins of scrolling, I saw a picture of a 3yr old girl…her mouth was filled with blood and that girl was yelling(she was raped)…. So I came back to comment this…..sometimes I feel so bad to be a citizen of this country, it's shameful… It's a society where true love never really existed marriage, relationship are about sex and nothing else… We talk about humanity, right! Where all these humanity goes! Oh wait,rape was always a part of humanity, wasn't it.
    Also do you expect all the rapist to watch this video because clearly 100%of the viewers support women empowerment….. Post these kinds of things on porn sites with some sought of clickbait because I guess there would be more rapist than here and maybe there heart would be changed …..
    It's not about only aunties or rapist, it's about us, even we judge each other
    "oh God what's she wearing ew"
    "her father is a shopkeeper,so poor"
    "she look so ugly,i am never gonna talk to her "
    We also gossip like these aunties,its not about rape, it's about judgement and I think the day this word "judge" remove from our lives will be the day of girls walk-ing on Delhi streets at midnight freely

  21. Wow! Im proud of you Girls! Such a great message in just 2 minutes this video will now be my all time favorite! New subscriber here!!👍🏼🖤

  22. I thought this is a type of a diss against that Aunt but good to see sensible thinking.

  23. Beti bachao beti padhao nhi , ab ladko ko smjao aur na mane to chata lagao

  24. Seriously but today in our school all girls were called and they told that we should wear a skirt longer than their knee length because when we sit our legs are exposed and there are MANY MALE TEACHERS in our school and it looks bad, and if we are further seen wearing short skirts then our close up part of our skirt will be unstitched and we gotta stay like that and they don’t care if our parents come to school. wow👏🏻

  25. Plzz is video par comment who hi kare jo isse mante bhi hai bass dekhne se kuch nhi hoga isse dekhke sikhana bhi hoga 🙏 #girlspower😊

  26. Ummid h ki future m aap logo ki betiyan hogi to unse kabhi mt puchhna ki ye kaha ja ri h q ja ri h itni raat ko kese aai… Coz its their freedom and jo ye aunty aunty kr rhe h ye mt bhulo ki aapki mummy bhi aunty hi hain or aage jake aap bhi aunty hi bnoge.

  27. Koi muje batao aunty ladko ko kyu Kuch nahi kaheti bina wajah ladki ka sar kha jaati hai wo kahavat sahi hai ki aurat hi aurat ki dusman hoti hai agar ladko ko bachpan se hi ladki ke saath kaise behav karna wo sikhaye to samaj badal jaye

  28. Wowwwwedddd, we don’t need attention girls are themselves strong and brave ♥️🌈

  29. Such a deep and true video. All the aunties need to change their thinking. We can't talk about changing the men if the women dont support each other.

  30. Yes true bt हर आंटी किसी न किसी लड़की की माँ भी होती है , तो पहले अपनी मम्मी की सोच लड़की के प्रति broad बनाओ , 👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧
    आखिर समाज हमसे ही बनता है , मम्मीयो से ही आंटीया बनती है 😊😊😊

  31. yeh sab isleye ho raha h kyuki india ek safe country nhi h air yeh Aunty ko hume bolne se phele apne bete aur ladko ko sikhana chahiye how to respect women

  32. Please show this to those 'Crush or crash' aunties from #popxodaily

  33. when i saw the title i felt disappointed because i was almost sure that this was going to be another one of those videos in which older women in our society are bashed and treated as the villains without thinking of the real reason why they behave the way they do. but when i watched till the end i was SO utterly impressed. it’s so important for people to know that the reason these aunties make such comments is not because they’re sexist, but because it is what they have been taught since they were little girls. it’s a symbol of their own gender oppression and shouldn’t be put in the same category as the sexism displayed by their privileged male counterparts.

  34. Video to bhut hi Epic tha bilkul Sahi bola…
    But 2:00 ye ussi din karlete…
    (Not an aunty supporter)

  35. They are never going to change, Until we do something. It's so comfortable for them to look when we're comfortable in our own looks.

  36. wow…..seriously i do not have words to say…u girls r so amazing

  37. EYE OPENER!!!
    I am 15 years old n I used worry about how the future is gonna be for the females SAFE/UNSAFE??. But now that we have an amazing youth with us… I think we can together really change the mentality of such aunties, relatives, n those ouncles who stare n to all those ppl who r highly pervert n see us wid wrong sight

  38. there was a viral video of an 'aunty' who gauged some of the girls by their dressing sense… and here's a polite reply to all those aunties through this poem…..

  39. This is for those aunties who always told us…" Samabhalke beta zmana khrab Hain"

  40. Yes yaarrrrr…….. Pura mere feelings hi bole aap log💕💕💕😊

  41. phli baar ladkiyo ne chutiyaap feminism based video banane ki jagh real reason behind the rape ko smjha……nd aunties ko blame krne ki jagah unke behavior ka real reason(society, generation gap) btaya……grt work !!!👍

  42. Even tumhaari mummy bolti h short dress matt pehne toh iska mtlb ye toh nhi ki tum apni mummy ki ek video banaoge aur unhe badnam karoge 😑

  43. Ye 1k dislikes hume lecture dene wle he h
    Ya fir jin ghatiya logo ke vajah se hota h ye

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