16 thoughts on “"Dear Black Girls" Poem

  1. I graduated from HF 10yrs ago looks like the school has taken a turn for the worst.

    It's a shame what happens when "niggas" take over the community. Homewood-Flossmoor will resemble Harvey/Markham by 2025.

  2. Our blatant racial blindness, awakened and recognized, would certainly block almost every white kid from going to "the prom" and "graduating" into genuine consciousness. Sometimes it takes raw language to put a finger on the insidiousness of hidden and horrible, unrelenting cultural superiority. Oh well. Let the institutional rationality continue forever in its "proper" style, which is the very best we can ever expect from the collective mentality, especially when the reality of inclusive mutual trust and benefit simply does not have a place in the closed circle of pre-postured rules and regulations.

  3. I am appalled at the school. Shame on them!!
    I applaud her words, her passion, her voice, her message.

  4. she has over 1millon in scholarships shez better off than some of you who failed to graduate or complete school and are here saying shit bout her. shez black she fine..she nah care bout watchu say so relax your horses

  5. I love that someone else in the world knows about Nandi besides me #MyNameIsNandi

  6. . ow that she has finished reading her poem and has received her 15 minutes of fame, she can returned that super fake piece of hair hat on her head back to the Korean store that she bought it from. If she is so proud of being a black girl, isn't it funny that she still hates the natural hair on her head.

  7. I'm sorry but this young woman is an idiot for using that kind of language not thinking that there would be some kind of punishment for her actions. Smh. And it caused her HER diploma.

  8. why don't they respect themselves before they worry what shit black men on. Black women are chasing thugs and players, yet they cry about being disrespected. Granted niggas be on some colorism bs. it's a hit and miss for me.

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