Dear Depression – Spoken Word (EMOTIONAL) Ft. Essam

Man how’s everything? I’m good man, all good. You don’t look yourself anymore man Tell me what’s wrong? Truth is my life is a mess I’m sad and upset Sick and depressed I got stress on my chest Man I’m sinking in debt My relationships wrecked And It’s breaking my neck And I can’t find a job Man I got nothing left Asked me how I was Man I wish I was dead. I’m upset I’m upset. Man I’m upset Woah Brother just breathe man lift up your head. I understand what you mean – but don’t
you forget this life is a test. That’s what Allah said He made life and death To test who was best in deeds. I mean what’d you expect For it to be ease for it to be rest. For us to just leave for us to be left, To say that we believe without any tests? Nah. Of course it gets hard As tests become large But as hard as it gets It doesn’t last. Brother I understand what you’re saying I just don’t have the patience I’m tired and anxious I swear I can’t take this I can feel myself breaking I don’t know if God hates me Because that’s what they say to me I’m stressed and depressed coz apparently
I’m low in Iman? Or it is as though I’m not reading the Quran. Man I’m trying my best I’m just sick of
it man. I don’t know why it’s happening to me
I just don’t understand. Brother you just keep the doing the best that
you can. And whatever happens it happens it’s all
in God’s plan. Just put your trust in Allah it’s all in
His hands. And ignore what they say coz they misunderstand. See Allah will test those that He loves, Just look at the best of the best, the Messenger
of Allah He had it so tough, he had it so rough, man
he he had it so hard Yet despite it all, he was the most beloved. Brother I’m trying to believe But I’m torn and I’m weak See at night I can’t sleep From all my worry and grief It’s brought me to my knees Then in that case you’re in the best place
you can possibly be To call upon your Lord in need For verily in the remembrance of God hearts
finds relief Brother please, I’m sorry you don’t know my story you
don’t know where I’ve been Yeah – but I know that surely after every
hardship comes ease. Surely after every hardship comes ease. So don’t lose hope and don’t you ever
despair. And no matter how hard it gets, Allah will never burden your soul more than
it can bear. I’m only saying this because I love you,
Wallahi I swear. Thank you my brother it’s good to have someone
there, To have somebody by my side who actually cares. So I thank you for listening, Just please keep on visiting. I’m sorry if I was bickering I know have
flaws. I just need your support Brother this is exactly what Muslims are for. This is what the Prophet ﷺ he taught. So don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Don’t be ashamed to look out for your health. And know that in order to change, it starts
with yourself. May Allah make it easy for you and everyone

100 thoughts on “Dear Depression – Spoken Word (EMOTIONAL) Ft. Essam

  1. ان مع العسر يسرا لا تقنطوا من رحمة الله

  2. MasyaAllah…. So Deep… And still i believe Allah will help me..

  3. assalamualaikum.
    I come from Indonesia.
    many of us have begun to explore Islamic science. this video is very helpful if there is a translation for us in Indonesia.

  4. please make dua for me. im 17 and struggling with anxiety and depression, behind 2 grades, and not being able to graduate while others did….my parents are going through under a divorce, i live with a strict sister and i have to be at home alone most of the time…it's so hard for me and i feel like giving up many times but i know this is all a test. please make dua for me

  5. Cool view of a culture I know very little about. Thanks for sharing. Universal themes in there.

  6. Wow…… he can take any person in …
    But no one take him in …….

  7. MashaAllah… it's so deep and meaningful. Jazakum Allah Khair for this beautiful "Iman" motivation.

  8. Absolutely beautiful and brilliant, May Allah guide us all and relieve us from all harm, especially what we do to ourselves – Ameen

  9. Whatever Allah ever gave to me. Any hardship that He gave to me, I felt so blessed. And now after all of the tears, depression and wreck has gone, what I felt is pride and content that I could get through all of this because of Allah. Alhamdulillah

  10. This is supposed to be a nasheed,the concept is so cool and a lot of people need this,hope ALLAH bless you awesome people
    Salam from indonesia 😁

  11. For those who are depressed. Read Quran SURAH 20 Verse 124. Quran (20:124).

  12. This world was created to break your heart. It is meant to break your heart.


  13. It's a long time you didn't upload a new video.. Please make some, i miss your beautiful words

  14. Allah is my lord, Islam is my religion, Quran is my book, Mouhammed (saw) is the messenger of Allah and the last

  15. Is good to have someone you can share your feelings. We are all going through something but don’t forget to remember Allah

  16. If you’re going through something you can’t make sense of right now. Just know there’s Allah’s wisdom in all things, I know it doesn’t seem like it- but everything you go through will make sense one day and God will give you such a great reward you can’t even imagine ❤️

  17. Depressed? Message me, been through it twice. Prayers and whole foods plant based

  18. The meaning of this life for what i had search more in a different science is always let your emotion flow that what makes my life beater then what it was that's all by allah alhamdolilah

  19. Thank you…..beautiful….video 🤩🤩🤩🤩I'm brother Iraqi

  20. the guy in the black outfit was the depression of that guy in white jacket and at the end when that guy in the white jacket said "may Allah make it easy for u and everyone else" the guy in the black jacket disappeared bc he was the depression that he asked Allah to make it easy so the depression left him.

  21. I'm someone who doesn't believe in anything at the moment. I cant turn to fsmily, friends can only give me moral support, I need practical support. What I'm trying to say is words are just words, they dont mean anything to anyone, and no one is listening. I know I wasnt listened to in my most desperate time of need. Allah did burden my soul, my soul couldn't cope and asked for help, but there was no help, nobody listened. Now it's too late. @talkislam

  22. Pray for the oppressed Muslims of Kashmir, Palestine, Burma , Syria, Yemen and all across the globe . They need we and our duas! Today they are in trouble and tomorrow it may be we !

  23. Mashallah thank you for this video i got tears of this Alhamdulillah🤲🏼❤️

  24. alhamdullilah im so grateful for islam i keep on sinninig and doing haram things i even question my faith sometimes. pls pray for me

  25. I suffer from anxiety and this is a condition that deprives me from my day to day activities. Ive lost motivation for praying and doing basically anything that would raise my status in the spiritual world. I know that this is a bad thing and that i should change but its so difficult and my soul is tired. All i know is that someday im going to make it out of here. Anxiety will always be there with you no matter where you go because the demons in your head will follow you around. Whats worse is that the society we live in doesnt understand what its like to suffer like this from the inside. I hope that all of you out there who are going through a tough time make it out and live your life because death is closer than we think and when were lying there in our last moments that i hope none of you have any regrets. So have fun and fufill your life and the life of others but just don't have too much fun. Never deprive yourself from what is just and moral.

  26. This is how i feel now days in sweden. May god guide US all.. This one made me cry😪😪😪😪😪😪

  27. I keep reminds myself of these tests are for me to be a higher rank in Jannah. This is only the test for a normal Muslim. How about the Ulama', Sahabah, other prophets and Rasulullah ﷺ?

  28. Whew. I'm the most cynical of the cynical. This brought a tear to my eye!! Allah T'Allah is there for all of us. What if he put YOU, THERE, so you can also help when someone needs it. Great,great great video!!! Subhan Allah!!

  29. Yeah I feel like God hates me to… I can't what if or but it's not my fault that.. cause he is all knowing so if the all knowing hates me then he's right I'm a shitty person no matter how kind I think I am

  30. I'm a Muslim guy suffering from depression and single. I live in England… any girl on here who also has depression and looking to get married then reply

  31. Yeah it's all well and good to make videos like this but the reality is some people will never have ease after their hardship..ever

  32. I am a Christian but this is epic
    It's a message that needs to be shared
    A message of hope 💙

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