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dear Ghana I used to have mixed feelings
about you I used to hate you for keeping my parents away but loved you for the
warm breeze and sunray needs to work on me
even your winter is felt like summer to me I used to hate those hours in the
dark because of Dumsor and as a kid I couldn’t understand how you sucked my
father’s heart away I simply couldn’t make him stay the igano I know I didn’t
choose to be a part of you and as a member of the Diaspora I spent most of
my years apart from you I nonetheless choose to be proud of you I remember
when I came to Ghana I was brought back to memory lane it was so sweet it
reminded me of the Taser she became I could even remember the sensation of the
heat’s when I came to Ghana my heart was sucked away not by a man
but by the land but a beautiful view on the photo cone broke the calm crows on
Lake Bassam chained and those mana monkeys I wish I could make my own oh
yes my dear Ghana you rock dear Ghana I know you’re not perfect but
I’m so proud of you I’m proud because when people see us they see us as the
Black Stars and when they can’t see us the heroes – the beautiful rhythm of our
fruit beats and I swear you can make a heart skip a beat they’re gonna I
remember when I said one time broke my heart on a second of July the night
prime my birthday without heartbreaking miss gold that almost broke me apart and
ever since that day I promised myself never to allow my heart to be so deeply
involved in the game to avoid another experience of such pain dear Ghana I
can’t hear you cry I can hear you cry about the cracks in the roads I can hear
you cry to the voice of the youth screaming out loud
unemployment is real we’ve got the degree with feeling that no deal so
we’re going to church praying for God to provide our next meal
the Agana I hear you but let me remind you that you’re still working progress
it’s been 61 years and you’re still heading for success dear Ghana proud I’m
proud of the men like Kwame Nkrumah Jerry Rawlings, Kofi Annan and Nana Akufuo Addo who are part of our story I’m proud of the women who helped shape our
history women like Hannah Kudjoe, Ama Ata Aidoo and Yaa Asantewaa who lead our men to war because we cleaning the golden stool
would have been our sign of victory And Theodosia Okoh to whom we owe the colors and the designs of our flag day Ghana I’m proud I’m because you’re able
to keep your elections peaceful because each time we hear about elections and
reelection we tremble the Ghana although have had mixed feelings about you I’ve
always kept you close to me when I was though the toma around my hips or the sweet
sounds of treated flow from my lips I’ve always been proud and God forbid but if
we’re old age I lose my memory my soul remain proud coz it still be a part of
my history so I guess there’s only one thing left for me to say and that is
happy Independence Day you

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  1. So beautiful, your text for your country, I'm touching😍😍😍😍👍😘😘

  2. This is great I’m your 484th subscriber, I write a lot of spoken word to de-stress and have made to music videos now, keep making these!

  3. My Goodness this is good. Much love, its deep, dope and very inciteful. Thank you

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